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Daniel Carter is GayHoopla’s newest stud, and what a gorgeous stud he is. Once you set eyes on his perfect round ass, it is impossible not to imagine spreading his legs open and devouring his cock and asshole, blissfully locked between his massive thighs for days.



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  1. Shame about the dirty socks and varicose veins. Good looking guy over done it a bit with the body 🙁

  2. WOW – that is what dreams are made of……I wonder if it hurt when he fell out of heaven…..

  3. What a body (… that chest! … those arms! … that amazingly furry ass [especially considering how smooth the rest of him is] … those incredible thighs!)

    Lose the baggy shorts and those dumb little socks and we have a deal.

  4. I agree with you Trunzo, except his body isn’t smooth, it’s shaven and thats a real shame. I’d love to see him with his body hair…

  5. Hot body, powerful fucking legs for thrusting his dick into a hot tight ass (or my ass)

  6. love his looks good lookin lad .. not a big fan of muscle bulk rather have just well defined.. shame his cock didn’t measure up with the rest of his bod .. saying all this still jump at the chance to get him in my bed

  7. Good looking guy, nice chest and torso, over done the arms and thighs, stubble on a shaved chest and torso is not a good look, needs to be waxed, and if you watch vid you will notice he shaved his legs as well, hot ass though 🙂

  8. The stubble from the neck down killed it. Either trim or wax. I’m not hatin’ on the guy…looks like steroids shrunk his balls! His pecs are too outta proportion for him not to be juicing. The arms and squared jaw tell it, too. His jaw doesn’t match his face.

  9. nice guy with a hugely over-worked body … makes his dick look too small for his body … he makes an effort to remove the hair from his body (YECH) but not to clean and cut his fingernails …

  10. Nice looking guy, one beautiful body equal to a Roman knight, would love to lick and touch every inch of his body. I do agree the over muscle, but I like muscle, does make his cock look small for his body but am sure I could find it nice to play with and damn what a gorgeous (licking) awesome hairy ass. MMMMMMMMMMMMM UH.

  11. Beaut bod … but all that shaving turns him into a pad of steel wool, and I am not inclined to be his “pin cushion” …

  12. WOW is an understatement. Lots of negative comments, but I won’t mind giving this hunk a tongue bath.

  13. what more can I say bad video of such a beautifull guy hot pecs horny nipples fuckable butt dam hot cock you could of done more

  14. Fabulous body, I could lick every inch of it. I would even buy him a new belt and help him clean his nails. Yes the trailer did suck, repeat, repeat, but let me at him 🙂

  15. the trailer was very stupid, way too much repeating especially when you have a hot subject like this guy, show more different scenes instead of looping the same ones over and over and over and over again, if you cut out all the duplication there might be a minute left for the trailer.

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