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  1. Billy I cant even read you IM as you have blocked me.
    As for the derogatory comment towards me here, I never said I was good looking.
    Just for your information, I don’t pay for sex/

  2. You keep telling yourself that flaming faggott I mean KISSER and even you might start to believe it too btw your not all that hell your nothing to even waste my energy on

  3. OMG guys ! lol I’m sure he spends lots of time n money to look good. To each his own but I’ll pass…

  4. Great body and all. And thankfully he hasnt mutilated his dick with hardware but not for me. Maybe a few tats and some body hair would be nicer.

  5. Adonis. I’m not crazy about the totally shaved body but he is unquestionably beautiful. His body makes me weak in the knees.

  6. Nicely formed body, but dude needs to clean that bathroom and pick up after himself before I’d pound him.

  7. oh yeah give him a good soap up . as for Bradeuro leave the clothes on the floor don’t want to bruise the guy now

  8. This man is just fucking HOT !! He can leave his shit anywhere he likes …. I am not going to be fucking his bathroom floor or basin! lol Bring it on!!

  9. I agree with ozzietop1, this guy is hot, handsome, fucking hot body, shaved or hairy and a nice ass.

  10. He is a HOT STUD, Who gives a Fuck about his Clean Bathroom and He IS ALL THAT and a box of Cracker Jacks too, I’d let him do me any day of the week, and if everybody was truthful, if he said lets go fuck, you all would drop your nuts right there. Just PLAY NICE BOYS

  11. He is 100% hunk. I like verything about him, his hot muscled body, tight hard bubblebutt and hot cock.

  12. meh…a bit too pretty & perfect for me. Was it Oscar Wilde who said ‘Vanity is such an ugly thing’? I think it may just apply in this case. Just my opinion, but each to their own 🙂

  13. Hm-m-m. Based on all the cosmetics and other “accessories” visible in the double vanity bath, it would seem that he might have his girlfriend or wife helping him stay hairless.

  14. If this stallion and his raging hard-on were standing in front of you, would you honestly be concerned about his housekeeping? It’s not like you’re gonna marry him.

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