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  1. Before the page change, up in the upper right hand corner, you could see a list of the last couple days posts so that you could easily check out the ones you missed that are no longer on the home page. Sometimes changes are not an improvement, the old format was better.

      • I don’t think that’s what JObuddy means. Before the change, the side bar had a list of ALL the recent Daily Squirt items (the “Fuck Yeah” and “Model of the Day” etc; if you do as you suggest, Warren, all you get is the recent “Um…Wow” posts (which generally just post daily). But there are other features which might have two new items a day or might not have a new item for a week.

        And, before the change, if you clicked on the “Home” page, you’d get the last 10 (or so) items that appeared in chronological order. Now, the Home page shows the most recent entry for each feature–no matter how long ago it appeared.

        The only thing I like about the new format: I’m actually able to post. (I’ve been a member of Squirt for more than 2 years and could never get logged in to Daily Squirt using my Squirt ID and password. I’d enter them and get an error message.)

        • WOW! Joeynmtgy8. Glad I read your post because up till now I also couldn’t log in to leave a comment even though up till recently I’d been a member for 10 years or so. Squirt staff were unable to help (dugh) even though they told me they knew of the problem!!!!! As a result, I stopped being a member. Thanks for your comment-for the first time in ages I can leave a comment. As far as the new outlay is concerned, I hate it. Much preferred the old one. This stinks.

        • Joey explained it a little better. Miss a couple days posts gone, tied up or whatever, I don’t know what all categories were posted in. But as you go back on the chronological list of posts, I could see all that I’d missed.

        • what he means is after the post before the comments start there is the previous post listed that you can click on and keep going backwards and seeing all the posts before the latest one until you get back to the last one you saw. it no longer lists them individually but you can still see them all by clicking on them and continuing back to where you left off. that being said I don’t like the new layout either its too large for starters and as others have said too impersonal without profile pics no longer being posted as they were before.

  2. I agree with JO buddy.
    Willing to give it a chance tho.
    Reasonable set. I am a sucker for a hairy ass!

  3. I, too, dislike not finding older posts as easy. And I miss the pictures. Right now, this layout is too generic, hoping it’s a work in progress. The old way was quite smooth. This feels too impersonal right now, keeping an open mind about it.

    That said, some good ones here. 14 is just hot. Just sexy enough, mysterious and leaves you wanting more.

  4. This layout is simply not good. You cannot get to the history at all or easily. Additionally part of the community aspect of squirt is seeing who said what. Part of that was seeing the picture of whatever member said something. The follow aspect of the comments (members following and looking forward to who said what) built the sense of community globally. This anonymous posting is not good please correct it and change it back to the former format.

  5. Lots of great looking guys there! #17 needs to stop teasing! Got the shorts but forgot… the shorts! =)

  6. I agree with Tigris, this new layout is too anonomys. We actually enjoyed seeing WHO was saying WHAT…community was a great part of commentary. The new format leaves us so faceless, dickless, sexless…..PLEASE GET RID OF THIS NEW FORMAT AND GIVE US BACK A SMALL MEASURE OF IDENTITY.

  7. New format, like all others, is an epic fail. You fix the real problems first and then go for graphics and layout ( which are dismal). You need to make your desktop site fully functional again on mobile, which means dumping
    Dino-Flash. The entire world is on mobile. Members videos and your ability to leave a comment on them or chat is all tied to Flash, so mobile users are shut out. Less tha 3% of the world’s sites still use Flash for their desktop screen. Stop being so cheap and update. If you did that, maybe people would actually pay dues and you wouldn’t have to put membership on sale every three weeks. Cause and effect? Fix this mess.

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