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  1. Have to say their all hot and wouldn’t turn one away love hairy daddies and cubs more please

  2. I am in agreement with charly69. All of these men are gorgeous….especially number 2, Mr Ginger and the last one!!!!

  3. A few…Not fond of the name, Real Men Real Life. There’s enough struggles in our community, don’t need pointless labels. My nephew is married to a man who happens to do drag and is effeminate. It’s like saying my nephew is more Butch, he’s a man. His husband is more feminine, he’s not a man.

    This “real man” bullshit is never gunna stop irritating me. And the fact this featured site has such a name, pretty much kills it for me.

    Just gotta keep it real. Too many young men…and lesbian young women are committing suicide for lack of acceptance and these labels society puts on them. It’s time we, the older/elder half of the community step up and says no more of this. We should be passed this. And embracing it or commenting on it keeps perpetuating it.

    They’re not “real men.” They’re masculine, Butch, rough around the edges, blue collar men.

    End rant…

  4. do nothing for me .. next .. maybe something with less hair and cute with a smooth fit body and hung .. not much to ask for

  5. Yes, Real men and they are all great pictures. The reality is, is these men are who we mostly are perfect in our own way. I hate to correct one of you here, but your comments says not liking labels on fellas but you then say they are masculine, Butch etc…these too are labels. Happy squirting men…

  6. These guys are all —GORGEOUS HUNKS of REAL MEN!!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Hairy Bodies & the term —“REAL MEN”. REAL MEN are what you want . If you are a MAN & you want another hairy, sexy ,masculine man —then a “REAL MAN ” is what turns you on. My cock is soooooo rock hard looking at these guys. They are handsome, sexy, HAIRY & all man. Thank you , thank you for the Masculine Display. Do this more often. Hairy Clay

  7. Thanks so much.
    This is one of the best groups of guys I have seen in a long time.
    I do enjoy most pics you post for us but this one is at the top of the list.
    keep up the great work.

  8. I love all of these guys!! Hairy, masculine, real bodies (some fit and muscular, some less so), but all horny and ready to bust a nut. And I’m right here to help them!

  9. older men…..hairy men……..fucking wonderful – love to see more like these, makes my arse twitch

    Thanks for the collection Sgt. xxx

  10. Wonderful collection of real men and I mean real men.
    Keep these coming.

    Sicilianmikey, if all you are going to do is rant, why bother?

  11. Fact: Descriptive words such as masculine, Butch, etc tells what type of a man a guy is. There’s a HUGE difference between those types of descriptive words and indicating a hairy, scruffy, “dad bod” type of guy is a real man.

    Fact: These are men of a certain age range. Just because they aren’t Bel Ami, or Sean Cody style models doesn’t make these guys more of a man….or more real.

    Fact: Any young man that visits here casually, sees these comments and still figuring out who he is doesn’t need to see other men putting down or labeling other men as more real than he feels he might be.

    Fact: If you fail to see the damage that type of label may cause, you’re part of the problem and not the solution.

    Fact; I’m ranting because of, as I stated above here, these young men, maybe they’re around 18-23 or so, just coming to terms with their sexuality, use this forum to get their feet wet don’t need to see the generation(s) ahead of them making such damaging statements. Doubting he could ever fit in.

    Fact: When I came to terms, though I denied it for awhile, I had nowhere to turn. Nowhere to learn, save for AOL chat rooms. And I learned pretty fast. Liars, fakes, phonies, game players, pic stealers…The labels, the intolerance, that most of those men wanted a Kellan Lutz, or Randy Orton, or Jared Leto. Many wanted nothing to do with the types shown above. I got shut down pretty hard a few times for not being a Men’s Health model. It hurt…bad!

    Fact: Do you truly believe these young men don’t come here? Didn’t you sneak looks in magazines, or posters on walls of girls (sisters/cousins/an girlfriend/etc) while coming to term with who you are? We had to be way, way more sneaky. Some parts of the world, the U.S. or other countries can get you hurt or killed for our “sinful” ways.

    Fact: We live in a newer world where a simple search online leads us to worlds many of us only dreamed of as youths. Male nudity is far, far easier to find in 2015 than says 1985 or even 1995! And if these guys come here, see these comments, struggling because they don’t fit the idea of this “real man”…how would you feel if it was your son, brother, nephew, etc that read these words at it helped further convince him he’s not a real man and…yeah, that!

    So, don’t hand me the bullshit all I do is rant. Or there’s no difference to the words I stated are better than real man. Maybe I give a shit more about the younger men in our community finding acceptance than being one that kills himself because he hates bring bi, gay, or he doesn’t fit in. Think about that the next time you make over this type of man being more real.

  12. I was confused as a youth exactly because these types of “real” men weren’t seen in gay media/culture…I was a big, masculine, straight-acting kid, but I was attracted to men…I couldn’t figure out how I could be who I was, and be gay…I had been brain washed into believing gay meant effeminate…these kinds of images and descriptives would have made my coming out much easier…best looking group of men I’ve seen here, btw…

  13. SICILIANMIKEY… good words from you… BUT you really should practise what you preach, you are one of the dudes on here who constantly comments on guys in these posts, you have a history of saying “meh “, nup , not for me , too this ,too that etc…….. so if your philosophy is correct, young dudes will read Your comments on these posts and feel that they are not good enough,inadequate, not worthy, not handsome etc. I would convey this to you privately Sicilianmikey, but you have blocked me after you told me you were laughing at me in pity a number of months ago after mocking me for my comments.. All men are real men, including big butch hairy men !.

  14. Again, missed my point. I never said we shouldn’t comment. I never said not expressing ourselves. My point is the labels. Nothing’s saying we can’t say, no, too young, too old, too hairy, etc. The point is, there’s no need to indicate men that are more effeminate, or somewhere in the middle aren’t men. If they choose to go by girl, lady, chick, diva, etc, that’s on them. But we don’t need to force these labels on the men featured here as being more a man than anyone else commenting or viewing here.

    And I blocked you because I got tired of your nonsense. Nothing more, nothing less. And you were rude, arrogant, and insulting. If I’m being honest….until I saw your comments….I 100% forgot all about you or the incident. Not meaning to sound rude….but being real…it meant more to you than it ever did to me.

  15. Most of these guys are more along my line of what I seek and want in a man. Some damned hot ones by my reckoning!! Thanks for posting up this one—for us older guys and the younger guys who do like and want to be with older men.

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