WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Mr. Tan or Silver Hair?


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  1. we need to see more of us older men, we are also, hot, good looking, and have big dicks too, we are the ones that made it possible for all of this today

  2. I’m appalled at that comment by davewesley who “shakes head in despair” and is speechless in a bad way. Sorry guy, but it’s a fact of life that WE ALL get older, but thank goodness remain sexual creatures. If these pics of older men leave davewesley and others like him disgusted, I hope he remembers his disparaging words when he reaches that age. What a jerk!

  3. These 2 men should be commended for showing us that older men can and do still embrace their sexuality. So we may have some grey hair, and perhaps not the perfect bodies we once sported. It happens. These men do both look like they have taken care of themselves rather well. What a shame….actually a disgrace….that some of our fellow gay men here have the gall to say anything negative. As stated earlier…..WE ALL get old. It will happen to you. Get over yourself, you silly queens.

  4. We are all sexy and should embrace that. We do not need mean or nasty comments as it is similar to bullying. Don’t you think we have bullied ourselves enough without other people of the same ilk to do it to us.

  5. Mr. Tan for sure–but the other man looks pretty good as well—I agree with 2obes—–the only way you “stay young” is that you die and all that is left of you are photos on the wall or maybe some videos taken while you were alive–otherwise–its a fact of human life that we all do get older and as we age—we do have to make adjustments in such in what we do sexually—with things like illness sometimes claiming our ability to “get it up” and such—but there are still other things that can be done.

    I know that to those who are young—like in your 20s, 30s and even 40s—you still feel “immortal”–but then as you enter your 50s—your body does begin to noticeably change and “you lose a few steps.” We also start to lose friends and family who are older and we do begin to feel our mortality.

    If you are young–do enjoy it and try to make as many memories as you can while you are younger—because you wake up one day and 20 or 30 years are behind you and you wonder where those years went.

    Appreciate what you have while you are young—-because it is for such a short time and its all rather fleeting.

  6. i’ve always found it interesting that dicks and balls don’t seem to age…they’re the only part of the body that no one can tell your age just by looking at…that’s part of what i like about glory holes…i remember as a young guy i sucked off this beautiful long, thick cock through a hole in a wall…shot a huge, sweet load down my throat…when i saw the guy face to face, he was old and kinda fat…i would have never done him if i’d seen him first, but i still remember that dick…that being said, i am getting old myself now and i have to agree with davewesley…at some point we have to accept that we aren’t porn-worthy anymore…not that i wouldn’t play with these guys…

  7. One thing I have found as I get older–the old adage that “Youth is Wasted on the Youth!” Oh man–that is so damn true!!

  8. wow, the truth has been written… I know that young men find this a little much… but just remember that it was a few short years ago that I was 30 n0w I am 60 and I am sexy and I am told by men half my age…. I see a fella from time to time that is 44 and he always remarkes on my body and how sexy I am… so guess what age is for the young to fear and for us there to enjoy

  9. I have to say I echo the comments made by Ohioboy48! As far as the comments made by miwolf582000, I wonder if we read the same remarks by Davewesley – he did not say they are not porn worthy; he said something degrading and ignorant. I can relate that however, as I get rare opportunities to play being a chub – like that makes you less of a person! To question at hand, you mean I have to choose?!

  10. Both are commendable
    but i d preferthe guy with the tan look and the long cock
    man how about a threesome !

  11. Can I choose both of you guys? Silver hair you re a very good kisser and a wonderful sucker, I m sure… And Mr. Tan a great fucker, I am convinced… So, I am free to join whenever you wish, guys!

  12. Well, I’m of the same mind as trulyam. I’d be more than happy to play with both at the same time. I like both for different reasons…they’re nothing alike, just because they are both “older men”.

  13. to the comment headed at me regarding the set of pics (ohioboy48) .. i know we’re all going to get old and that wasn’t the comment i was making. But i know when i’m 60+ plus i’m definetly not going to find looking at my own age range a turn on and scouring the internet for grandad porn .. i’ll still be into looking at young fit smooth men even if i most probably won’t be able to get my hands on one.

  14. some of this thread talks about getting older like it’s a negative thing … not everyone gets there … and when (and if) you do you’ll know how wisdom and experienced make for a sweet sexy hot time of life.

    growing older (if you do) is a gift.

  15. … and i find on squirt many many young(er) men that are turned on and enjoy men with age … this younger guys
    will grow old with pride and grace and sexiness 😉

  16. Mr Tan, is still sexy looking, & i bet he has fucked more guys in his lifetime Then most guys on here!

  17. I must admit its not for me either. I’m an older mature guy myself and have no age limits but they could be in better shape?

  18. Mr Tan!!. Absolutely gorgeous. The body is great and the cock!. . well what can |I say. It’s perfectly formed! . . . . and quite long. . . .Good god, he can play with me anytime!!!!

  19. To be honest both are outta shape……Mr. Tan is ok but not into the silver guy.
    However, if either of the above 3 guys are available I’d gladly go the night with you – Berksforfun, onlysex or fitforpassion – absolutely hot as hell guys!!! Yes, I fucking would – esp. you ‘onlysex’ – you’re fucking gorgeous!

  20. I am sorry but I can’t separate the two. I would want to do both. One of the best threesomes I would have ever had to be sure.

  21. Shame that some people don’t see the real beauty in the “older” man. They have fallen prey to the stereotypical muscle is all there is and nothing more attitude. I guess within the gay community (and perhaps outside of it) shallowism still remains king.

  22. down to earth what are you talking about these two men are UGLY AS FUCK…

    I;m with DAVEWESLEY on this they are ugly as fuck wouldnt touch them with a bargepole and gloves.

    I’d rather die from the plague..

  23. Not for me I’m afraid. I prefer trim, taught, terrific younger guys. For some reason older guys do not turn me on even though I’m around their age. The sex appeal is just not there. Very few older guys grab my attention.

  24. to call some one ugly as fuck.. you poor soal, I have pitty for you, I want to be the one to put you in a nursing home…

  25. I just want you all to know you are all just to hatefull, you words are so mean remember we are all gay and need to take care of eachother, to use words like ugly or fuck nasty gross, remember you are talking about a human not a thing… I guess some of you would suck off a killer of you own family as long as he was good looking and had a big dick… so who cares I got his cum…poor poor things you are

  26. both guys very nice come on guys remember we will be older one day, both good bodies and very nice cocks i might add

  27. MR SILVER HAIR ANYDAY. since I was 14 years old ( MY FIRST GAY EXPERIENCE) Ive always had a thing for older guys with silver hair.

  28. some of the best sex ive ever had in my life,is with a 76 year old client, who comes to visit me once every 3 weeks, this guy fucks me twice in an hour,he performs better than some 20 year olds , so don’t think just because a guy is older with grey hair ,he past it.. because you’d be wrong

  29. I am very proud of all you men sticking up for both Mr Tan & Silver Hair and the many others like us, not because we are older or getting old ourselves but becaus sex is beautify nomatter what the age. I have been with younger men some less than half my age and older; face it guys really sex it sex if you really enjoy it. A loving man is wonderful. Remember beauty is not just skin deep.

    As for Hotbihorny I hope you don’t have to eat your words and remember them when you reach your golden years. Just hope you can still get it up like Mr Tan & Silver Hair. Good video men, keep it up (hard, sexy and tasty).

  30. you know (onlysex) you will some day need the strap that is arround you knek to hold your dick up…. You realy need to stop with the attack that you have made on nothing but a PICTURE.. get a life and try to live it without meds

  31. LOL hairburner! now who is attacking who?????…..I made no attack on these men at all. I made a comment about their bodies certainly not their age.

  32. Aren’t we allowed to have preferences anymore?

    And aren’t we allowed to politely (emphasis on the word “politely”) decline any male we are not interestedin?

    Truth be told, none of us — NONE of us — “prefers” every male of every age, condition, race, mental ability, personality, etc.

    What’s important is the ability to express our preferences with some grace, dignity and compassion. Or, conversely, just enjoy them and keep our opinions to ourselves.

  33. BTW hairburner….you should get a life and stop spending all your time sending messages and taking offence on other people’s opinions….

  34. I agree with Trunzo’s comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to voice it respectfully, just because all of us might reach these men’s ages one day does not mean we are automatically supposed to be attracted to what we’re seeing here. Everyone has a type, and I have grown up since I was a little thing being attracted to a certain type specifically, and nothing has changed since.

    I appreciate the inclusiveness of this post, I agree that older men can be very sexy, but these two in particular did nothing for me at all. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person for voicing that.

  35. if you guys don’t like someone just keep your opinion to yourself, this is supposed to be a comment section not a grading scale.


  37. The conversations in this feed prove there are many gay men on vacation floating on a river called DENIAL! Look bitches, we are all going to be them one day as gay men. What, do you think you think we are all going to be under 60 FOREVER. WRONG! We are all going to hit the big 60 unless you are killed in a random accident, or cryogenics makes miraculous advances in the next 20 years. Gay men act so smug and think that for some strange reason we are never going to get older.

    Face it. I’m 43 and I’m into body building not so that I can look hot for me. Well that’s part of it. So I can minimize the damage when I get 60. We don’t like to admit it but one day we are all going to be Herbert The Pervert from Family Guy. We will standing there wearing pajamas and bathrobe and wondering why we can’t get laid anymore. All of you are lashing out not at these two men in the photo but the emotions of fear the photo make you feel.

    If you don’t want to be like them. Log off. Hit the gym and get muscles and look hot when you are older. But here’s the ugly truth: the inevitable is that we will be older men, reaching into our pockets at the age of 90, offering candy to cute 20-year olds and saying, “Hey little boy…” While the 20 year old runs away screaming, “EW! I’m not touching you grandpa stay away from me.” You can’t fight time.

    There I said it. Now grow up! All of you!

  38. The two men are having fun so they are safe and the two men will have sex for while and they are in the naked for long time.

  39. I’d have to say Mr Tan, Silver Fox is too out of shape ( not that I’m an adonis) As for the comments by others, at least they are with guys their own age and not preying on young boys. It’s all very well a man in his 60’s cruising a 30 year old, it’d be the 30 year olds choice. If, however, someone of my age (44) was to chase someone 30 years younger, well, I’d probably be hunted down and killed.
    Let’s just agree that not everyone is to everyone’s taste ( too old, too young, too fat, too thin, too hairy, too groomed, cut, uncut etc etc) The question was ‘ who would you choose’ not ‘ what do you think’ so, stop all the bitching and just let the whole fucking world know ‘who’!

  40. Give DAVEWESLEY 10 or 15 more years, and he’ll be looking at himself differently and will remember how rude he is and was, if he doesn’t kill himself first, that’s usually what happens to guys with such outlooks on life as he does.
    The TAN GUY is so handsome, I’d love to look like he does, damn, I’d never let that one get away.

  41. i’ve just read davewesley’s initial comment and still don’t see what he said that was so awful…some of these comments are just rude and mean spirited, but his was really vague…just an initial reaction, which, frankly, i shared…something like looking at a francis bacon painting…as i stated earlier, i’m getting older now [55] and i’m carrying more weight than i did 20 years ago and there are things that i just would no longer consider doing, like porn…it’s a dignity issue for me…but that’s just me…my favorite type of guy is in his forties, hairy, natural musculature, maybe a little belly, facial hair…this was my type in my twenties (first boyfriend), and when i was forty-something, and probably when i’m eighty…lecturing young people on the inevitability of aging is futile…young people always think they’ll be different, they’ll beat the odds…god love ’em, they’re being young…i believe in karma, and in the name of karma i would play with or put on a show for older guys ocassionally when i was a kid…it wasn’t attraction, just kindness that hopefully will be returned some day…and, seriously, if all young ones see when they look at me is a fat old man, that’s fine, because what i see when i look at them is immaturity, inexperience, and a lack of anything interesting to say…

  42. It might be a challenge that Sarg can set for us. get a lineup of just cock pics and see who can tell how old the guy is that owns it. I personally prefer younger guy than the two in the pics, but have to admit that I have gone the older guy, and sometimes, the older guy is more passionate than the younger ones that want a quick fuck and go. And as most of the poster here have said, we will all be in that age bracket eventually, so to all the young ones who are disgusted, guess what, one day, your going to be the disgusting one.

  43. HEY COACH, you really sparked a debate with this post. I don’t recall seeing 65 comments on anything previously. Personally, I’m not attracted to older guys, even though I am an older guy. Just one question: Is Mr. Silver Hair the once famous porn star Johnny Hanson? Cheers, Greg

  44. OMG !!! YES, Older men still have and / or want Sex, BUT… Keep it behind closed doors…PLEASE !!! Nobody wants to see your Sagging Ass dragging on the Floor,along with your Balls & Tits. It’s one thing to see an In-shape, Muscular/Toned Stud, in the Prime of Physical perfection and Sexual performance; it’s quite another to see Warts and All Viagra fuelled Fossil’s & Troll’s trying to recapture their Lost Youth, and pretend they’re Porn Stars for the World to see. We Don’t !! The LAST thing…actually, I NEVER want to see, …is my parents Grunting and graoning in front of me, either in Pictures or Real Life. have some Class ( FORGET IT…I forgot what site I’m on. Most of the guys on here would Jerk Off over someone Fucking a Corpse, and think there’s nothing wrong with it 🙁
    Yes I’ll be Old along with eveyone else, but you WON’T see me Fucking anyplace like 2 Dogs in the street 🙁 Disgusting 🙁

  45. Tan Man so Hot & what beautiful Cock!! Nothing hotter than a Slender Older Guy with a Huge Cock!!! need to see mo

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