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MEN.COM: Kick the New Year off right by watching the hottest threesome of 2015! This New Years day release features sinful Paddy O’Brian fucking hot guys Tony Milan and John Hinkel!


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  1. ok, enough with the religion shit don’t you get it I don’t fantasize about a priest fucking me.. I think it is a turn off a big turn off, and for those who think it is just fun well maybe we should also put where there cutting off our dicks and shoving tit down our throats, just for fun… Don’t you get it a mind frame that we the gay men of this country need to set that this is not tolerated..I think!!!

  2. I have to agree with hairburner….Cut the religion crap out. There is no need for it. BTW those guys are a bit too old to be alter boys.

  3. 1.) These are images from porn movies. You know? Movies? Where fantasies come to life. Did you see Jaws and think it was real, Bruce’s autobiographical maybe. Did Ya see Gremlins and sleep with the light on? Transformers and think cars/trucks would come to life?

    2.) Let’s be honest, no priest, minister, etc. are innocent. Period.

    3.) Religions are manmade to keep people in line, thinking in the same manner. Dogmas people, look it up.

    4.) Man created religion as I said above…get that? Man, human. We made up the rules. Period. Humans are sexual beings and the fact that some religions deny people to release the built up tension, it’s no wonder they’ve gotten touchy freely.

    5.) For ANYONE to think they haven’t acted like that for centuries, well, I hope you weren’t heartbroken when you didn’t get a visit from Santa last week.

    6.) If you’re too uptight and can’t handle images of this nature, the Internet might not be for you.

    7.) These are gay pornstars, earning money. They’re not real priests “sinning.”

    8.) Ever look up the word sin? All it means: To miss the mark. It’s another (dis)organized religious control device.

    9.) I don’t get turned on by fisting, bondage, scat, CBT, etc. some guys do. I don’t come here and pitch a bitch fit when I see images I don’t like. I’m also not attracted to certain men. I just say pass or I don’t comment at all.

    10.) Yelling at Sarge makes you look like an asshole. Telling him, not for me, I can’t get into this scene, something on that order will drive home your point.

    All that said, Paddy first…but the other two wouldn’t be refused!

  4. Hairburner you are a religious nut, go play with the other squirrels in your clutch. Sicilian every single word you typed is the truth, I’m becoming a bigger fan of yours each day. I like all three men, what a fantasy.

  5. I think that laws are also man made to keep people in line so maybe there should be child porn on here too, and maybe lots of other stuff along with it maybe a film of your father masturbating looking through the key hole of your bedroom and your mother licking the dogs ass… It just doesn’t make for good in the gay world, and you know it

  6. ^^^^ Is he for real? How is child porn equal to a fantasy scene with three men who are paid performers? And the other comments? Seriously?

    For someone in the LGBT community, you sound an AWFUL lot like a Bible Thumper! I dunno if it’s a generational thing, although some fellas here that are in another generation see things clearer. Or maybe you’re new to the Internet.

    But for fuck’s sake dude, get off your pedestal, your vagina’s showing! If these were actually former men of the cloth, maybe I could see it. Again, these are actors. Pornstars paid to act out a scene. I don’t get see a movie, even based on actual events and feel that’s what was said and done verbatim. It’s a loose reselling. Unless you have a photographic memory, it’s not gunna be dead on. I don’t watch porn and think, Wow! I’ll call for pizzas and some ripped college stud some 30-40 year God with an Adonis body will come to my door and slip me some extra sausage. It’s a fucking fantasy!!! Get over it you uptight Queen!!!!

  7. @hairBurner

    you are one big idiot are you not…i for one happen to of been the lover of a Gay Priest for about a year and a half…what the hell is wrong with you equating and tainting something that was good by equating it with Molestation of a Child…i think it is quite obvious that you have some deep seeded issue related to men of the cloth…

    There are thousand of gay priests out there and an equal number of grown men who have fantasies of making it with a Priest. And you know what there is absolutely nothing wrong with that…but you know what is wrong IS YOU TELLING GROWN ADULTS how to behave…my fantasies of fucking a priest have been fulfilled…

    you need to STFU and think before you talk….and again i suggest you get some help for those deep seed issue you are holding on to…you are what is wrong with the GAY COMMUNITY…judgement fucks like you…get over yourself

    *rolls eyse*

  8. Forgive me father, but i’d like to do you ! Heeeeeeee ! Mikey your right on the ball with your cpmments, people get a grip , it’s all total fantasy, some do some dont, Amen and here ends the lesson.

  9. Weirdly controversial comments aside (sure, priest outfits aren’t to everyone’s taste, but show me any post that has appealed to everyone). Once you get ’em naked, how do I succinctly describe what I thought when I saw these pics? Well, something along the lines of “hummina hummina hummina…”
    I’m a bottom, but that arse is sooo inviting…

  10. Most certainly Paddy, he can fuck me anytime, John’s got a hot ass, not sure about Tony hot looking guy though, Would have a threesum with Paddy and John, Paddy can fuck me hard as i’m rimming John’s hot hole 🙂

  11. Tony Milan, is the one and only one for me, Paddy, all I want to do to him is stuff a Sock down his throat to get rid of his arrogance, and John is just ugly.

  12. One of my favorite Mark Twain quotes:

    “If Jesus Christ were to come back today, the last thing he’d be is a Christian.”

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