Why Adult Men are Getting Circumcised


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More men are being circumcised at a Toronto-based specialty clinic for reasons that include religious identification, improved hygiene, sexual performance and esthetics.

“People are just very appreciative that we offer this,” says Dr. John Aquino, medical director of Ontario Men’s Health. “It can be tough for a lot of guys.”

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“We always ask them: Why?” says Aquino. “I want to make sure they have a good reason. We’re certainly not out there trying to get people to do it. It’s not something we’re encouraging.”

Most men who show up at the York Mills Rd. clinic have thought long and hard about their decision and many feel an intense sense of “relief” after it’s over.

Religion is a powerful motivator. For many Jews and Muslims, circumcision is seen as an initiation rite and introduction to the faith, so some men who are converting will seek to have the procedure done.

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According to the World Health Organization, male circumcision is one of the oldest and most common surgical procedures worldwide. About 30 per cent of the world’s male population, aged 15 and older, is circumcised. Most have been snipped for religious reasons: 69 per cent of the world’s circumcised men are Muslim, with an additional 1 per cent belonging to the Jewish faith.


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  1. But an adult male should be circumcised or not … can someone who was circumcised as an adult notice a difference???

  2. While I am not an expert on this subject, here goes. I was circumcized as an infant, for the record. There are a few men whom I have had the pleasure of having their cocks in my mouth, who on initial inspection where circumcized. Once the cock is in my mouth and I start my oral manipulations, I can immediatly that they had had adult circumcision. The clue is the scar tissue. There is a definitte ridge under the head of the penis. As I am not at all shy, I ahve no problem asking them if my observation was true. Most of them responded yes it was true. Asking them why, it has invariably been because the foreskin while perhaps loose as a child, had become very tight after puberty. So thight that an erection was painful. And sex (with ejaculation) was almost impossible. The thought of having this procedure done as an adult just sends shiver and quivers through my entire body. But if were not to be able to have sex and ejaculation, I guess I would consider this procedure as well.

  3. Most Americans of a certain age range are cut. I am Jewish and was circumcised on my 8th day of life, as is customary for those of the Jewish faith. Beginning about 1940 it became customary for doctors to recommend circumcision for all infants and that continued for about twenty years for health reasons, but with increased awareness of the need for cleanliness it is now considered unnecessary, and some Christians balked at the false concept that it would “make them Jewish”! Thus it again beacme optional except for religious rites.

  4. I was circucised when I was 32 for medical reasons. I don’t have the sensitivity that I enjoyed before the op. I’m told the skin thickens and looses its sensitivity. I would say to those think of getting it done it to make sure it’s the right thing for them. BTW I was left with some foreskin which is good for wanking.

  5. I was snipped 40 years ago at birth. Though I don’t have any experience jacking off with foreskin, i’ve never regretted the fact I was snipped. As a grower, I think it worked out for the best.

  6. I was circumsticed at about 32 for personal reasons. I had the most awful long extension to my cock and it was very very ugly and smelled all the time. I could NEVER keep it clean and it smelled ALL the timee. I thought I had the most God awful ugly cock and was very very ashamed of it. I should have had it cut at 19 in the military but did not do it. After marriage I could not take it any more so at about 32 I was cut. It was beautiful. I never had a smell problem again. Sex was the most beautiful thing after that, but after 46 years of marriage (3 years without sex) I was divorced and about two years before that I met a man and fell in love with him and the sex was fantastic. It was the most beautiful thing there was. Why would anyone prefer to be with that horrible foreskin I do not know. Iam now an avid cocksucker BUT will NOT suck a uncut cock. I have not been happier that I was when my cock was cut. It is now beautiful and my husband (lover) belives the same way. If anyone else feels the same, please don’t let someone else cause to be miserable (like I was for lots of years) don’t let them convice you to do what do not YOU want, YOU and only you have to live with your cock. If it is horrible and ugly (as it was with me) then get it fixed. I now love my cock and am told I have a very beautiful cock. My husband and a lot of others tell me that it is beautiful. George ([email protected])

  7. as an uncut man, the only reason I’d consider getting cut now at 33 would be to try and get rid of my cumming too fast. I get too excited and sensitive when getting sucked and topping, and I would hope that getting cut would help me to last longer. I’ve been told that I have a nice cock, so I dont think it’s ugly or horrible to look at.

  8. Being uncut myself, I prefer it. Pulling back the foreskin to find a big throbbing glans is a huge turn on. Plus, it adds better motion to jerking off and a higher sensitivity level.

  9. SMEGMA or more commonly known as …EEEEWWW…Head Cheese !!! 🙁 Need I say more? Didn’t think so. BRING ON THE MOHEL ! And besides, you can throw a FABULOUS BRIS PARTY too !!! Just DON’T have Fondue at it ( See “Meet the Fockers” for the reson ;-()

  10. The hygene/smegma thing pisses me off. It’s the 21st century and anyone with access to a tap shouldn’t have a hygene issue, that said, some guys seem to be lazy and yes, gross and smelly, doesn’t mean you should cut it off at birth.

    I understand religious tradition and respect that but do wander if people thought more about what it could mean to their child and why the original custom was created and is now irrelevant in any first world country whether they would continue to do it.

    This is squirt, why am i getting all political?

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