Wrestling is the Sexy Sport of the Day!


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What’s hotter than pinning a sexy guy down and then having him beg you to fuck him? Wrestling is a great way to spice up your foreplay, especially if you like it rough. Even professional wrestling is pretty damn hot. Though most of the guys grabbing each other are straight, it’s tough not to read some homoerotic subtext into their grunts, groans, and skin tight singlets. To celebrate this sexy sport, we’ve put together a gallery of jerk-worthy wrestling pictures.

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1. Don’t forget that wrestling can be a team sport! Check out this titillating tag-teaming.
Gay Wrestling Orgy

2. Singlets are great for showing off your body, especially if that body includes a rock hard cock.
Hot guy shows off his cock in his singlet

3. This candid wrestling moment highlights why the sport is so sexy. It looks like this guy is ready to bottom like a champ.
A sexy ass-up wrestling pose

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4. These athletes’ facial expressions perfectly show what it feels like when he finally slides it in… HOT!
A sexy doggy style pin down

5. The coach said to “go for the gold,” but it seems he heard “go for the hole”.
Sexy Ass-Grab Wrestling

6. Wrestlers keep their bodies in top shape. Don’t believe us? Check out this dude’s muscular thighs, tight ass, and sculpted calves.
Hot Wrestler Ass

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7. They made a deal – whoever gets pinned down has to suck the other’s cock. It seems like in this situation they both win.
A wrestler pins down his friend and gets a blowjob

8. Wrestling is a natural sport – no expensive gear, just two men putting their strength to the test. It only makes sense to wrestle naked.
Naked Wrestling

9. When you get a hard-on in a singlet you need to just let it hang out… and send a picture to a friend 😉
Hot Singlet Dick Pic

10. This cutie is ready to be grabbed, pinned down, and fucked until he taps out.
Twink in a Singlet with a Boner

11. Wrestling is a sexy sport – no ifs, ands or “butts”.
Wrestler Butts

12. This guy is trying to train for his next match, but it seems he is having a hard time.
Cute Stud in a Green Singlet with a Boner

13. Is that a banana in his singlet, or is he just happy to see you?
Jacked Stud in a Yellow Singlet with a Boner

14. It seems he has been trying to wrestle his way out of his singlet.
Wrestler Undressing

15. What’s a good wrestling match without an audience? Warning – spectators in the first row might get wet.
Wrestlers Fuck in Front of an Audience

Would you add some wrestling into your foreplay? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Hot. Though in a different league-being professional wrestling, should’ve included some WWE hotties as well.

  2. you can just look at a pro wrestling site if you want to see the boring straight non sexual wrestling ‘hotties’.

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