47 Best Gay OnlyFans Creators You Need to Follow in 2024


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One of the seismic shifts in the gay XXX adult entertainment landscape in recent years has been the emergence of fan-subscription platforms.

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There’s a range of fan-subscription platforms out there, but the big player in the market is OnlyFans.

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Why Use OnlyFans to Find XXX Gay Porn?

A fan-subscription platform such as OnlyFans creates a direct relationship between the performer and the audience. The performer creates the content, publishes it to the platform, and you reward the performer by subscribing to their content feed.

This removes the gatekeeping role that has traditionally been played by gay xxx porn studios.

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The result has been the democratization and – as Squirt Studios star Jordan Jameson has written – diversification of who can be a porn star.

As an audience member, not only does this enable you to build a direct connection to your favourite content creators – who are more likely to respond to your messages if you’re one of their subscribers – but you can also request bespoke content that delivers exactly the kind of fantasies that you’re looking to explore.

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How Do I Start a Gay OnlyFans?

1. Define your brand

The fan-subscription business is competitive, and it takes a lot of work to be successful. Try approaching it with a marketing perspective – what makes you interesting? Why might people want to subscribe to the content that you’re creating? How do you ensure that the people who might be into your content know you exist?

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2. Set up your account

As well as all the basics of providing the information required to be able to run a fan-subscription account, make sure that you understand the terms and conditions that you’re signing up to.

With a site such as OnlyFans, there’s a surprising range of things that you aren’t able to include in your content. It’s important that you don’t inadvertently breach the terms and conditions, as you could easily have your account terminated.

Having the right equipment and knowing how to produce your content is also an important first step. Look into the best gay OnlyFans camera equipment that you need, and also check out our article on how to enhance your homemade gay porn.

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3. Determine your pricing

Pricing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. A good starting point is to look at other content creators for a ballpark. There’s no point in pricing yourself out of the market before you get started.

Creators often offer a basic subscription level but then have options such as premium videos or services that can be purchased.

Platforms such as OnlyFans also enable you to run discounts and promotions.

Your fan subscription channel is a business, and you need to run it like one to get the best results.

How Much Do Gay OnlyFans Creators Make?

There are plenty of successful content creators out there who have made big money by giving their subscribers what they want.

However, you have to manage your expectations. The big money earners have big audiences and are leveraging their social media presence. If you’re starting from scratch, you are not going to see that kind of success overnight.

Subscriber churn is also a feature of the fan-subscription format. Someone may subscribe to you for a month, check out what you’re offering and then move on to someone else. Most content creators report high levels of subscriber churn. That means you’re always working hard to retain your existing subscribers and attract new subscribers to your channel.

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4. Promote your account

A fan-subscription platform such as OnlyFans doesn’t do any promotion for its content creators. That’s all down to you.

You must use every tool available to build your brand, increase awareness of your content, and showcase your personality so that people want to see more of what you have to offer.

Social media is the obvious starting point – you’re going to want to have a presence on every available social media platform, but you’ll find that you need to tailor your social media posts to suit the platform. For example, what you post on TikTok will be different from what you post on Twitter/X – that all takes time and effort.

Collaborations with other content creators are an important part of your promotional strategy. Not only are collaborations a great way to generate content, but they also help you reach people who are likely to be your target market.

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5. Engage with your audience and keep creating content

Content creators will generally put a lot of effort into audience engagement – it’s important to subscriber retention. This means responding to messages, hosting Q&A sessions, doing whatever it takes to build a relationship and a sense of community, and encouraging your subscribers to stick around and continue supporting your work.

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Who are some OnlyFans creators worth checking out?

Check out the Twitter / X profiles of some of the guys who have been getting our attention on OnlyFans.

  1. Greg Dixxon
  2. Matthew Figata
  3. Tony Genius
  4. Brogan
  5. Jkab Ethan Dale
  6. Nick Butler
  7. Twunkie Ray
  8. Gage Palmer
  9. Paul Wagner
  10. Ryder
  11. Oliver Marks
  12. Southwest College Boys
  13. Bad Boi Benvi
  14. Jason Luna
  15. Nick Floyd
  16. Braxton Cruz
  17. Lane Colten
  18. Drew Valentino
  19. Dan Saxon
  20. Jordi Massive
  21. Jayden Marcos
  22. Andre Donovan
  23. Forrest Blkwood
  24. Ty Santana
  25. Sin City Papi
  26. Dor Klein
  27. Clark Davis
  28. Jesse Stone
  29. Jake Waters
  30. Cesar Xes
  31. Melvin Moore
  32. Ashton Grey
  33. Kenneth Wade
  34. Blain O’Connor
  35. Max Romano
  36. Jeffrey Vice
  37. Rick Kelson
  38. Killian Knox
  39. Papito
  40. Mika Ayden
  41. Beau Butler
  42. Sobrenomeantonio
  43. Mateo Tomas XL
  44. Brian Bonds
  45. Eddie Burke
  46. Matthew Ellis
  47. Rhyheim
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Don’t Have an OnlyFans? Subscribe to Squirt Studios on JustFor.Fans

OnlyFans is not the only fan-subscription platform out there. All of the guys that we’ve listed above also publish their content to JustFor.Fans.

Check out our Squirt Studios JustFor.Fans page and also check out the 16 best gay JustFor.Fans accounts to follow in 2024.

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Written by Gareth Johnson

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  1. Having their direct links would be helpful. I can’t tell you how many times I go to look for a gay porn performer/star on Twitter (it’s Twitter, not X) and can’t find them. Or, last night I was looking for Alpha Wolfe, his account has either be taken over or hacked. None of it was him, I got his Twitter handle from Squirt, no dice. Also, a lot of guys must not comply and their accounts are permanently suspended.

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