What to Wear On Your Next Gay Beach Vacation (If You Aren’t Naked)


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If you’re heading to your favourite gay nude beach or gay clothing-optional resort this holiday for a little break from the cold or just want to ensure when you get on your next gay cruise that you’re not wearing the same swim briefs as five other guys by the pool, there are plenty of independent gay designers creating unique items for all types of men, whatever your age and which bit of the gay community that you identify with.

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Whether your style is casual, ironic pop culture, or you just want to say, “Take me to the bathhouse,” here are a few designs that say: “I’m ready to have sex on this beach.”

But First: The Classics

If you aren’t acquainted with some of the more well-known brands of gay male underwear available to you before we dive into such niche designers below, take a look at some of the classics available, enjoyed and appreciated by gay males aplenty:

Andrew Christian: This brand is known for its men’s underwear and swimwear. They often feature vibrant and bold designs, and it wouldn’t be surprising if 5 out of ten men you drag home pull off their jeans to reveal one of these classic trunks.

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AussieBum: An Australian men’s swimwear and underwear brand known for its vibrant designs, bold colors, and innovative cuts in swim trunks, briefs, and other styles. In addition, they produce various men’s underwear styles, including briefs, boxers, and jockstraps. The brand is known for its playful and cheeky advertising campaigns.

Nasty Pig: Nasty Pig is a brand that offers a variety of men’s apparel, including swimwear, and is known for its edgy and bold designs and even some gay fetish wear.

ES Collection: This brand offers a range of men’s swimwear and underwear, often featuring stylish and contemporary designs.

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Mosmann Australia: Another fashion brand specializing in swimwear, underwear, and loungewear for men and women. They are known for their high-quality and stylish products that prioritize comfort and classic shapes, perfect if you prefer traditional, unassuming board shorts in fun patterns.

How Do I Take My Resort Wear From Bathhouse to Gay Beach?

When we’re talking about the beach or a bit of poolside action, our mind generally drifts towards Sarongs or a beach wrap or gay sauna wrap like some you might see from JDPALMSPRINGS.

What Do I Wear If I’m Going on a Gay Winter Trip?

If you plan to embrace the winter where you are with a classic ski or snowboarding trip on a glamorous mountain, there will certainly be chilly nights in which some loungewear will be a necessity.

We’re a bit obsessed with the range of union suits from Den Loungewear. We tend to think of union suits as something to keep us warm during the colder months, but check out their Twitter to see their summer styles, too. Our fave is the shorter union suits that keep everything toasty at the top, but the booty is exposed at the bottom.

Casual Comfort

Just because you’re comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy, right? We’re big fans of clothes that drape and are transparent enough to invite closer inspection. A guy who’s wearing Linen pants or Hemp Cotton Shorts has already got us intrigued, like some of the styles from AJJAYA or BlackFicus.

Sex Positive Casual

The artwork of Edgar Murillo lends itself perfectly to being featured in casual and comfortable clothes. Based in Barcelona, Edgar’s illustrations are the ideal combination of intimacy and raw sexuality. Check out his Twitter to fully appreciate his talents.

Edgar Murillo illustration of a gay muscle daddy getting a blowjob while wearing the tank top treat your boy right
via Edgar Murillo

Pop Culture Slut-wear

We’re kind of thinking of sexed-up day-wear such as this Twink crop top or maybe a Deep-Cut-Muscle-T with our mantra of Eat Sleep Porn Repeat, courtesy of the designs of Marek Richard.

One of our favourite artists who really leans into the genre of pop-culture slutwear is Tom Taylor. Tom is an illustrator who is known for turning iconic cartoon characters into sexed-up daddies. Check out his Twitter to see his latest designs.

ariel texting prince eric while prince eric gets fucked bareback by ariel's dad King Triton doggy style
via X/Twitter – Tom Taylor

Genderqueer Fashion

Fuck that Masc4Masc bullshit: we want clothes that enable us to embrace our femme fantasies and butch bravado whenever we feel like it. There’s nothing like a bit of genderqueer fashion to help smash the cis-tem.

gay bisexual male posing in a black extreme racer back tank top body suit while lying on the floor for tiget heat productions
via Tigerheatproductions

When we’re talking genderqueer, we’re thinking of clothes such as a Mesh Crop Top or a seductive singlet from Tiger Heat. Or, BizarreIncident designer Manny Valdez creates some horny-as-fuck and innovative speedos that may say precisely what’s on your mind.

gay chubby bear kneeling on all fours in a tie dye speedo with a green smiley face that says smile if you love anal by Manny Valdez
via Manny Valdez

Making our genderqueer hearts sing are the designs from Cockheart. This is an East London label that will happily put their Cockheart logo on anything. Follow them on Insta for inspiration.

Bottoms Up

Asking for a friend, can you have too many pairs of underwear? Whether you’re shopping for a classic jock strap or something a bit sexier such as a mesh brief, there’s no shortage of underwear brands out there vying for some space in your suitcase, from the likes of Bill and Brandon or from another designer like Debonair.

And last but not least, to end the list: we’re always searching for something fresh in underwear – literally. Bendito Calzón is one brand that has got our attention. It’s a brand from Mexico, created by photographer George X. Nothing says ‘sexy’ like a Mexican guy in his underwear.

gay hard cut cock wearing BENDITO CALZÓN underwear
via X/Twitter
two gay male models wearing light pink barbie inspired gay body suits with the logo bendito on the front
via X/Twitter

Written by Gareth Johnson

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