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Hey guys, it’s that time of year again where we celebrate the dirty sleazy shit you dudes have been up to. Lots of cocks, asses & fucking… in cars, homes, parks, public spaces. Good Times, my friends. So lets get started shall we.

HERE are the WINNERS for August 12th & 13th…

(Hey members, just click the video title to view… and click the name to check members’ profile)

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Aug 12 Winners!

1    ‘Jacking Off In My Car’ nacho125
This dude is too cool taking to the camera ever so sweetly before he slips off his shorts and jerks it in a parking lot. When he exposes his hot furry tummy… HOLY SHIT!!!

2    ‘Contest Vid 1 Please Vote’ horny40boi
I hear heavy breathing… must be someone enjoying a good old cocksucking. Yep, that’s what it is! Nothing finer.

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3    ‘Finishing’ PaulRam
Well, this is intense! Never under estimate the power of tits & cock… we’re talkin’ beautiful pleasure machines, people… pleasure machines!

Aug 13 Winners!

1    ‘Good Morning’ nacho125

Here he is again! Obviously this guy has got it down to an art… ahhhhh, to be in the passengers seat… feelin’ the heat from his bod… smellin’ his dirty sex musk. Oh man I’d be all over this fucker!

2    ‘Outdoor Cumshots’ philmyassnow
With a name like PHILMYASSNOW, you’d think we’d be seeing Mr. Happy Ass getting tons of crazy dick pounding action… but NO! This is a surprising “Fill My Mouth Now” video. What a clever little fucker! A cock tease… literally.

3    ‘Jizzing My Mouth’ cumonmymouth
Ummmm… Somebody is SUPER hungry for dick…

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  1. Nacho125 has been one of my faves for a long time. Nice to see him finally getting the recognition he deserves.

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