Five Best Gay Bathhouses in the USA with Sex Slings


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Planning some travel in the months ahead? Looking for some sexed-up adventures as you navigate your way around the United States? Or maybe you’re just wanting to explore some quality sex-on-premises venues near you?

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We’re always prioritizing getting our rocks off, and a surefire way to scratch that itch is to check out the nearest bathhouse.

Not all bathhouses are the same – that’s part of the fun when you’re exploring somewhere new. While most bathhouses will have lockers, cubicles, showers, and a sauna, we particularly like it when a bathhouse offers a bit of kit and equipment to help spice up the encounters.

We’re keen to share the results of the extensive research that we’ve been undertaking, so here’s our guide to the best bathhouses in the US that offer sex slings for use by their eager customers.

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What is a Sex Sling?

When it comes to sex furniture for BDSM pleasure, a sling is the big ticket item.

Suspended from the ceiling, this is a series of straps which support the weight of the guy being fucked.

There are various positions in which the bottom can adjust themselves, but he’s essentially hanging in mid-air with his ass open for business.

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The guys doing the fucking will often hang onto the chains or ropes holding the swing up so they can use it for leverage as they slam their cocks into the bottom.

You can get portable sex slings – these are a series of poles and supports that you can set up in a hotel room or at home if you don’t have a dedicated sex dungeon in your basement.

But at a bathhouse, they will be a more solid and substantial piece of kit – often the centrepiece of a play space, so others can even watch you fuck and suck.

The reason that guys like fucking in slings is that it’s a different kind of experience. For the bottom, it feels super-slutty, plus it’s generally more comfortable – you don’t have to support your own body weight while a top is going to town on you. From the top’s perspective, it lets you feel a bit more dominant, a bit more in control – you are using the bottom like a fuck-toy. It’s hot.

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Why Use A Gay Bathhouse Near Me to Find a Sex Sling?

The obvious reason for using a sex sling at a bathhouse is that you probably haven’t got access to one at home. They can be an expensive bit of kit, so if you want to try it out then a bathhouse is the obvious starting point.

A bathhouse sling can also be a great prop for a bit of role-play. Whether you’re having some fun with your husband, a fuck-buddy, or an anonymous hook-up, having access to a sex swing gives you a different dynamic to play with. Who will fuck who? What positions will you try?

Being gang-fucked in a sling is a fantasy that lots of guys are keen to explore. The good thing about a bathhouse is that you’ve got a ready-made pool of talent to recruit from. Position yourself in the sling, present your ass to the world, and let everyone know that you’re open for business. Maybe it’s a no-loads-refused kind of night? Kicking back in a sling will help you to embrace the headspace of being just a whole for anyone to use.

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What Are Some Gay Bathhouses in the USA with Sex Slings?

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if you fancy a bit of sling action at a bathhouse, here are some of the destinations that you might want to have on your wish list.

Club Philly, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Club Philly is a bathhouse with various amenities such as a slurp ramp, glory hole maze, gang shower area, snack bar, gym equipment, private rooms, lockers, outdoor decks, and more, but the best part is the plenty of private and public spaces with sex slings on the premises.

The Diplomat Club, Grand Rapids, Michigan – The Diplomat Club still remains the premium gay bathhouse in Grand Rapids, with plenty of amenities, including an upstairs sling for hours of gay bareback fun.

Club Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – With their infamous Naked Lunch parties, Club Pittsburgh has various sex slings for BDSM fun and hours and hours of fucking.

Club Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – In the center of the guest rooms area, there is a public video room with half a dozen TVs plus a mirrored side booth with a sex sling for a good time.

Steamworks Berkeley, Berkeley, California – This place offers lockers and rooms for rent at different prices on weekdays and weekends. The larger rooms have additional amenities like USB charging stations, in-room lockers, and, of course, optional private rooms with sex slings. Rentals are for 8 hours, so you can fuck for an entire workday if you like.

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Have you been to any of the bathhouses we’ve listed here? Are there any bathhouses with slings that you feel we should be featuring? Slide into our comments below and share your sex sling experiences!

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Written by Gareth Johnson

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  1. Why is Club Pittsburgh listed twice? And the second one, even though it says it’s in Pittsburgh, the information about the club says it’s in Philadelphia.

    • When I posted, it was listed TWICE and the information said there was a Club Pittsburgh in Philadelphia.

      Look at when I originally posted. Then, look when you got here. There’s nearly 24 hours difference so obviously the information was corrected (because that Steamworks Berkeley was NOT there).

  2. Club Portland in Oregonhas a sling as dors Steamworks in Seattle., Washington. Most bathhouses in the US do.

  3. I have been to Steamworks Berkeley, great time. I enjoy sling sex with multiple partners, it’s erotically slutty being used by multiple men. I love to channel my inner slut. Excellent article!

  4. I’ve experienced three of the locations listed. Phila was nice and had some great furniture (actually the best) for play, although the place was really chopped up, roomwise. Ft Lauderdale was the cleanest but too many guys just strutting around. There are better places in Ft Lauderdale. Pittsburgh was best and the participants especially for naked lunch, in my experience, are more for just getting it on.

  5. Been done in every sling at club philly. They have two in basement dungeon and two in private rooms upstairs. Fucked and fisted.. always fun.

  6. Steamworks Chicago has both a public sling and at least one room with a private sling.

    Crew Club in DC has a public sling. Denver Swim Club (RIP) had a public sling.

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