How to Find a Gay Hookup on Vacation


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There’s something about being on vacation that kicks our sex-drive up a notch. Whether it’s because we’re more relaxed, out of our normal routines, or just extra-horny because our hormones are pumping, holiday time often means hook-up time.

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Here’s some tips on how to get some vacation action.

What’s the Allure of Vacation Sex

Day-to-day, we’re busy – we’ve got a lot on, there’s bills to pay. The relentless grind of capitalism often sucks the sexual energy out of the day – squeezing in a quick sex-date can often become a logistical impossibility.

Being on vacation puts you in a completely different head-space. Whether you’re in a destination where the weather is warm and you’re wearing less clothes, or if you’ve purposefully chosen a holiday spot that’s popular with gay guys, you’ve probably got time on your hands to cast your eye over the available talent and make it clear that you’re up for some fun.

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If you’re thinking that you’d like to include a hook-up or three on your travel itinerary, then it’s important to ensure that you’re heading to a destination that’s compatible with that. That doesn’t mean that you have to book into a super-gay resort, but it would be sensible to avoid countries where man-on-man sexual encounters are illegal.

Specific Gay Vacations

If you do want to maximise the hook-up potential of your vacation, your travel wish-list should focus on destinations or activities that are aimed at gay men.

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It could be a gay cruise around the Mediterranean, it could be a naked men-only resort in Palm Springs, or it could be an event such as Pig Week in Fort Lauderdale. Heading somewhere where’s there’s a guaranteed concentration of horned-up gay guys is obviously going to tilt the odds in your favour.

But the reality is that any destination that you end up in is going to have guys in the vicinity that are up for a bit of a fun – whether that’s locals or fellow travellers. Put the technology to work and see who’s online and up for it.

Use Squirt to Find International Hookup Spots

For example, if you’re visiting a city like London, local gay cruising spots near you are easy to find with’s extensive global directory of rest stops, gyms and, of course, saunas.

How to Safely Hookup on Vacation

Before you arrive at your destination, it’s a good idea to do a quick check of what the local laws are. Not only do you want to check that it’s legal for you to hook-up with other guys, but it’s helpful to have a basic knowledge of the legality of things like cruising in a park or a restroom – if the police turn up, it’s useful to know what the potential consequences might be.

Some hotels aren’t keen on you having guests to your room, or may require some form of identification before they’ll let your hook-up in. That can kill the mood pretty quickly. If you’re planning a hook-up, it’s worth double-checking with hotel reception that there won’t be any dramas. You don’t need to give them too much information, just that you’ve got a friend coming over and will they be relaxed about that.

If you’re in unfamiliar territory, it’s a sensible idea to avoid putting yourself in a vulnerable situation. For example, you might hire a car on your vacation. Not only is a hire-car a great way to explore the area, it also gives you the option for a bit of car cruising. However, having someone in your car that you don’t know can be a bit risky – especially if you’re somewhere a bit remote or off the beaten track. Be clear on your boundaries – once you’ve fucked, they need to get out of your car. Don’t offer them a lift or be persuaded to drive them somewhere. Put your clothes back on and hit the road.

It’s also important that you don’t emotionally invest in your holiday hook-up. Sure, you might meet someone amazing and it might lead to something more, but the general rule is that a holiday hook-up is a quick fling and that’s where it ends – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Written by Gareth Johnson

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  1. I agree with your comment! I would also say, Squirt is a valuable tool while traveling.

    I have always found a hairy man or two to strip for while traveling. Whether I’m looking to be fed, or bred, Squirt delivers! Thank you!

  2. Any tips on hookup apps in Europe? I was in Zurich last December and got a massage from this cute Swiss guys who ended up unloading in my mouth twice but that was unplanned. Will be back and want to swallow some French, German, and maybe even Hungarian semen when I’m out there this fall. Suggestions?

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