Leather, Rubber, Masters, Subs, And More! Explore The First Part Of Darklands 2024!


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Squirt.org member phil9325, our certified travelling slut, is constantly visiting new gay and kinky events around the world. So far, he has taken us to Dore Alley and Folsom in San Francisco and Pig Week in Fort Lauderdale. This time, he is taking us a bit further and to a kinkier place, Antwerp, Belgium, for Darklands 2024. 

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Hello, hi, and welcome to a very special two-part journal of the mischiefs, kinks, and adventures of Darklands 2024 in Antwerp, Belgium, one of Europe’s biggest fetish and kink events

Secure your harness, slide into that rubber, wear your puppy mask, and prepare that X Lube because we are about to enter the fetishland. 

Darklands offers you a world to discover kink and experience new fetishes that you may not have indulged in yet. A five-day event in the city of Antwerp, Belgium, that will leave you wrecked, loaded, and horny for more. 

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What is Darklands?

Darklands is one of Europe’s biggest fetish festivals that happens at the end of February every year. They encourage exploring your kinks with like-minded individuals in a safe and sane environment. 

Darklands is a place to let loose and discover how kinky you can get and does welcome everyone to their event, but their programming is targeted towards gay men. The night parties are exclusive for men due to their sexual nature. 

When Does Darklands Take Place

This year, in 2024, the festival started on February 28 and ran until March 3. However, the main events and day programs take place on the weekend. Everything happens in one place, so it is easy to get familiar with the location and venue within the first few hours.

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entrance to the venue of darklands 2024 with fetish and kink posters in Antwerp, Belgium

How soon should I plan my visit to Darklands?

When should I start planning my trip to Darklands? Luckily, Darklands releases its information almost a year in advance, as it expects over 10,000 attendees for the whole week of events. Luckily, you have me as your guide on how to navigate the booking process.

The first thing you need to determine is if you want to go and, if so, for how long. The main events happen on Friday and Saturday, but there are parties running from Thursday until Sunday. 

I attended the full festival this year, and I can tell you that it is worth it if you have a hungry hole that needs lots of attention. 

Once you determine when you want to go, you can purchase your access pass. There are various options, including day passes, daytime passes (if you don’t want to go to the parties), party passes, and full-access passes. 

I was unable to get the main access pass (the Alpha Pass) as it is very limited and sells fast, but I got the second-best one, the Madness Pass, which gives you access to everything.

The next thing you need to book is a locker. If you are going alone, I recommend you just get the complete festival pass for a small locker; it will fit everything you want to take off so you can walk around the venue feeling your kinky self. 

Once you have set this up, you can access the events and parties. It is quite an easy system, and it is not expensive for how much you get. 

What Hotels and Accommodations Should I Consider for Darklands?

Darklands has sponsor hotels around the city, so you can find the one that best suits your budget. 

I decided to stay far from the venue but close to the central station at the Ibis Budget. Sponsor hotels offer a shuttle bus for late parties to save you a few Uber euros. However, the shuttle buses were quite unreliable, from my experience. So, is it worth it?

That said, I recommend getting your hotel or Airbnb closer to the venue, as most sponsor hotels in 2024 were 30-45 minutes from the venue. Antwerp is a big city (and beautiful to walk around), so it all depends on how much you want to spend and walk.  

After you have your pass and locker secured, just get there and let it all happen.

picture of Antwerp, Belgium outside during cloudy day during darklands fetish and kink festival for gay males

How does the Darklands festival run?

Once you arrive in the city and you check in, you should head to “The Void” – that is what they call the main area of the venue. 

Right at the entrance, you will go through a bag check. To your left, you can pick up your wristband, which will allow you to enter the parties and all of the events. 

To your right, you will find your locker—see it while you are sober. There is good lighting inside, but once the parties start and the lights go down, you will struggle… especially with how many people will be changing simultaneously. 

One thing that Darklands does is that you cannot use cash or cards to get food or drinks. They have a token system, so make sure you stock up at the beginning of the festival. During the parties, the lines to get tokens (and even drinks) are huge… and you don’t want to waste a second getting your hole played with by waiting in a line that doesn’t lead to multiple dicks at the other end.

After you have settled all this, walk through and get familiar with where everything is. It is a massive venue, and there are different areas to explore. There are four stages, multiple darkrooms, kink demo areas, and a market. It can be a bit scary and overwhelming at first, but it will become familiar after the first night. 

One thing to note, especially if you are a bottom, is that there are no douching stations or showers, so you have to come VERY prepared. 

Another thing, on Thursday and Sunday, the main dancefloor and the “specialty” darkrooms are closed, so take those two days to party, make friends, and suck some cocks around. Leave Friday and Saturday to unleash your kinkiest devil and get your cock worked and hole used. 

A final note is that you must wear fetish gear, whether that is rubber, leather, sexy gay underwear, being fully naked, diapers, puppy gear, or any other fetish wear you can think of. Don’t wear a t-shirt and jeans, because you most likely won’t be let into the main festival area. Talk about a dress code, right? 

The first day is your time to find friends, get familiar with the city and the venue, and test the waters as to how kinky you will get. 

interior party photo of darklands venue for kink anf fetish party in Antwerp, Belgium

So, how is the first event of Darklands?

Now that I’ve walked you through your Darklands guide, let me tell you more about the event.

I must start by saying that the main kinks that I went to explore or take further at Darklands were leather and fisting so I will concentrate more on these. That is not to say that other kinks were not present; let’s just say I was, ahem, knuckle deep in my interests to focus on the other kinks at the party.

The first day, I went to pick up my bracelet and then did a walk-through with a friend I met around the city. Through him, I could connect with other people right away, which was great because I visited alone and was a little scared to explore. Once I was there, the nerves went out the window, and I was already in full leather with my ass out making friends. 

Mayhem: The First Weekend Night Event at Darklands

The opening party for Darklands is called “Mayhem,” which is quite tame compared to the rest of the weekend. Most visitors usually come for the main weekend events, but this party is a great test of what the weekend has to offer. 

As I ventured to this event, I wore a more “conservative” outfit to start the weekend.

onlyfans gay content creator Phil wearing leather jock strap fetish suit with suspenders and wallet ankle harness and athletic socks taking an iphone mirror selfie

Once in there, the number of sexy leather and hairy daddies got my hole instantly open to play. I wasted no time, and I headed to one of the dark rooms to have some fun; there are six areas to play by the dancefloor, two on the main level and four up the stairs, with a balcony facing the dancefloor if you want daddies to watch you get railed.

As I entered, it was just a beautiful fuckfest. You can find everything and everyone there having the best, sexy time. 

In less than five seconds, I was on my knees, sucking two beautiful cocks that definitely choked me, but that’s never stopped me before. I instantly bent over and took them both, taking turns on each daddy. That was a great way to get my night started. 

I had told myself that on the first night, I was not going to take any fists as I wanted to save my hole for the main events (as those have a darkroom just for fisting). Yet, that promise didn’t last long. As I was making out with some dude, someone was getting fisted on a sling next to me. My hole got so jealous that the dude kissing me asked if he could fist me, and in two seconds or less, his hand was up my ass. From here, it was a non-stop cycle of depth and punches in and out of my hole.

After this dude, the one guy getting fisted on the sling put his hand up my ass, and it turned into a threesome fisting circle in between all of us—honestly, one of the hottest experiences I have had. 

As the night went on, I took a total of over ten fists and probably 30 cocks. So, my ass was pretty content and open for what was to come in the next few days. I went there with a different plan, but that is what Darklands is all about. Expect the unexpected.

onlyfans gay content creator Phil taking a selfie on the dancefloor of darklands 2024 in Belgium
I took this right before leaving the darkroom—you can tell I was satisfied yet mesmerized by what had happened.

The first event finishes at 3:00 am, so you can have an “early night” to go harder the next day. If you want, however, there are two bars that offer an after party every day: Club Random and Boots. I did venture into one of these venues, but not until the after party of the Sunday event, so you will have to wait to hear about this in part II (cummin’ soon).

Stay Protected

I always tell you all about this, but please be sure to get tested before you attend to keep others safe and not to be a superspreader. After all, you will be putting a lot of random cocks in your mouth and ass, and you don’t want to put others and yourself at risk. 

Also, get your PreP refilled before you go, secure your MPox and Covid vaccines, and schedule a follow-up testing appointment for the week after you return. If you will get your hole loaded by hundreds of daddies, be smart about it. 

One thing about Darklands is that there are people with trays full of lube, condoms and gloves at the entrance of every darkroom (some of them are old ladies who love every second of the event). 

Another thing to keep protected is your ears. Remember to bring ear plugs as you will be hearing very loud music for four days. Luckily, Darklands provides some earplugs and the music is not as loud as other events in North America. You actually can have a conversation on the dancefloor without having to scream. 

So, what else happened at Darklands?

I can’t wait to tell you what happened for the next three days at this massive fetish festival, but you will have to wait for Part II (if not, you will be reading here for a few more hours). 

All I will say is that every day gets kinkier, naughtier, and raunchier than the previous one. And as the festival goes on, you will discover new limits and maybe even get into a new kink.

If there is one thing I learned about Darklands, it is the perfect place to explore the world of kink and meet amazing people who will show you the ropes (sometimes, literally, you bondage slut). 

For now, I will go jerk off because reminiscing about this and writing about it has gotten me ready for more. Part II will be even naughtier. 

Until the next load, and from another fetish event near you,

Phil XO

X/Twitter: Philduchampxxx1

Instagram: Philduchamp1 

Onlyfans content creator Phil showing off his hairy chest and bush in red and black fetish harness with suspenders taking a selfie in his Belgium hotel room
Stay horny, my friends
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