Meet hornyboystl – our first Cam ‘n Cum winner!


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To say that we’ve been impressed by the entries to our Cam ‘n Cum contest is a total understatement.

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Nothing beats watching horned-up guys giving it their best for the camera, and our members have blown us away with submissions that probably equate to a tsunami of cum. It’s been loads of quality – literally.

Our first winner in the contest is hornyboystl, who’s based in Denver.

Check out his profile on and you’ll see his winning video – it’s the one titled Love Taking Loads – and you’ll see hornyboystl wearing a jockstrap and being dicked down by a verbal top with a thick cock.

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The video is just under 2 minutes long, and you can hear just how wet and sloppy hornyboystl is – he’s moaning in pleasure as his guts are rearranged.

“You ready for some cum?” asks the top.

“Fuck yeah, breed my hole…” confirms hornyboystl.

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We love hearing a man cum, and the top plants his load deep – pulling out is for porn – before we’re treated to a nice close-up of the stretched and puffy fuck-hole of hornyboystl. Quality.

I caught up with hornyboystl to talk about the joy of getting off on camera.

How long have you been using

I’ve been using Squirt for probably 10 years.

I love using Squirt to find cruising spots to meet and service guys. I love public fun!

In your profile on Squirt, you describe yourself as a Cumdump. What does being a Cumdump mean for you?

I love being a cumdump and taking anonymous loads from breeder tops. Nothing is better than having a sloppy hole full of cum. I love it!

In your video, Love Taking Loads, you’re wearing a jockstrap while being fucked. Do you always wear a jockstrap while being fucked?

Yes – I always wear a jockstrap when taking loads. They make my ass look inviting and keeps my dick hidden so I can focus on taking loads.

Do you film all of your hook-up encounters?

I don’t film all of my encounters but I try to when I know it will be hot.

What do you hope that guys feel when they’re looking at your videos on

I hope to turn guys on with my videos and make them cum. I exist to service men and want them to enjoy my slutty videos.

Screen-shots from the winning video

Here’s some screen-grabs from the video to give you a flavour of why this performance got so many votes in our Cam ‘n Cum contest.

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