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  1. I love a big sack and balls so im on the guy on the right although i wouldnt say no to the other. Come to think of it there any many guys that I would say no to.

  2. My idea of paradise. Their luscious pink holes are the perfect targets for my tongue. I’d rim them both until my tongue went numb!


    Being able to walk into room seeing these two, pulling down my pants, lubing up my cock with Vaseline, yelling “Oh yeah I’m gonna show these hot pussy bitches what the meaning of “BLACK POWER” really is.” Then breeding both in their hot pussy’s until they are both knocked up with this muscle bear’s cubs and they are both farting my cum! I pull up my pants and leave whistling.


    I’ll enter the room, pull down my pants, have my cock hard and head towards the one the left, take out Vaseline out of my pocket. He’ll take a quick glance at my breeding cock, make an ugly face, and scream like a 12 year old at Britney Spears concert, “AAAAAAAHHH! YOU’RE GONNA PUT THAT HUGE NIGGA COCK IN MY TIGHT, WHITE PUSSY AREN’T YOU! OH GOD!!!”

    I’ll enter him and he’ll scream, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Oh god you’re stretching my pussy! OH GOD! Easy! Easy! Wait! Stay right there! Don’t move! I need poppers hold on you donkey-dicked Gorilla!” *insert him pushing his hand up from thrusting while the free hand reaches for a bottle of poppers, he puts it up to his nose and takes a huge sniff, puts it down and relaxes…somewhat*

    I keep push my cock up his pussy. Then I’ll get this high-volume yelping, a hand will slap my ass, then he’ll scream even louder saying, “AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! You’re stretching me even more. OHHHHHHH! My pussy won’t be tight after your big nigga cock! STOP! STOP! Pull out! Pull out!” *insert popping sound here as I pull out*

    The bottom on the right cuddles the one of the left and asks, “Are you OK?” Then the bottom on the right yells at me, “You fuckin’ big dicked nigga he’s ony 20 you know?! You might have stretched and bent his pussy with that fuckin’ thing! Don’t just stand there you Gorilla hold him!”

    The bottom on the left then feels his ass, and asks the bottom on the right, “Oh god girl…am I bleeding? Did he fuckin’ tear me?! I’ve got another top coming over in 30 mintues. Fuck I hope he didn’t tear me!”

    They both turn around at me and saying in unison, “This isn’t gonna work, I think he needs to rest. You should just leave.” *insert the bottom on the left crying a bit as the bottom on the right holds him*

    *insert me rolling my eyes, yelling, “I’m outta here! Power bottoms my ass!” pulling up my pants, calling a cab as their bedroom door closes me behind me and heading to Steamworks*

    Believe it or not this is a true sex story that happened to me one time when two bottoms (a couple) did the exact same pose as these two in this photo.

    The moral of the story: bottoms wonder why tops always look so angry, now you know why. The ugly truth: the power bottom(s), like the Unicorn is just a myth.

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