Perfecting Your Gay Anal Douche Experience


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New to the anal game, or have you found yourself in a messy situation that makes you think – Should I douche?

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Douching is the process of using water or other liquids to clean your asshole before – and sometimes also after – sex. But, is it right for you?

This article will look at the whys, hows, and general pros and cons of starting this hygiene practice.

Why Start Douching?

You can have anal sex without douching.

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But, depending on your diet and the type of sex that you’re having, you might feel more comfortable and confident about anal sex if you know that your butt is cleaned out and ready for action.

If things get a bit messy during anal sex – such as shit on the dick – that can be a bit of a boner-killer.

Best Gay Douche Products: Enema Bulb or Syringe?

If your sex life requires you to be douching on a regular basis, you’re probably going to want a few options at your disposal.

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  • Fleet Enemas: These are a commercially available, ready-to-use douching product. They contain a saline solution – which is good for sensitive butts – and a pre-lubricated nozzle that helps to avoid causing any damage on the way in. This is a single-use product.
  • Shower attachments: You can buy a douching nozzle that you attach to your shower-head. This is a handy option to have at home, but you do need to be careful about water temperature and water pressure.
  • Douche bulb: This is a reusable douching option that you can use at home or take with you on your travels. You can fill this with tap-water.

It’s a good idea to experiment with the different options so that you’re comfortable in using what’s available and convenient.

How to Douche as a Gay Male

It’s important to remember that your butt is a fairly sensitive part of your body. It’s really not designed for having a high-pressure hose rammed up there to flush everything out.

While you’re generally going to be okay using tap water to get your douching done, it’s really important that you don’t use hot water. What might feel pleasant to the outside of your body while you’re standing under the shower is likely to irritate and burn the sensitive bits that are inside your butt.

Whatever douching method you’re using, you need to treat your butt with a bit of care and attention, as well as some patience. As we all know, sticking something up your butt is easier if you’re relaxed and ready.

Ideally, you want to get a bit of lube and use your fingers to open up your butt. Once your butt is relaxed enough to take a couple of fingers, you’re ready to start douching.

Keep your lube handy – if you’re sticking a douche nozzle or shower attachment up your butt, you’re going to want to grease things up so that it’s gliding smoothly and not doing any damage on the way in.

If you’re using a douche bulb, you want to squeeze in the water, clench and hold, and then release over the toilet or in the shower.

If you’re in the shower using an attachment, you don’t want to clench and hold – you’re just letting the water run in and out. This is important because you want to avoid pushing too much water up into your body. Not only is this not great for the body, but you could find that water reappears at unexpected moments – such as when you’re in the middle of being fucked.

You’re probably going to need to repeat the process a couple of times. You’ve no doubt heard the phrase – “until the water runs clear”. If what’s coming out of your body isn’t clean and clear, then you need to douche again.

How to Clean Yourself Out Before Anal Sex

Douching your butt until it’s clean is kind of the final step of cleaning yourself out before anal sex.

As any power-bottom will tell you, diet plays a really key role in being clean and confident and ready for a fuck-down.

You can take fibre supplements, to help keep your body regular, but having a balanced diet with plenty of fibre as well as drinking lots of water is generally a good start.

You also need to give yourself time to douche.

While the process of douching itself is not something that you want to rush, it’s a really good idea to let your body rest a bit after douching – before the fucking starts. You might find that after you’ve rested a bit, you’ve got some douche water that needs to come out – you’ll probably need another shower and a freshen up before the action starts.

How Often Should a Gay Man Douche

It’s important to remember that the body isn’t really designed for douching. In normal circumstances, your butt does a pretty good job of getting rid of the waste and keeping itself functional.

If you’re douching too often, you’re likely to upset the balance of your butt – you could damage the internal lining, and this might lead to an infection.

There’s not really any hard and fast rules on how much is too much when it comes to douching. A couple of times a week is probably the most you want to be doing.

If you are douching on a regular basis, be conscious of how your body is feeling and be aware that you might need to cut back on the douching if any problems start to emerge.

Pros and Cons of Douching

Douching is something we do because we want the pleasure of ass fucking and ass licking without the messiness of the shit that is also the day-to-day business of the butt.

Even with a solid douching, accidents can still happen.

If some shit makes an unexpected appearance, it can be embarrassing or awkward, but it doesn’t have to be a big drama. If there’s a shower handy, go sort it out and then get back to business.

If you’re the Top in that situation, don’t be a dick – be understanding and relaxed. If you’re the Bottom, it’s not your fault that things didn’t quite go to plan – be cool and calm and do what needs to be done so that you can get back to being dicked-down.

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  1. if you are new to douching, please use this as an introductory guide only. not everyone’s internal plumbing operates and works the same and the size of anal cavities and how much they can handle, varies. It’s like some people have a small/large bladder…

    re: douching with a shower attachment: there WILL come a time when you WILL want to clench your hole to retain water and you WILL want/need to clean out further — this is where googling some other resources will need to be done.

    but for the most part, there are some great tips here, especially the one about waiting for your ass to calm down after you douche before getting fucked — my ass is hyper sensitive and swells super easily with increased friction, even from douching. my doctor advised me to take an advil or two to reduce the swelling and it does help.

  2. Fleet can be refilled with tap water and used as many times as you need to, to come out clean. Been doing this for years. Another option is the bidet, not common in the US, but very common in much of the rest of the world, designed to wash out women, and to wash your ass after defication, if the streem is strong enough, and you can relax your hole enough, it is like the shower attachment option and it will squirt up your hole. In the 3rd world they are often built into the toilet, you use this first, and then the toilet paper is used to dry off your ass, and is NOT flushed but put in a waste basket next to the toilet. In Europe (and multimillion dollar homes) it is a separate fixture and has a drain like a urinal, not suitible for shit or toilet paper. The smell of shit really turns me off, more than the brown leakage!

  3. I had a buddy who got so freaked out that he had some leakage that it just killed it. Things are going to happen from time to time. Keep your sense of humor. This is an alternative use for butt. Don’t forget what it’s really for.

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