Squirt.org Members Ask: What Can a Silicone Ball Stretcher Do for Me?


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In porn and in the way that we talk about sex and our sexual fantasies, we tend to fetishise big balls. We want to be fucked by a guy with big swinging balls, we want to nuzzle our face into a sizeable sack, we’re turned on by the idea of balls filled with cum ready to unload.

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Wanting to fulfil these fantasies and impress guys with our low-hangers is probably one of the main reasons that we’re often contemplating a ball stretcher. You want to hear your balls slapping against his ass when you’re fucking him, right?

What is a Ball Stretcher?

There’s lots of different types of ball stretcher out there, but essentially it’s a device that does what it says on the tin – pushing your balls away from your body to help give you a longer and more pronounced ball-sack.

What Are Some Benefits of Testicular Stretching?

There’s not a lot of science behind ball stretching. You do hear some guys talking about how it boosts testosterone or enhances circulation so gives you stronger erections. There may well be some health benefits, but we haven’t yet got to the peer-review stage of that research.

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What we do know is that ball stretching is all about sex. Some guys get really turned on by the process of ball stretching itself – the feeling of wearing a ball-stretcher, the weight on your balls, feeling your balls slap against your thigh as you walk. For others, it’s the end-results that are the turn-on – the confidence boost that you get from guys being impressed by the size of your ball-sack, that feeling of bringing your A-game to a dick-down.

Obviously, ball stretching isn’t necessarily for everyone. You may give it a try and not really like the sensation. That’s cool. Your balls are just fine as they are. A ball stretcher is just another toy that pushes the right buttons for some guys.

Should I Get a Metal or Silicone Ball Stretcher?

If you’re thinking of getting a ball stretcher, it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research. There’s lots of different sorts of ball stretchers on the market, but one of the main choices is the material that the device is made of – usually, they’re either made from metal or silicone.

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If you’re just starting out, you’re probably best-advised to try a silicone ball-stretcher. These are less expensive and a good way to test whether you like how it feels to have your balls stretched. The metal devices tend to be for guys who want to take their ball stretching to the next level.

It’s also important to think about where you’re going to be wearing your ball stretcher. For example, you might not want to be wearing a metal ball stretcher if you’ve got to be scanned by a metal detector on your way into the office or in an airport.

Risks and Concerns

Obviously, your balls are a pretty sensitive part of your body. While some guys are into CBT – cock and ball torture – that’s not really the point of basic ball stretching. A ball stretcher should not be inflicting pain on you.

If you’re experiencing any discomfort while wearing a ball stretcher, take it off and give your balls a break. You might need to adjust the stretcher or maybe get a different size. Your balls are designed to move up and down to help regulate temperature – make sure that you give them a chance to do this.

It’s also important to remember that ball stretchers have nothing to do with the actual size of your testicles. Wearing a ball stretcher will not make your testicles bigger, what you’re doing is stretching your ball sack – giving your testicles more room to move.

Other Ways to Help Testosterone Levels

If what draws you to ball stretchers is the idea that they might help you boost testosterone levels, you should probably explore some of the other options out there.

It’s a bit obvious, but the best way to boost the levels of testosterone in your body is to help keep your body as healthy as possible. Getting lots of sleep, exercising regularly, and following a balanced diet are the biggest things you can do to boost your testosterone levels.

It’s worth taking a look at the type of exercise that you’re doing. Focusing on resistance-based exercise or weight training is likely to give you better testosterone results than a cardio-heavy exercise regime.

There are supplements that you can take that might help boost your testosterone levels, but unless you’ve got the foundations of a healthy lifestyle in place then you’re probably wasting your time and money.

Who’s got the biggest balls in porn?

Whenever I think of big swinging balls, my fap fantasies immediately focus on Antonio Biaggi. Originally from Puerto Rico, Biaggi hit our screens from around 2006 – appearing in productions for studios such as SX Video, Breed Me Raw, and Treasure Island Media.

There’s something really satisfying about watching Biaggi fucking some guy and hearing those big swinging balls slapping against the guy’s ass with every pounding thrust.

Ball stretchers – worth thinking about.

Written by Gareth Johnson

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  1. A good start on this topic! But there should have been a warning about proceeding TOO quickly. You should be prepared for a few year’s long stretching process. If you move too quickly you could damage the internal workings of your balls and give yourself a self-inflicted vasectomy.

  2. Love balls, especially the big low hangers!!!! Love them slapping my ass when getting pounded and fucked! Woof Woof.

  3. Cum on, perpetuating the myth that one’s balls are “full of cum”. By far the biggest part of cum is generated in the prostate. Ask any guy who has had a vasectomy, there is just as much cum after as before.

  4. Nuthin like a mouthful of a guy’s big balls. Unshaven is more sexy to me, but either way when given the gift of having a guy’s balls in your mouth is fantastic. Growing up as a boy there was nothing lower than a cocksucker, unless it was a ball licker/sucker. These days I’m very happy and proud to be all of these.

  5. Ya know… I’m a Squirt member and I’ve never once asked ANYONE “What can a silicone ball stretcher do for me?”

  6. Want your balls to hang lower? Go commando. I’ve been doing that around the house for about 20 years. Gravity has helped.

  7. I guess if you had started doing this 2 years ago when this was apparently published, your balls would be down by your knees now. Only to get squashed everytime you sit down on a chair.

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