Squirt.org Readers Ask: What Makes a Cute Dick?


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A visit to a naked beach or a gay bathhouse is always a good reminder that just as guys come in all shapes and sizes, so do their cocks. This may not be scientifically proven, but cocks are kind of like snowflakes – each one is unique.

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But what type of cock gets your attention? Do you have a preference for what you want to see when you get a guy naked? Are some cocks just prettier than other cocks?

Grease up, and let’s get to grips with this serious subject.

Why think about what makes a dick look good?

Guys think about dick a lot. We think about our own dicks, and we think about the dicks of other men. There’s probably some primal behaviour at play, but we’re constantly assessing, comparing, and admiring.

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Sure, there’s a lot more to a guy than just what his dick looks like, but there’s no doubt that when you’re hooking up with a guy – particularly if it’s the first time that you’ve gotten naked together – then you want your dick to be looking its best. You want to be bringing your A-game when you get your cock out.

Obviously, there’s not much you can do about the length or girth of your cock, and – leaving penis modification kinks to one side – there’s no reason to worry about whether the length or girth of your cock is going to be appealing to the other guy. It is what it is.

Sure, you might want to fluff it a bit so that you’re on standby for go-time, but more important is ensuring that your personal hygiene is on point.

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You want your dick to make a good first impression, but whatever shape or size your cock is, it’s not a deal-breaker. He’s going to remember what you did with it; he’s going to remember the energy you brought to the encounter – that’s what is going to get you repeat business.

Let’s take a look at some of the dicks that you might encounter in your sexual escapades.

Describe that Dick!

Large Cock

In many ways, we’ve been culturally conditioned to think that big is better. We all know from experience that just because a guy has a big dick doesn’t necessarily make him a good fuck or even an interesting person. But there’s no denying that a big swinging dick will instinctively get our attention.

Uncut Dick

Conversations about cut versus uncut dick are a bit pointless because circumcision is not something that the guy in question has any control over. The dick we have is the dick we have, and whether your hook-up is cut or uncut, everything works pretty much the same – you might just need a bit more lube when you’re working with a circumcised cock.

The “Gay Bulge”

We often talk about “grey sweatpant season” – it’s pretty much a universal turn-on to be able to see a guy’s dick print in whatever he’s wearing.

Have we been duped by OnlyFans boys getting creative with a prosthetic? Maybe. Does that stop us from admiring every guy’s bulge and imagining his cock bouncing free as we stripped the clothes off him? Absolutely not.

Dick Piercing

A Prince Albert piercing is a pretty major piece of body adornment. There’s an attitude that comes with a Prince Albert, and it usually signifies that you’re dealing with an absolute pig – in the best possible way.

Cock Rings

A cock ring can not only help you keep your cock hard, but it’s also a great way to present your cock to the world. There’s a huge range of options out there, and some of them look cool.

Hairy Bush

We talk a lot about manscaping, but there are no hard and fast rules regarding your personal grooming. Some guys like to be super-smooth, others like to be full bush. Whatever kind of body hair situation you want to rock, somewhere out there will be into it. The general rule is that a bit of trim is often helpful to present your penis at its best.

Got Pics?

Spend any time on a hook-up app, and you’ll know that no matter how good your chat is, you’re pretty soon going to be asked for some pics of your cock.

A dick pic can be make or break – it often leads to blocking a user in the most un-coolest of possibilities. While we can’t control the actions of a potential hookup, we can put our best dick forward to ensure the most optimal outcome.

Here’s some tips on how to send a dick pic that seals the deal.

I’ve got a hot dick: Now, how to take hot dick pics?

Read our article on how to take good dick pics, but the short answer is that you need to put some effort into it.

Think about your lighting; think about your angles. Using a prop to demonstrate equivalent size is helpful.

There’s no point taking photos that make your cock look bigger than it is – the whole point of this exercise is to meet up with someone so they get to see your cock in person, why set yourself up to be underwhelming?

What Are Some Reasons to Take a Dick Pic in 2024?

You could easily argue that sending guys dick pics is tired, played out, and not of the moment, but we, as gay people, are not yet ready to have that conversation.

From a transactional point of view, you’re going to need to take dick pics to make some connections on hook-up apps. If you’re in some long-distance situation, you’re going to send dick pics to remind him what your cock looks like. But probably the best reason to take dick pics is to show yourself a bit of love.

Celebrate your cock. Showcase your dick in all its glory. Be proud of your penis and be ready to share it with the world.

Written by Gareth Johnson

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  1. Uncut cock at rest that has a large overhang of wrinkly foreskin dangling before my eyes is cute. As soon as it is stirs into a state of arousal it becomes friggin’ awesome and once fully hard, a dream come true.

  2. I don’t think cute is a word that most people would use to describe a cock or dick. However, I would say that any cock that is clean, disease free, functional, and attached to someone that knows how to use it would be a prize winner.

  3. A nice cock bulge is always welcomed when at the beach or pool. I also love to to see a semi hard cock casually flopped out on show at the urinal or in the locker room. Foreskin is a real turn on too although I’ve never said no to any circumcised guys before. But uncut cocks just smell and taste better.

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