The Science (or Fiction) Behind a Self Lubricating Ass


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Is ass juice really a thing? Do some guys literally get wet with the anticipation of being dicked down?

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While we like the idea of a guy with a self-lubricating ass, we’re here to try and separate gay sex fact from gay sex fiction.

Can Your Ass Create Lubricant for Sex?

When it comes to anal sex, we all know the importance of lube. But some guys report that they don’t need lube, or maybe not as much lube, because their ass is self-lubricating.

While we’re happy to investigate as many asses as it takes to get to the bottom of this question, hands-on research can only take us so far. So, we’ve done some Googling as well.

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For short-hand purposes, we’re going to refer to self-lubrication as ass juice. Most guys are pretty clear that they don’t produce ass juice and that it takes some added lube before their butt is ready for action. However, some guys are adamant that their ass juice is providing some natural lubrication.

The biology of ass juice comes down to a thing called goblet cells. Goblet cells are a specific type of cell that play a role in protecting sensitive parts of the body by secreting mucus.

We’ve all got goblet cells in our rectal wall – the wall of the rectum. The main reason that we’ve got goblet cells in our rectum is to help the body to discharge waste – our faeces.

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We don’t really have any solid scientific evidence to back this up, but it’s possible that some guys have goblet cells that produce a high volume of mucus, or that the goblet cells produce mucus when stimulated. This would potentially make a guy’s ass feel wet and slippery and ready for some anal play or a solid ass fucking – before the lube has even been applied.

What we do know is that too much douching is not good for your butt. If you’re constantly flushing out your ass, you’re going to be damaging the sensitive walls of your rectum – effectively flushing away or over-stimulating the goblet cells that could be providing you with some natural lubrication.

Why lube is essential for anal sex

Whether or not you are blessed with a self-lubricating ass, you still need to be thinking about lube when you’re ready for some man-on-man action.

Your butt is a really sensitive part of your body. Sure, you can have a lot of fun with it once you’re warmed up and loosened up, but if you try and rush things without the necessary preparation or pre-work then you can easily sustain some internal damage.

Making sure that your butt is well-lubed and is relaxed and ready is also an important step in helping to minimise the risks of Sexually Transmitted Infections. If you’ve got tears in your rectal walls, then it’s much easier for STIs to enter your body.

Not all lube is equal

While a bit of spit can get you a long way, having access to some high quality lube really can be a game-changer when it comes to anal sex.

You want to keep it simple when it comes to lube. You don’t want anything flavoured, or cooling or warming. Avoid anything that purports to numb your body. If your butt has been desensitised by the lube, you may sustain damage to your ass without realising it.

Water-based lube is easy to use and easy to clean up, but you will need to reapply numerous times – it’s fairly quickly absorbed into the body.

Silicone-based lube lasts much longer, but is likely to stain your sheets. The clean-up takes a bit more work. You have to be careful about using silicone-based with some sex toys – the lube can damage the toy.

Oil-based lube can be a lot of fun to play with, but it’s not compatible with condoms. If you’re looking for more natural or organic products, these will generally be oil-based.

It’s a good idea to experiment with different types of lube to find what works best for you. Ask your friends, ask your fuck-buddies, try some different products, figure out what feels best for your body.

Don’t assume that your ass is somehow going to magically lube itself – make sure that you’re setting yourself up for success. Make sure that you’re setting yourself up for sizzling, slippery, sliding sexual shenanigans.

Written by Gareth Johnson

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  1. First, some hot guys here.

    Man, when my ex bff and I used to play, his precum was more than enough for me to slide in him. If it got dry, a little more precum from him on my cock and back we went at it. He’s a total douche ball these days but man, we had a lot of hot fun back when.

    I did have a phone sex buddy from AOL, he swore up and down his ass would do exactly what this article talks about. He even said it tasted good.

  2. I used to have a buddy who got wetter and wetter the longer we fucked so I can testify that self-lubing ass does exist. The first time we fucked I was amazed and told him his ass was like the a pussy the way it just got wetter and wetter. I miss him!

  3. I have one of those self lubing asses but it takes plenty of play to get if flowing. More you fuck me the more my ass puts out. I always start with water based lube but sometimes can go for an hour or more without using any lube, my ass just produced more. Come on Let’s Fuck and Fuck!!!!

  4. I find the self-lubing is a result of farting. A guy who’s farted also smells divine. That’s’ why I like a “ripe” (clean, but musky) ass to rim for hours.. The holes that feel slick even before my tongue gets down there are always the best.

  5. A moist ass is hot. I like slick or squishy. Prefer silicon over water base. The guy holding his dick while eyeing that butt in the first photo is super sexy.

  6. As a bottom, I have experienced self-lubrication. It does not always happen, but I’m working on it! I think it’s not impossible, and with the right partner, it can get quite wet.

  7. I have a self lubricant ass, after 10 min my ass start to squirt a lot of fluid, i even has to use something under me because is all over the place. Im always start with some water based lubricant and then i don’t need to use anything else. Except when fisting or use my huge toys, so is true.

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