The Best Gloryholes in the USA in 2024 (According to Reddit)


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We’ve been crunching the numbers to figure out the best gay cruising spots in the USA. People need to know!

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One of the crucial insights to emerge from our research is a definitive ranking of the gay gloryholes that members can’t get enough of, but our cruising sluts (and sleuths) are always on the lookout for other places where dudes can’t get enough cock.

To address our FOMO, we turned to Reddit to see where other males who have insatiable cock addictions like ourselves are going to alleviate the pain of not having a hard, fat dick in their mouth right this very second.

Read on to see what we discovered on the social network for the hidden gems other bisexual and gay males are visiting to feel that sweet release and don’t worry; we’ve added some unique spots members can’t get enough of, either, to round out the list to fucking and sucking perfection.

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Why focus on the best gloryholes?

We’re big fans of cruising in all its variations, but gloryholes have a special place in our hearts.

There’s something comfortingly old-school about a gloryhole – this tradition connects us with all the generations that have come before us.

Generally, cruising relies on eye contact and body language. Still, a gloryhole is all about the mystery of what might be on the other side of that wall – and the only way to proceed is to run a finger around the hole and see what happens.

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A good gloryhole is one where there’s a regular stream of guys needing to get off but discreet enough that you’re not going to get disturbed by the authorities.

A good gloryhole is also worth sharing, and we’re feeling ultra generous, so keep reading to see what our cruising detectives uncovered.

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How did we find our results?

While remains the best source to uncover the hottest gay cruising listings, we took a detour toward the /r/GayGloryHole Subreddit.

We discovered a conversation in which a USA male cruising for cock was looking for some gloryhole recommendations during their slutty summer adventures.

The results had us taking notes, but don’t worry; you can cheat off of us; there’s no test. We’ve noted the ones these Reddit users couldn’t get enough of for folks like you to add to your gloryhole misadventures during these hotter summer months.

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What Results Did We Find for Gay and Bisexual Men Looking for American Cock at the Gloryhole?

Pleasures in West Colfax, Denver, Colorado

Adult arcade with multiple theater areas, glory hole booths, blow job rail, and private spaces for fun. The $12 entry fee includes access to other Pleasures Arcades. A $10 ticket from another arcade requires $2 extra—open 24/7.

The Book Ranch in Fort Collins, Colorado

Ten booths have locks on the doors for discreet fun with married men. Lots of action at different times of the day. There are three gloryholes in the booths, $1 for 3-4 minutes of porn browsing, and nudity not allowed outside of the booth, but they are known to be overall a queer-friendly joint.

8th Ave Adult Arcade in Greeley, Colorado

Small video arcade with ten booths, some with glory holes; sales staff remind customers to avoid loitering in the common area. The parking lot is a popular cruising area. The video arcade is a cruisy spot where you can wait for a hot guy to come by and lure you into a booth.

Laura’s Video,  Bessemer City, North Carolina

The arcade has 14 booths with different configurations of gloryholes, and many users note that more gays and males frequent this spot than straight couples, with nine new booths added in place of the Theater/VIP lounge. The arcade has a large-screen TV playing porn, and each booth has a small monitor with movie choices. The arcade costs $14 for 2 hours and $17 for 3 hours, with random ticket checks by clerks.

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Steamworks in Berkeley, San Franciso Area, California

Adding a bathhouse to the list, one Reddit user loves the Steamworks in Berkeley to get their rocks off; this bathhouse chain location in San Francisco offers private rooms, public play areas, special events and play parties. Lockers start at $19 on weekdays and $24 on weekends, with rooms at $27 on weekdays and $32 on weekends, and there is a live DJ on Thursdays and Sundays.

Frolics SuperStore, Portland, Oregon

Clean store and arcade with over 20 booths, two glory holes, and 1000 channels to view; no membership is required, and it is open 24/7. The plastic rings are gone on the holes and only the metal edges, so they are a little sharp; be careful. 

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Bob’s Adult Videos Books, Salem, Oregon

This video arcade has buddy booths and glory holes for $5 entry and preview rooms for $15 for couples; the one good perk about Bob’s is that users note that all 32 booths have glory holes to play, so if they are available, there is no need to wait.

All Adult Super Shop, Milwaukie, Oregon

All six middle rooms have glory holes; the arcade has multiple rooms with holes, private rooms, and a $1 entrance fee with a $1 voucher for the machines. They offer a Sinema experience with a 2-hour pass and re-entries for $5 for a single ticket and $8 for a couples ticket.

What Are Some Campground Gay Gloryholes to Check Out in the US?

In the same Reddit thread, we were surprised to find some key recommendations for campgrounds that featured gloryholes that a particular user loves to frequent; these spots include:

Parliament Social Club Resort, Augusta, Georgia

Key nude play spaces at this location include The Maze, The Pig Pen, and The Pool. The Maze has glory hole booths and a dark room play space, The Pig Pen has various apparatus and updated lighting, and The Pool is open seasonally for nude swimming. The Maze is open 24/7, The Pig Pen is open late at night, and The Pool is best on weekends and after work.

River’s Edge, Dewy Rose, Georgia

Entry options include a $20 annual membership fee or a $10 daily pass ($18 on holidays), good from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Facilities include a pool, hot tub, and game room. A night pass is also available.

Camp Mars, Venus, Florida

Camp Mars is a private, LGBTQ+ clothing-optional campground in Venus, Florida. It offers accommodations such as tent sites, RV sites, and cabins, as well as a heated pool, hot tub, clubhouse, and recreational facilities. The campground hosts events and activities and has a clothing-optional policy for a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.

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What Are Some Other USA Gay Gloryhole Spots Men on Love?

If you’re feeling the need for a few more choices, don’t worry, we’ve also stacked the rest of this list with some grade-A options horny guys on like yourself love to frequent! Rub one out to a few of these options below.

Flex Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona

A classic bathhouse always gets our attention, and Flex Phoenix delivers everything you could want from a gay sauna. Do they have glory holes? Obviously! Gloryholes line the dark maze and multi-tiered orgy room. 

The location of Flex Bathhouses in Cleveland, Ohio, is one to check out, as well.

Club Columbus, Columbus, Ohio

Club Columbus is a relatively modern bathhouse popular with gay college students. You’ll want to check out the glory hole room.

Video Temptations, Naugatuck, Connecticut

This place has 12 booths with glory holes and privacy screens, eight of which are connected. All booths are large and can accommodate multiple people. Four private booths for several people were recently renovated with new 42″ TV screens and a theatre room with couches.

Slammer, Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California

New legal sex club in LA with secured parking and security patrol; members report a good mix of guys and energy, and the crowd can vary. Fridays and Saturdays are hot on late nights, a bathhouse designed for varied tastes.

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The Diplomat Club, Grand Rapids, Michigan

These folks are dear friends of, but the users spoke up in Michigan. Diplomat is also a favorite cruising spot among the locals based on the listing’s popularity. They have recently added a glory hole room upstairs with an L-shaped wall for multiple people to play. There is also a new upper level where you can stay for the night.

Did your favourite make the Top 10? Are there any surprises or gloryholes in your city that should’ve made the list? Get involved in the comments below and share your glory hole experiences!

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  1. # 3, Video Temptations in Naugatuck CT never disappoints!
    Young guys, butch guys, hot dads, bears-all need to get sucked. Some are shy, but some will strip in the video couch room wanking until a throat swallows them down. Someone for everyone. You won’t go unsatisfied or hungry.

  2. Club Saint Louis has three different glory hole areas:
    1) Six booths, each with multiple glory holes in the dark room / maze area
    2) Seven standing service glory holes across from the booths
    3) One glory hole in the outside play area near the swimming pool

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