Squirt.org Readers Ask: How Can I Stop My Gag Reflex for Better Gay Oral?


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How’s your head? Chances are, there might have been some complaints.

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None of us want to hold our hands up and admit that we’re not very good at giving head – surely, sucking cock is something we should take to like a duck to water?

If you want to get better at oral sex, a good starting point is to understand your body. If the prospect of getting your throat fucked is more stressful than sexy, your gag reflex will likely be the issue.

A sensitive gag reflex is nothing to be embarrassed about – we’ve all got our specialties when it comes to sex – but if you want to get better at giving head, we’re here to help.

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In this article, we’re going to get into it – and we’re going to use lots of photos of guys sucking cock to demonstrate the skills we’re aspiring to.

What is a gag reflex?

A gag reflex is the body’s natural reaction to something foreign or potentially harmful going down the throat. It’s a reflex meant to protect the body from choking. When the gag reflex is triggered, it causes the muscles in the throat to contract.

Gagging or feeling like you’re about to throw up is a perfectly natural reaction when someone tries to shove their cock into the back of your throat – your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to.

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For some people, the gag reflex can be particularly sensitive. Even the thought of having a cock in your mouth can be enough to trigger some guys.

How do the cocksucking experts do it? How can you get your throat fucked without throwing up? Some people might be blessed with a gag reflex that is not so sensitive, but mostly it’s practice.

Having a less sensitive gag reflex can mean longer blowjobs, harder cumshots from your partner and a mind-blowing oral sex experience that leaves everyone happy.

What is the science behind a sensitive gag reflex?

There doesn’t seem to be any definitive reason why some people have a more sensitive gag reflex than others – there’s a whole range of things that could influence how your throat reacts when being threatened with a hard cock.

If your airways are susceptible to obstruction – because of a sinus infection or being a smoker, or if your mouth palate is just naturally narrow, there are many reasons why some guys might be at a bit of a disadvantage when trying to give the best blowjob.

How can I relax my throat muscles to give better head?

Dentists have been at the forefront of this work. We look to dentists not because they’re experts at cocksucking – although we are prepared to research that question – but because dentists are always sticking things in peoples’ mouths and having to deal with their gag reflex.

One of the easiest techniques dentists recommend is using a soft toothbrush to slowly brush your tongue. Doing this over time – and trying to brush as far back as possible – should gradually help you to desensitise your gag reflex.

Complicating matters is that your gag reflex can be triggered emotionally or psychologically – not just physically. If thinking about choking makes you want to choke – or if you start gagging when you think about sucking cock – then you’ve probably got some trauma that needs to be addressed.

Technique 1: Breathing exercises

When going down on a cock, focus on your breathing and keep in mind the control of your breath through your nostrils.

If you approach the blowjob worried that you might suffocate on that fat dick, you’re more susceptible to the anxiety that comes with that. Focusing on your breathing reminds you that you’re getting all the air you need through your nose, and you can keep the panic attack and the gag reflex at bay.

Technique 2: Sensory adaptation

Sensory adaptation is a psychological term to describe how we adjust to sensory changes.
If you allow yourself to suck the cock slowly and eventually take more and more, it will feel less intense and may help not to trigger your gag reflex during fellatio.

Rather than trying to choke down that cock entirely in one go like your favourite pornstar, pacing yourself and taking each inch slowly will help.

It’s a bit like being fucked by a big cock – you take it slowly, you let your body adjust, and you build up to a steady increase in intensity. You don’t go straight to pound-town.

Technique 3: Erotic hypnosis

There is gay audio hypnosis available that is all about honing in on your inner slut, making you crave cock-sucking through the power of persuasion.

While the limited amount of research on hypnosis means we don’t have a lot of certainty on its effectiveness, it might just be the trick you need to unlock your need for a thick hard cock tickling your tonsils.

Still Not a Gay Deepthroat Master? Don’t Sweat It.

Still can’t get your mouth around that girthy cock without thinking about choking? Don’t sweat it. Loads of the nerve endings that send pleasure signals from the penis are in the tip of the cock – going down all the way to the base isn’t essential to get your man off.

Fucking someone’s throat is also a bit of a power play. Some guys totally get off making a cocksucker choke and sputter when giving head – it kind of reinforces their sense of dominance and physically demonstrates how massive their huge cock is. Your sensitive gag reflex could be a perfect match if that’s his kink.

It bears repeating that sucking cock is just one of the things that guys can do to get each other off – it’s not essential. If it’s not your thing, impress him with your other skills. Maybe it’s rimming? Maybe it’s fisting? Maybe it’s some kind of taboo role-play fetish? Let’s explore all of the options.

Written by Gareth Johnson

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  1. “Fucking someone’s throat is also a bit of a power play. Some guys totally get off making a cocksucker choke and sputter when giving head – it kind of reinforces their sense of dominance and physically demonstrates how massive their huge cock is. Your sensitive gag reflex could be a perfect match if that’s his kink.”

    Puke on the guy once and you won’t have to worry about him trying to fuck your throat (especially if the two of you haven’t discussed anything about “their sense of dominance” needing to be addressed).

  2. My first deep throat happened when I would meet a particular at his place for a lunchtime fuck while in his area for work. He was a dominate type so I let him have his way. One meet he had me lay on my back over his bed with my head hanging downward. He was a decent size so the first time n he tried to fuck my mouth I hard a hard time accepting his cock in my throat. so I would try to keep in within my mouth. Soon it was slippery enough to just accept completely. He actually placed my hand on my throat to feel it. What a great feeling. He was gently with his stokes and I was loving it. SInce he could orgams but not ejaculate due to a prior surgery we both enjoyed the feeling without me worrying about cum shooting down my esophagus. We lost touch but I do have a couple of regular types, one a Cuban masseur, that I love to swallow while together. My advise, just relax. You can still breathe thru your nose and is you need throat lubrication rub KY jelly onto his cock. Its not bad. 🙂 A tip, sucking someone with shaved cock and pubes will make the event more pleasurable.

  3. I started slow when sucking cock all the way . I would let a guys cock rest in the back of my throat for about 15 or 20 seconds then just go for it ….. my throat would open up and heaven was about to happen …..guys cum in ropes when then know they are cumming in your throat …. It’s amazing …I love doing it…..

  4. It took me 20 years to figure out that I needed to shut my brain off during sex. No thinking, no gagging. But i do take it slow when deep throating. My gag flex is barely there after all these years of sucking cock, that I can even take my Daddy’s 10 inch cock all the way with my face pressed into his pelvis.

  5. I had noticed early on that guys instinctively want to go balls deep when getting head, and since I love to suck cock and wanted to give my partners the best experience I could, I knew I’d have to try and make peace with my gag reflex. So as with anal sex, I’d have some training to do. As it turned out, a lot of training.
    I ended up buying a really nice and long dildo to train with. I started off inserting it a modest amount just to get used to having it near the back of my throat. As soon as I was on the verge of gagging I would pull it back just enough to stop the reflex and hold it there for a while. Eventually I was able to develop somewhat of a comfort level with it in the back of my throat.
    At this point I’m much less likely to gag and can usually deep throat with confidence. I do continue to train and it’s actually quite enjoyable taking it deep down my throat. I’m guessing that over time I’ll minimize my gag reflex to where I’ll have the upper hand on deep throating all cummers!

  6. Test your gag reflex by putting your fingers down your throat, now……
    1. With your right hand, make a fist with your thumb in the palm of your hand ✊🏼 like that but your thumb under your fingers and squeeze hard for five seconds and let go
    2. With your left hand get your index finger ☝🏼 and place on your chin, push hard for five seconds and let go
    3. With your left hand do this 👌🏼 and with your right hand make a L shape ✋🏼 similar to that and pinch the skin between your thumb and index finger, pinch as hard as you can for 5 seconds and let go.
    Now test your gag reflex again.
    Your welcome

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