Our 2024 Best Gay Men Bathhouses and Saunas in the USA


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If you love a hot and horny hookup in a local gay bathhouse near you, you’ll find your gay cruising experience heightened by our latest list as we break down some of the hottest gay saunas in the USA for 2024.

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So, unwrap that towel, get that hard cock out and see which places males go in the good ol’ US of A. for a bit of steam and suck. Let’s get into it. But first, let’s start with a few basics.

What is a gay male bathhouse? 

A gay male bathhouse is a private club or facility where gay and bisexual men can go to socialize, unwind, and engage in sexual activities in a safe and inclusive environment. 

These bathhouses typically offer a range of amenities such as saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis, and private rooms where men can explore their sexuality with consensual partners or simple, raunchy terms: fuck their brains out! 

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Some include epic dark room mazes, fantastic water features where guys can fuck all night and day, and generally, just a good old time for all; looking for a particular feature at your local bathhouse? Check out the articles below for our best-of list for bathhouses catering to specific kinks and fetishes.

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Why use a gay men’s sauna in 2024? 

While getting to a guy’s place, falling onto the bed and fucking until morning can make you have a raging hard-on just thinking about it, the reality is some guys just can’t get into the Netflix and Chill element of a hookup or simply can’t host all the time.

Bathhouses are the Switzerland of hot gay sex: they can be a neutral zone for gay and bisexual males to cruise, meet up from the gay hookup app, or they can be a hot spot for those who can only get off by having hot gay public sex.

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Also, it can be a great way to meet gay males between the rim jobs, especially when you’re travelling in a new place or you’re not from the US and want to see all the types of guys on the menu.

What’s the difference between a gay bathhouse in the US and a gay sauna abroad? 

While both gay bathhouses in the US and gay saunas abroad cater to the gay, bi and curious men and you can guarantee sex, gay saunas abroad, particularly in Europe, may prioritize relaxation and wellness, with amenities like spa treatments or massages that American bathhouses don’t always have.

Are you planning a trip abroad and looking to shag? We’ve covered many of the top gay saunas in Europe to explore while travelling.

And for locals in the US or those abroad looking to fuck some red-blooded American males down at the local bathhouse, keep reading below to see the best gay saunas for the horniest hookup cities in the USA.

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What Are the Best Gay Male Bathhouses in the USA to Fuck?

Thanks for reading! Take a look below at Squirt.org’s best-of list of bathhouses. Is your city not listed? Don’t fret; make sure to log onto Squirt.org and check out our gay cruising listings to see more places where men fuck from AM to PM.

How Can I Find Gay Bathhouses in Dallas, Texas?

If you’re looking for some bathhouse gay sex in Dallas, you’ll be happy to know there is one saunas in this Texas city where men cum and go for some fuckery; such as:

  1. Club Dallas—Another men’s-only bathhouse with a sauna and steam room and all the classic amenities to catch some cock.

How Can I Find Gay Bathhouses and Saunas in Houston?

Squirt.org is your #1 gay, bisexual and curious hookup website, and our cruising listings show many bathhouses and spas where gay men get up to some NSA fun; some of those places include:

  1. Club Houston—Open 24 hours a day, this classic gay men’s bathhouse features a full gym, steam room, sauna, whirlpool, and sundeck for when the weather is hot and the dicks get sucked under the summer sun.

Can I Find Good Saunas and Bathhouses in Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale locals and gay visitors are all about the bathhouses and the horny public fucking in good ol’ Florida! Fort Lauderdale brings plenty of horny gays, so it’s a sauna mecca, including such locations like:

  1. Club Fort Lauderdale—Outdoor heated pool, jacuzzi, sundeck, and showers with public outdoor sex expected and encouraged. There are sauna and steam rooms inside, so you have plenty of options to play.
  2. Clubhouse II Bathhouse—A steam room, sauna, whirlpool, private showers, a video lounge, private dressing rooms, and lockers, plus plenty of monthly parties that bring the guys; you won’t be disappointed when you stop by this establishment.

Are There Gay Bathhouses and Men’s Saunas in Tampa, Florida?

  1. Tampa Men’s Club—men’s Fitness Club with a steam room, group showers, and a fitness room; there is plenty to do in this facility. TMC is known as the only gay men’s bathhouse advertised in Tampa.

Where Can I Find Gay Bathhouses in Orlando, Florida?

Whether you’re looking to get your steam on with a local stranger down to suck some cock, or find a local arcade where cocks are aplenty, here is where you can find some curious males looking for fun:

  1. Club Orlando—A full-range bathhouse getting plenty of guys on East Compton St, from a gym, pool, steam room, dry sauna, whirlpool tub and a dry sauna, plus an outdoor area dubbed “the Man Cave” where plenty of group sex and hot oral is happening nearby; this is the only well-known gay bathhouse in Orlando.

What About Gay Bathhouses in Miami, Florida?

New bathhouses in this hot party town always pop up, but to name just one here, we’ve got:

  1. Hotel Gaythering – This is the place to fuck, cruise, and stay as this new locale doubles as an accommodation guesthouse and a bathhouse where you don’t have to leave to find the action if you don’t want to.
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Are There Gay Male Bathhouses and Saunas in Atlanta?

Atlanta has one location that doesn’t disappoint, and we’re happy to feature it here as a guaranteed good time hotspot:

  1. Flex Spas Atlanta—This men-only sauna in Midtown features a hot tub, jacuzzi, a weight room if you want to pump before you take a load, and a few play areas with gloryholes, booths and a sling. Staying in Cleveland, Phoenix or LA? You’ll be happy to know the Flex brand extends across the country with these three additional locations to jerk and fuck from AM to PM.

What Are Some Hot Gay Bathhouses I Can Visit in Chicago?

If you’re looking for some sexy social situations before you start fucking, check out these bars and bathhouses in Chicago near you:

  1. Steamworks Chicago—While Chicago offers some co-ed bathhouses to unwind, if you’re looking for hot anonymous cock in a men’s-only venue, check out the ubiquitous Steamworks franchise in Chicago, where plenty of men frequent to find gay anonymous sex.

Are There Any Good Gay Saunas and Bathhouses in Los Angeles, California?

LA is not just the City of Angels, but the city of hot, fat cock! Not just WeHo, you’ll find gay men ready to pound ass and face fuck for days, but when you visit, you’ll soon realize LA is an entire city of horny boys looking to play. If the bathhouse is your venue of choice, two saunas to check out include:

  1. North Hollywood Spa—This bathhouse on Vineland Ave gets a lot of foot traffic from cuties who need to let off some steam and whose raging dicks need to release hot jizz all over the sauna floor.
  2. FLEX Spas Los Angeles—This sauna just off Melrose Avenue enjoys plenty of handsome strangers looking to play. Don’t be shy: when in town, flex that dick at FLEX.

Where Can I Find Some Hot Gay Bathhouses in Palm Springs?

It can be tricky if you can’t host and need a place where your trick and you can gather. Bathhouses provide that common space where having to drag anyone home:

  1. CCBC Resort Hotel—A 15-minute drive to 300 Gay Resort Hotel from downtown Palm Springs, this clothing-optional resort offers day passes and lockers to explore the sling, darkroom, or sauna at this popular destination, or you can stay the night.

Are There Good Gay Bathhouses in Seattle?

If you’re looking for sex in venues that support sucking and fucking on the premises, there are plenty of hot male spots to whip out your cock and bask in the pleasure of sex, such as:

  1. Steamworks Seattle—This men-only bathhouse on Summit Avenue gets a lot of action and will be busy with horny men looking to pound on the weekends, especially on Sundays.
  2. Club Z—Another top-frequented men’s only sauna in downtown Seattle that gets plenty of weekend action.

What Are the Best Gay Bathhouses to Cruise Local D.C. Washington Males?

If you’re eager to strip down to nothing but a rented towel and steam with other guys and maybe get an anonymous blowjob from someone with fuckable lips, here are the bathhouses to note that Squirt.org members love to visit:

  1. Crew Club—This place is a popular M2M hookup spot in DC with porn playing, gym facilities, and free condoms/lube. The best times are Tuesday for young and hot crowds and late nights on Friday and Saturday. Half-price rooms on weekdays from 10 am to 2 pm. Free admission and locker for ages 18-24.

What Are the Hottest Gay Bathhouses or Spas to Fuck Males in Detroit, Michigan?

If you love a little steam and sauna that may lead to getting your mouth fucked, and you can’t get to Grand Rapids for the premium experience of The Diplomat Club bathhouse, here are the best places to find hot gay action in Detroit:

  1. Body Zone—The club is open 24/7 and offers amenities such as a steam room, dry sauna, lounge, glory holes, lockers, and more. All types of guys go there, and the best times to visit are during specific hours. The club allows nudity and has a relaxed sexual policy. The only pet peeve mentioned is the lack of temperature control in the showers.

What Gay Bathhouses and Gay Bars Can I Find in Columbus, Ohio?

With a few bathhouses now closed, Club Columbus is the most, if not the only, viable option when it comes to finding a bathhouse hookup opportunity. However, there are plenty of bars to get your whistle wet, such as:

  1. Club Columbus—Located on West 5th Avenue, the outdoor pool is an excellent amenity when the weather is good, and discounts for gay college males make it easy for all ages to fuck someone they like.

Where Can I Find Local Gay Bathhouses in North Carolina to Have Some NSA Fun?

Plenty of gay and bisexual males love the allure of a local bathhouse to get their rock off, their dick wet, and their hole punished. Charlotte has one known by many, which is:

  1. Eros Mens Spa—Head to Nations Ford Rd. Eros is a low-key place with a salt room, steam room, dry sauna, TV lounge area, shower, and jacuzzi where men can get into dirty trouble.
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Do Gay Men in Philly Look for Fun at the Local Bathhouse?

Finding some quality sucking and fucking when in Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia can be tricky, but when you’ve got Squirt.org on your smartphone, the guys might as well fall right out of the sky and onto your cock. This is the bathhouse to check out when in Philly:

  1. Club Philly—Hosts various CumUnion parties and is a well-reviewed spot in the city; you’ll find what you’re looking for here as you prowl for the best gay sauna in Philly.

Have you been to any of the bathhouses we’ve listed here? Are there any newly opened bathhouses that we missed that you feel we should be featuring? Slide into our comments below and share your hot bathhouse hookup stories!

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  1. This would be a lot simpler if we could cruise out of town listings on mobile like we used to on the legacy version! Summer travel is startin, would be nice to check out out of town cruising listings!

  2. Hard to believe that both of the bathhouses in Denver closed down during the pandemic. Wonder why Steamworks or Flex haven’t opened one in the Denver area in the past couple of years. We have a huge unmet demand here!

  3. Did y’all forget to edit this thing? Lots of typos and you say Atlanta has 2 bathhouses but proceed to list just one. And I think you are going to get guys in trouble by listing 2 places in Dallas that are definitely not gay bathhouses. Both King Spa and Spa Castle are more like co-ed Korean Spas. Guys definitely cruise there and I am sure there are some jerk and tugs that take place but out of towners shouldn’t be told to go there for a “gay bathhouse” experience.
    Lastly, no mention of the following just to name a few: Flex- Cleveland, East side club in NYC, Providence, RI ??, the new one in Las Vegas, the Gaythering in Miami.

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