What happens at an erotic gay massage?


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I think I’m getting a bit addicted to erotic massages. I’ve only had two so far, so it’s not the most exhaustive study, but I’m definitely up for more.

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I’ve always enjoyed a massage. If there’s a choice, I’ll always opt for a male masseuse. I really like the feeling of my muscles being expertly manipulated to relieve tension.

There’s something incredibly intimate about letting someone else take control of your body, but the thing about a sports massage – or other ‘mainstream’ massage experiences – is that they never quite take things to that next level.

After years of massage-fuelled fantasies, I decided to push myself a bit and actualy book an erotic gay massage.

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I’d seen erotic gay massage services advertised over the years, but I’d always assumed that they were just another way for sex-workers to advertise. But having tried a couple, I’d probably describe an erotic massage as that step before booking a sex-worker for intercourse. It’s ideal if you’re really just looking for a bit of guy-on-guy contact and intimacy.

How do you book an erotic gay massage?

A quick search of the internet will quickly give you listings of guys in your area who are offering erotic massage services.

It’s great if you can get a recommendation from someone you know, but ideally you’re looking for someone who has some massage training and who can offer you a professional, but intimate service.

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Anyone can rub some oil on you while they jack you off, but getting the added benefit of a skilled masseuse really makes this a memorably erotic experience.

Guys who are serious about the erotic massages that they’re providing will probably have a website or a fairly detailed profile that sets out what you’ll get and what they’re prepared to do.

If it’s not clear, message them and ask. The more upfront you can be about what you’re looking for or what you’re not sure about, the easier it is for the masseur to deliver you the experience that you’re looking for.

Prices will vary, depending on the skills of the masseur and the length of the session. Make sure that the price is agreed up front.

Is everyone naked?

This is the part that I really like about an erotic gay massage – you’re naked, and the masseuse is naked.

Already, there’s a sexual edge to the encounter. Add some relaxing music, soft music, and warm oil and this is exactly the kind of massage experience that I’d been fantasising about.

My first erotic massage was with a guy called Marcello. I lay on his bed while he massaged me. Marcello was a small guy – really fit and lean. He sort of climbed on top of me and used every part of his body to massage me.

The second erotic massage that I had was with a guy called Ross. Ross had me on a massage table, so he wasn’t on top of me as much but there was plenty of body contact. Ross used his mouth on me, whereas Marcello was all hands.

Do we need to talk boundaries?

During the booking stage, there’s likely to be a fairly clear discussion about what the masseur will do and won’t do. But even when you get to the session, nothing is going to happen unless you want it to.

At crucial points, both Marcello and Ross asked me if I was comfortable, if I was enjoying what they were doing, if I wanted more or less or something different.

If you’re a guy who is exploring his sexuality, or just a bit curious about what it’s like to get naked with another guy, then an erotic massage is a fairly low-risk introduction to what can happen between men.

Is there always a happy ending?

There’s pretty much an expectation with an erotic massage that by the end of the session you’ll cum. It’s unlikely that the masseur will cum – the focus is on you and your needs, your pleasure.

The guy giving you the massage is going to be pretty skilled in getting you hard and getting you off – just put yourselves in their hands and enjoy the sensations of your body.

You don’t have to cum – sometimes it’s just nice to be edged and leave the session on a bit of a sexually-charged high.

What’s the next step?

A good way to see if an erotic gay massage is for you is to book a trial session. Most guys will offer a 30-minute session. This is a great way for you to meet them, see if they’re offering what you’re looking for, and explore the world of erotic massage.

You might not cum during that first session, but you’ll definitely know if it’s something that you want to try again.

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    • Thanks TongueToHole! Unfortunately, that’s a professional model, not a photo of me or either of the guys referred to in the article that massaged me. But the guys were both really hot, which made the whole experience extra pleasurable. Gareth.

    • I was about to post the same comment. What’s really odd is how many people will actually say “male masseuse” (like “male nurse” or “male nanny”) when there’s a word that already exists for the job.

  1. I love love love giving erotic massages, but don’t get many takers when I put up a posting request for interested guys.

  2. I once answered a ad a few years ago. there were two guys and they worked together and they never spoke to each other. they knew exactly what they were doing and the one guy had a real huge cock and yes he did fuck me while the other guy stuck his cock in my mouth. then they flipped me over and both of them got me off.

    • Well, that’s when you hire a professional sex worker or hook up with someone for some “erotic massage role play.” (Though, it should be noted, with most professional sex workers, they’re NOT usually hired for THEIR getting off–especially if you’re not their only client. It’s like porn actors; before they do a scene where they’re expected to have a cum shot, they usually abstain from any kind of sexual release for a couple of days to maximize the shot. But, professional sex workers may have several clients in a single day and they can’t be expected to get off for every client; that’s just not biologically possible. Women can easily fake orgasms because there’s little “physical evidence” of said orgasm; however, after men have passed puberty, it’s very rare for a guy to have an orgasm without an ejaculation and when it *does* happen, the guy’s partner almost never believes it. It’s happened to me on a couple of occasions both as a top and as a bottom; I’ve FELT that orgasm but didn’t produce any cum.)
      I’m sure most masseurs will let you play with his cock but, unless you’ve booked him for several hours, I doubt he’s going to let you get him off all the way.

  3. Just had an erotic massage today. The masseur is well-trained and gave a thorough therapeutic and relaxing massage. Then things got very sensual. Mutual touch, more for my mental stimulation than for getting him aroused. Finally, a very satisfying happy ending. I’ve been to him a few times, always fully satisfied and relaxed when he’s done. I’d like to kick it up a notch with him, but that’s what a sex worker is for. He’s a masseur and a damn good one. We’ll probably keep it at that professionally erotic level. However, he did start asking some questions about what porn I watch, how I jack off myself, etc. Maybe next time . . . .

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