Who is getting your vote in the 2023 XBIZ Awards?


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Voting is underway for the 2023 XBIZ Awards.

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This is the 21st edition of these industry awards – the trophies will be handed out on 15 January as part of the X3 Expo.

The awards include a number of fan-voted categories – including Gay Site of the Year and also Cam Site of the Year. But the category that we’re focused on is Gay Performer of the Year.

Fifteen guys are in the running for Gay Performer of the Year and you could honestly make a solid case for just about any of them to take home the trophy.

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Let’s take an in-depth look at who is vying for your vote.

The Nominees

Michael Boston

When you think power-bottom, you think Michael Boston. He’s a confident performer who is at the top of his game and is always fun to watch.

Beau Butler

Beau Butler definitely seems to be having a moment – he’s a little pocket-rocket of sexual energy. He seems to be able to convey that energy on-screen, letting us all know how much fun he’s having.

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Dante Colle

The versatility of Dante Colle is one of the most impressive aspects of this man. Whatever the scene requires, you know that Dante is going to deliver. He can create characters, he can deliver dialogue, and he can create sexual chemistry with whoever he’s paired with. It’s a killer combination.

Cole Connor

Cole Connor is an incredibly attractive man and he’s been shining on our screens in some of the biggest studio releases of the year. He’s also been recovering from a physical assault which has been a tough break.

Malik Delgaty

Malik Delgaty slides under the radar a bit, but he films exclusively with Men.com as well as creating super-hot content for his fan-subscription channels. If you like a sexy guy with a big dick, Malik is your guy.

Dillon Diaz

It feels a bit like we’re always singing the praises of Dillon Diaz, but we stand by everything we’ve ever said about this impressive man. Dillon takes his work seriously – he’s committed to creating quality content and bringing his best self to his work in this industry. He’s a star.

Devin Franco

Devin Franco is the kind of performer that you want to watch whatever he’s putting out – he can be relied on to deliver the goods. Working both in front and behind the camera, Devin knows how to put a scene together and knows what is going to connect with the audience. He is a top-tier performer.

DeAngelo Jackson

If you were thinking about building a perfect gay porn-star, you would probably start with DeAngelo Jackson as your template. He’s not only stunning to look at, but he’s always thinking big picture – how to make the best production possible but also how to better the industry for everyone. If we needed an ambassador for the world of gay porn, DeAngelo would probably be it.

Allen King

The man from Madrid is full of Spanish sexiness. Allen King may only be small, but he can take being dicked-down like nobody’s business. He’s always a joy to watch.

Max Konnor

Max Konnor is one of the leading lights of the gay porn industry. He sets his own path, he speaks his mind, and he commands respect. Then, there’s the quality of the content – faultless.

Cade Maddox

Cade Maddox wins a lot of awards, so there’s every chance that he could pick up this trophy in 2023. He’s got a winning smile, a bright personality, and a dick that deserves to be worshipped. He is the total package.

Jayden Marcos

Jayden Marcos might not have the name recognition of a number of the other guys in this category, but he’s filming exclusively with Next Door Studios and he’s getting a lot of eyes on his work. This could be his breakthrough year.

Pierce Paris

Pierce Paris has won this award before, and he could easily do it again. But – in a very admirable way – Pierce has asked his fans to direct their votes to Dillon Diaz because he feels that Dillon should win the award this year. We love to see it.

Dakota Payne

If you were describing a Los Angeles guy that worked in the porn industry, you’d probably have Dakota Payne in mind. He’s a big personality that always seems to be on our screens in one form or another. Dakota always knows how to get our attention.

Isaac X

Isaac X is one of the newer names on this list, but he has definitely been putting the work in – filming studios scenes, collaborating with everyone, and creating exactly the kind of content that makes us loyal subscribers.

Who’s going to win?

We have a terrible track-record of predicting award winners, so if you’re putting money on this it would be wise to ignore our advice altogether.

Having said that, this feels like it’s Dillon Diaz’s time to shine. We’d love to see Dillon collect this trophy, but really it’s an honour just to be nominated – all of these guys are winners in our eyes.

Have your say and vote in the XBIZ Awards

Written by Gareth Johnson

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