How to Find Gay Circle Jerks Across the USA


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Whether you get off on guys jerking off with each other or just love feeling turned on by your hands while other guys watch, circle jerks are a great way to blow off steam.

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But how do you find a local circle jerk? Our handy guide makes it easy to meet other dudes that enjoy different strokes with different folks.

But first, let’s define what a circle jerk means and how can get you to climax; then, keep reading because we’ll share some of the best circle jerk spots across the United States. So, gentlemen, start your thrusting and let’s get into it.

What is a Circle Jerk?

A circle jerk is pretty much what it says on the tin – a group of guys getting together and jacking with or each other off.

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A circle jerk can push many different buttons depending on your personality. For many, a circle jerk is the gateway sexual experience into guy-on-guy action.

Maybe it was with your buddies at school when you were on summer camp or in the locker room after training. Talking about being horny, getting your cock out to show your mates, and then all jacking off together is a terrific way to start to explore the world of pleasure that your body can unlock for you.

There’s also an exhibitionist element to the circle jerk. You’re not just jacking off in the privacy of your bedroom – you’re getting naked in front of other guys. You’re putting on a show.

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It’s pretty awesome to try and time your orgasm with the guys that you’re jerking off with. It’s a rush to hear a group of guys urging you on as you reach the point of no return and bust your nut, blasting your cum everywhere.

But that’s not all. A circle jerk might be your first experience of gay group sex – that might be something you want to explore further.

There’s also the “curious straight guy” aspect of a circle jerk. If seducing straight guys is a fantasy you’re into, then a circle jerk creates those opportunities.

five guys circle jerking in a room while staring below to the camera on the floor via circle jerk boys

Are Circle Jerks Gay?

While the term “circle jerk” may suggest an exclusively gay activity, it is essential to note that individuals of any sexual orientation or identity can enjoy circle jerks.

Circle jerks, at their core, are gatherings where participants come together to engage in mutual sexual pleasure through masturbation.

Whether you’re just stroking your cock with other guys in the room or your circle jerk involves some mutual stroking, there’s no need to put a label on it if you don’t want to; as mentioned above, the rush of getting together with other males to unleash a load doesn’t have to be deep or complicated.

As we always insist on, sexuality is a spectrum that no one has to define for you. The existence of circle jerks highlights the inherent human desire for sexual exploration and freedom without a label. 

Of course, like any group sexual activity, you have to understand your boundaries and idea of consent; if something feels fantastic, that’s amazing; but if you think something is going further than how you define your sexuality, let the person (or group) know. 

In the instance of circle jerking, a firm removal of another person’s hand as they edge towards the tip of your cock is a great way to non-verbally say, “Keep your hands to yourself,” or just verbally say no to unwanted touch. Enjoying the freedom of jerking with other men may mean it’s you and your own hands tonight only.

six males circle jerking in front of a black couch for freaky gay

Do You Suck Dick During a Circle Jerk?

There are no rules for a circle jerk – they tend to happen organically, and you go with the flow.

Depending on where you live, you might have access to circle-jerk parties. These might have specific formats you need to follow – for example, they might have a rule that it’s all about jacking off and nothing else. But they’ll make that reasonably clear before you get started.

Beyond organized circle-jerk parties, it’s a case of anything goes. What’s important is to read the room. You don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, but if dick-sucking seems like something everyone would be into, get to it.

six naked males jerk off in a circle on green tarp
five gay and bi-curious males circle jerking for each other on black couch for freaky gay

Using Gay Hookup Apps to Arrange Circle Jerks

How do I let other guys know I’m seeking circle-jerk fun in my city? You could put circle jerks in your profile to let other guys know you’d be interested. Or, you can message guys near you and see who would be up for getting together for a jack-off session.

Many hookup apps and websites make it pretty limited to what’s possible, but not; with our redesigned profile pages, it’s now easier than ever to let users see that you want to get together and get your hard cock stroking while other guys watch; just add it to your profile turn-on’s and see how fast users click to get your pants off and timing their load precisely to yours.

Plus, with unlimited access, no matter what member type you are on, to our comprehensive gay cruising listings, you can find the perfect hookup spot where guys gather and jerk from AM to PM.

Okay, now, as a red-blooded American male, you know what to expect with a circle jerk, but how can you find one in your ‘hood? Keep reading because, as promised, we lay out the best gay cruising spots straight from our cruising listing database to get a circle jerk started across the USA.

blonde sweaty gay male smiling as six bi-curious males jerk off their cocks near him

What Are Some Gay Cruising Spots Near Me to Find Circle Jerks?

The moment you’ve been waiting for; we’ve compiled the best places across the USA for gay men to get together and enjoy the company of dick:

Dallas and Houston, Texas

Bathhouses and saunas are the perfect way to get plenty of men together for a circle jerk.

When going to a bathhouse, you just want to expect easy cock, and Dallas delivers. Spa Castle is an upscale spa with a mixed crowd, but there are opportunities to meet gay and bi men.

Club Dallas is also a private men’s sauna with everything you need to find a hookup. King Spa and Sauna is another mixed facility with a solid gay clientele, perfect for cruising or relaxation.

Club Houston is a 24-hour gay men’s bathhouse with various amenities, including a gym, steam room, sauna, whirlpool, sundeck, and a lively cruising scene. 

If the weather is good, don’t forget to get outside and into the wild for guys looking to jerk together. Timbergrove Manor Park on 11th Street in Houston, Texas, offers hidden areas in the woods for intimate encounters with strangers. Look for the trail on the right side of the parking lot for an enjoyable experience. 

Fort Lauderdale Cruising for Cock at Bathhouses

Club Fort Lauderdale and Clubhouse II Bathhouse are adult establishments offering various amenities such as heated pools, jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms, showers, and private dressing rooms. Public outdoor sex is expected and encouraged at Club Fort Lauderdale, making it a perfect summer weather circle-jerk destination. Clubhouse II Bathhouse also hosts monthly parties that attract many visitors, so with a busier night, you can definitely expect males who are all about the looking but no touching.


Tampa, Florida, has several adult shops and theaters, including Thee Love Shack, Adult World, and Fantasy Land. They attract a diverse crowd and offer various experiences, with plenty of room to jerk off together, especially in the theater areas of the facilities.

Manhattan, New York

Some popular spots in New York City where gay men gather for sexual encounters after dark include The Loch Walking Path, a popular spot in Central Park for gay men to gather for nighttime activities. Also, Marcus Garvey Park is a great place to find a secluded, private area to watch some fat hard dicks stroke together in this 20-acre park bordering Harlem.

California Gay Group Jerking Aplenty

Los Angeles is a city of angels, and plenty of devils, looking for some late-night park shenanigans, especially circle jerk opportunities. For example, Griffith Park Zoo has hiking trails up the hills where cruising joggers and gay males are ravenous for action.

Poinsettia Park is another busy park just off North Poinsettia Place, where plenty of down-low guys come to play after sunset.

Find Your Best Circle Jerk Places on has a database of gay cruising spots where males come together and cum together at top hookup locations across cities you live in or close to you.

For major cities, check out our extensive guides for gay cruising across the USA here, but don’t limit yourself to only these selections. Log onto Squirt today and get even more hot options to find males who want to hook up, fool around, or just watch as you unload that cock throbbing cock all over your abdomen. Don’t wait too long; that pent-up load may cause some damage, and men are eager to see you release and get that ultimate satisfaction.

three guys circle jerking on beige sofa with their eyes closed via
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  1. Wow. The narrow minds sounded off immediately.

    @pmaul and @down_to_earth_man, why so dismissive?

    The whole point of a site like this is to provide a broad range of options for every member. If you’re not interested in a topic, I honestly don’t give a flying fuck. But there are other members here who appreciate seeing a wide variety of options, even the more vanilla ones. You never know when you’ll come across something you hadn’t considered before that might provide new levels of enjoyment. Or circumstances might change and something you wouldn’t have done in the past might have new appeal.

    During the height of the AIDS crisis, everyone was afraid to do just about anything. Jerk-off and Circle Jerk clubs became the safest course of action for some human contact and they were a welcome option for many.

    There are a lot of things that don’t appeal to me, but I don’t feel obligated to comment on them because they appeal to others. I just click on another link.

    The only exception is putting internet trolls in their place. That always brings me satisfaction!

  2. I’ ve had what you could call ‘Circle Jerks’ at beats. Guy standing around in differnt states of undress and banging away at your cock and the turn on is watching each other cum, sometimes a bit of mutual wanting and the odd quick suck bu the goal is to blow your load, zip up and say thanks mate and go home satisfied.Alway in the knowledge that you might get caught by the cops an thats the trill of the beat. The adrenalin rush that accompanies the endorphin rush of having a wank. And a circle jerk you get so see a fully naked guy or sometimes just his cock. Depends on the setting. But either way it’s fucking hot!

  3. I love circle jerks. Really enjoy showing off my HUGE “MONSTER COCK”. Always get a lot of attention and like to be loved by gay guys. Most often everyone else tends to get their hands all over me and touch me out. Circle jerks always end with a BIG sloppy messy explosion.

  4. Well said KieranBuckley. A circle jerk I attended the rules were no lips bellow the hips. It was great watching guys control there own orgasm you could kiss while they blew their load and some guys just got off jerking for ever. Much better fun than everyone fucking on there phones looking for mister perfect.
    Bring on circle jerks.

  5. I would absolutely love being in the middle of a bunch of hung cocks wanting me suck them off..getting covered in HOTT sperm and possibly getting filled would truly be my delight..
    Being a virgin still, I would love to open both my holes to be the pleasure of a bunch of guys..

  6. I wish I could be in the middle catching load after load more often. I love to deep throat and swallow. I also love a group of hung guys DPing me continuously one batch of loads after the next deep inside me.

  7. There used to be a great regular event in San Fran – just off Market Street.
    It was very well attended- cloak your clothes at the door, and a room full of naked horny men.
    Just hands – no lips – but all those cocks and all those hands made for a real fun evening!
    If you’re travelling in the area, check out if it’s still happening!

  8. Knee pads on, wrists tied behind my back, my cock caged, choking on several cocks one after another is what I dream of… facial bukkake when all the guys are ready would be the cream on top. Invite me. Can travel.

  9. Watching guys stroking their dicks makes me so horny. When I’m horny my mind shuts off and I become dickmatized! Not gonna lie, if I see your cock, especially if it’s hard, I’m probably going to try and suck it dry. I just can’t help myself…

    • Also, when I was in my 20’s, I would go with a group of friends up to Griffith Park almost every Sunday. I can’t tell you how many dicks I sucked or how semen I consumed but it was a lot. I would usually suck off my buddy’s on the way home. I get hard every time I think about it! Good times!!!

  10. I’d love to find a circle jerk, be the centerpiece, and get facialized by all of them cut cocks only to make them cum again by stroking and sucking them myself! The bigger the load, the more turned on I’ll get, get me cum drunk and take advantage of me! I Live for this fantasy!!!!

  11. HI everyone! Well said Kieran! I have had the good fortune of having several men cum on me.

    As a cock loving nudist, I absolutely love the smorgasbord of cum an activity such as this provides.

    Although I prefer to be laid and love to be split roasted, a circle jerk is a wonderful change of pace. 💋

  12. There are many big cities with active JACKS clubs that host regular masturbation parties. Usually they feature circle jerks, mutual masturbation, sword fighting, frotting. Most of the JACKS clubs do not allow sucking, fucking or ass play of any kind. All kinds of guys go to these parties: gay, bi, straight, old, young, bear, smooth, etc… Many JACKS clubs have their own website. Just google them to find their schedule of events, and join in!

  13. I like the idea of a circle jerk. Although I admit I probably couldn’t be around a lot of hard dicks and not want it to turn into a bukkake. I mean if all the dicks are hard and there is a willing mouth (mine) thenet the mouth finish them off. But a circle jerk is okay with me too.

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