Gay Bathroom Cruising for Beginners


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Whether it’s in a shopping mall, park bathroom, the airport or a train station, the basics of bathroom cruising are pretty much the same wherever you go. In this post, we’ll cover the indicators of a “cruisy” bathroom, what to look for in other cruisers, signals to watch out for, stuff to be cautious about, things you can bring, and even what to wear.

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Let’s cruise!

Finding the Right Gay Cruising Bathroom

To be honest, pretty much any restroom or bathroom can deliver some if the circumstances fall in your favour, But undoubtedly, some bathrooms develop a bit of reputation because they lend themselves to a bit of man-on-man action.

When it comes to gay restroom cruising, you’re generally looking for a bathroom that is a bit off the beaten track. That doesn’t mean that high-traffic restrooms won’t deliver cruising action, but the strike-rate is probably going to be higher if it’s a bathroom that is a bit out of the way and not being used by lots of random people. Maybe it’s in the basement of the library, or on the top-floor of the shopping mall, or in a train station that doesn’t get cleaned very often. It’s the kind of bathroom that if a guy had made the effort to get there, then they’re not just looking for somewhere to go to the toilet.

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If you’re in a bathroom and you’re unsure about its cruising potential, look around for suggestive graffiti, obscene drawings, or phone numbers. That shows that guys have spent some time in here, and they’ve spent time in here with sex on their mind. Obviously, if you spot a glory hole in a cubicle wall, then you know that you’re in the right spot.

Cruising works best when you’re not in a hurry. Be relaxed. Take your time. Be prepared to wait around a bit – see if anyone has followed you in, or see who shows up while you’re there.

Use the technology. Use a Gay Cruising App like – it features cruising directories that will tell you exactly the best cruising bathrooms and even member reviews to inform you which ones to visit and the best times to find some action..

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When Will Cruising Bathrooms be the Busiest? What Type of Men Will I See?

Figuring out the best time to go cruising in a bathroom is going to depend where you are and the type of restroom that you’re cruising.

For example, if you’re at college or university, then mid-week cruising is going to see more action – students and professors are generally elsewhere on weekends.

If you’re in the local mall, then weekends are peak times. You’re looking for the bored suburban dad who’s been dragged on a shopping trip against his will. Catch his eye in the bathroom and see if he’s interested in dropping a load.

Airports are always very transient with an international buffet; for example, a city like New York with many travellers means gay cruising at Newark airport can mean the promise of many types of men.

But remember, busier doesn’t always mean better. You might have a more satisfying cruising experience if there’s not many people around. You just need to catch the eye of a guy who’s got the same thing on his mind as you – you just need to catch the eye of a guy who’s horny-as-fuck.

How to Cruise for Guys in a Bathroom

Cruising requires everyone to be fairly low-key. There’s not going to be a lot of talking – it’s a vibe.

There’s two basic scenarios. You’re either in a stall and looking for signals from the guys in the neighbouring stalls, or you’re at the urinal or wash-basin.

If you’re at the urinal or wash-basin, then you’ve got the benefit of eye-contact with the other guys that are there.

If a guy is taking his time – standing extra long at the urinal, washing their hands extra long at the wash-basin, spending extra-long checking themselves in the mirror – then he’s not in a hurry to go anywhere and could well be up for some fun.

Cruising the urinal versus cruising the stall

There’s pros and cons to cruising at the urinal or setting up shop in a stall. It’s useful to be experienced at both technique – that way, you can adapt your style to whatever is going to work best in the bathroom that you’re in.

If you’re standing at the urinal, and there’s a guy next to you giving you all the right signals, then you can reach across and let him know that you’re interested in his cock. You can drop to your knees and suck him off right there. The downside of getting it on at the urinal is that you’re going to have to be more on-guard about who might walk in while you’re sucking cock.

If you’re more interested in anonymous sex, then understall action is ideal. You don’t need to see their face – you just need access to their cock. Without the benefit of eye-contact, if you’re in a stall you’re looking for a suggestive tap of the foot or a finger running around the edge of a glory hole.

Additional Tips for Bathroom Cruising

  • Bulky shopping bags can be useful to create visual barriers – particularly if you don’t want a security officer trying to count how many feet are in a stall.
  • Automatic flushing toilets can be a bit of a give-away, but you can disable these by taping some toilet paper over the sensor.
  • You’re inevitably going to be on your hands and knees on the floor of the toilet. Plan ahead and take some wipes and hand-sanitiser with you.
  • Think about easy access – sweatpants are ideal. You don’t want anything too tight or restrictive – you’re going to need to be able to get into some compromising positions. Wear something that you can just chuck straight into the washing machine as soon as you get home.

What are your top tips for cruising for sex in bathrooms? Jump into the comments section below and share your cruising adventures!

Written by Gareth Johnson

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  1. Pretty basic stuff. I’m not 100% sold using an app/site, been talk for years cops know about them and check for where the action is.

    • My favorite approach is to be in a stall and when somebody comes into the next stall, move your head around casting shadows so they see something is going on and the makes sure your arm has a shadow and move it very rapidly as if your beating off like crazy! Sometimes if I’m at a truck stop and there is only one other guy who is in they I start letting out little moans and stretch my legs out and just start pounding it with loud thwacking noises, oh it so hot!!!

  2. Rest areas/parks, mostly meet at urinals, and then go to vehicle or woods. Homo Depot and other such places, urinals and to a stall. Some notorious places, where cops do not often go, urinals and blow jobs and fucking right in the open. They tend to flourish for a few months and then get shut down completely, or some arrests with publicity. And, in a few places where gays pedominate (or times of day that it would be rare for a family to visit) anything goes – think after 10 pm – think lockable doors. Bus stations, train station, some airport men’s rooms, guys who are not out and would not be doing this near home, could be there. University men’s rooms, but only if you are college age, say under 25. Movie theater rest rooms, especially after the feature is over, and take it elsewhere, and, probably most productive of all, bars. The eye contact at the bar, the walk to the men’s room, the stand at a urinal, whip it out, piss, get a semi, or a full hardon, and the other guy gets next to you, does the same, and you are on – where depends on the situation. The alley, a vehicle, a stall, or some conversation, and home.

  3. Be careful. A friend of mine cruised an undercover cop in a park bathroom. He was arrested, convicted of a felony in court, lost his career, and the event was published online for any potential employer to view. Take it to a non-public place to avoid the “surprise” arrest.

    • Porta- pottys are also very hot, on a hot summer day and there is a small hole in the wall and you can see and hear the guy walking up, I love leaving the door unlatched and then when they open the door and look inside I’m sitting there with pink panties around my ankles and a big hard on sticking straight up and when they open that door they will always say oh oops I’m sorry and I make sure and say immediately oh no that’s ok, at least 8 out of 10 guys will come right back in and lock that door and then it’s fantastic hot sweaty cocks in your mouth, oh my, I’ve sucked 5 in an hour before, it was awesome!!!

  4. I’ve been cruising public washrooms for about 40 years now – was caught once in a department store as I followed who was a security guard into the mensroom (I was escorted out told never to come back – that store is long gone), and was also *almost* caught once with a guy I met in a washroom when we took it out to an office building stairwell, a security guard who chased but didn’t catch us, both incidents probably when I was in my early 20s (I’m on the verge of turning 59) – but despite those close calls, I still enjoy it. I think it’s the spontaneity of the entire matter which attracts me as it doesn’t take a lot of preplanning if I’m feeling the need to get some. And while I don’t always get it while I’m tearoom cruising, the percentage hasn’t been too bad.

    • Was also going to say at least in my neck of the woods, I am finding security much more open about checking washrooms (i.e. announcing before entering, etc.) as opposed to that covert incident when I was caught.

    • I always try to find a stall with the biggest gap in the door, then pull my shirt up high, spread my legs wide open and stroke my hardon rapidly when somebody walks by. Also sometimes if a guy is washing his hands you can make a sudden movement that will catch his attention in the mirror, once that happen I spready legs really wide and jerk my hardon and hopefully they will see. Restroom sex is awesome.

  5. My favorite approach is to be in a stall and when somebody comes into the next stall, move your head around casting shadows so they see something is going on and the makes sure your arm has a shadow and move it very rapidly as if your beating off like crazy! Sometimes if I’m at a truck stop and there is only one other guy who is in they I start letting out little moans and stretch my legs out and just start pounding it with loud thwacking noises, oh it so hot!!!

  6. It is also always a treat to find a restroom with no doors on it, it’s awesome, what I do is jerk off when I’m alone and get it nice and hard and then when I hear someone coming in and going to be walking by I spread my legs and let my boner stick straight up not masturbating it because it could be a cop but just letting it stick straight up and as they walk by and look I will say a real soft”hi” oh God it so hot!!!

  7. For me bathrooms are the best to cruise in the early morning because lots of times the really older guys show up early and I’m always glad and excited to suck off some old guys with big juicy balls!mmmmm

  8. I’m going to heading to Denver on Monday if anyone wants to come blow me while I’m at the appointment I would really love it

  9. I’ve been cruising restrooms since the mid seventies. I treat every trip to the men’ s room as a potential for action. I’ve never been arrested, caught, yes. Sucked hundreds of cocks in restrooms across the US.

    Always looking, Always cruising…..Always

  10. First blowjob ever was in a men’s room. Been cruising men’s rooms all my life.
    Did anyone on here mention the toe tap to communicate understall with the guy in the adjoining stall?
    I think I’ll go to the mall today🍆🍆🍆

  11. Using squirt cruising portal I place a post of ehrm where and how long I will be there 2 times in 4yrs I have been responded to with dicks to suck and they only happened cause I was a nfd the men took my dildo and worked my hole, I loose my load multiple in each session

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