How to Build Your Own Gay Glory hole


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Getting fucked anonymously through a gloryhole is a hot and heavy experience; not knowing who that big cock belongs to can be a thrilling time. Now, you can experience this mouth and gut-warming experience at home.

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Glory holes have always been an intrinsic part of our gay cruising culture and our hook-up encounters. Having a wall between you and the other guy means that you’re not kissing and you’re not spitting on each other. You’re sucking his cock, or he’s sucking your cock. It’s totally hot. 

What is a gloryhole?

A gloryhole is a term used to describe a hole in a wall, typically in an adult establishment like a sex club, adult bookstore, or public restroom, through which a person can engage in anonymous sexual activity with another person on the other side. 

The concept of a gloryhole is rooted in the thrill of the unknown and the excitement of taboo sexual encounters. It provides a unique and unconventional avenue for exploring one’s sexuality and indulging in fantasies without the need for personal connection or intimacy. 

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In other words, if you’re looking to get fucked anonymously and hard in a sleazy place that makes your cock hard just thinking about it, a gloryhole is right for you!

Where’s the nearest glory hole near you

We generally associate glory holes with public restrooms, truck stops, and adult video stores.

Using’s Cruising search function to check for glory holes near you, it’s an easy way to find holes where boys put their fat cocks and where they need other boys like you to deepthroat it completely.

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But what do you do if there aren’t any glory holes nearby? You may need to take matters into your own hands. 

gay male sucking large fat thick gay cock through glory hole wall on his knees
via Breed Me Raw

The Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Gloryhole Encounters

Beyond the physical thrill of anonymous sexual encounters, gloryholes can also provide a unique opportunity for exploring the psychological and emotional aspects of sexuality. 

For some individuals, engaging in anonymous encounters at a gloryhole can be a way to explore fantasies, desires, and aspects of their sexuality without prejudice or judgment. 

The anonymity provided by a gloryhole can allow hot males to embrace their sexual desires without judgment or stigma, providing a sense of freedom and liberation. Face it: sometimes you just want to shove that trick’s head in a pillow and fuck them hard; there’s nothing wrong with it. The person getting fucked hard may appreciate getting used and abused like a sex toy just as much as you’re enjoying their tight hole.

Gloryholes explore that same realm of anonymity, taking the personal aspect of sex out of the equation so you can embrace the primal irresistible urge of the experience and the release.

Now, how do you get this experience at home? The “store-bought” experience of a gloryhole at home may seem like something that would pale in comparison to the bathhouses with their own gloryholes. Let’s find out.

gay male bottoming through a glory hole with his eyes looking down at the thick dick
via Breed Me Raw

Build your own glory hole

If you don’t have a glory hole in your neighborhood, and it’s a fantasy you’d like to explore, this is the time to get out your tool-belt and build your own.

Glory holes don’t have to be complicated constructions. With a bit of enthusiasm and access to a hardware store, this is a project well within your capabilities.

gay male moaning in arousal as another male sucks his cock through glory hole wall
via Breed Me Raw

Step 1: Decide where you’re going to put it

This is going to be determined by where you live and how much space you’ve got to play with.

Maybe you’ve got a garage in which you could set it up or a shed in your backyard. If you’re more limited in space, you might need to look at creating a temporary structure that you can put up in a doorway and take down when not in use.

Deciding where you’re going to put your glory hole will play a big factor in the design and construction that you’re undertaking.

naked male groaning in pleasure as his dick is sucked through glory hole wall
via Breed Me Raw

Step 2: Create a barrier

It’s unlikely that you will be drilling a hole through one of your existing walls, so a major decision is figuring out how to create a barrier that will replicate the kind of thing you’ve seen in a public restroom or at a gay bathhouse near you.

If you’re creating a free-standing semi-permanent structure in your garage, then a piece of plywood will do the trick.

If you’re going for a more temporary solution, you’re probably looking at a bed sheet or a piece of heavy canvas that you can fix into a doorway.

You need something that will create a barrier, but you don’t want it to be too thick – you want to be able to service every inch of whatever cock comes through that hole.

gay male deepthroating a huge thick dick
via Breed Me Raw

Step 3: Measure up and create the hole

Take your measurements as if you’re the guy who’s going to put his cock through the hole. That gives you a good guide to start with.

It’s easier for taller guys to adjust down to a lower hole than it is for shorter guys to try and elevate themselves to a hole that’s too high.

Make the hole about the size of your fist. Again, this allows for height differences but also gives space for movement as you adjust positions and work the cock over.

tattooed male on his knees sucking dick through a glory hole while another dick in a glory hole waits for cock sucking
via Breed Me Raw

Step 4: Secure the hole

This is particularly important if you’re working with a material such as wood, but whatever your barrier is made out of, you need to make sure that the hole is firm and comfortable.

Heavy duty tape – generally known as gaffer tape or duct tape – is a good way of creating a nice smooth rim around the hole. You need to make sure that you don’t have any sharp edges, and you don’t want anyone getting splinters.

Your hole needs to be robust but not a boner-killer.

aerial shot of tattooed gay male getting his dick sucked while another dick in a cock ring waits
via Breed Me Raw

Step 5: Market your glory hole

Once you’ve constructed your glory hole, you need to put it into action!

Update your profile to make it clear that you’ve set up a glory hole and are open for business.

Photos and videos are a great way to showcase your handiwork. Get a fuck-buddy to come over so you can get some shots of his cock coming through the glory hole and you on your knees providing top-quality service.

Encourage guys to leave comments on your profile about your glory hole skills.

If things go to plan, you’ll soon have a queue of guys with their cocks out and looking to unload.

via Breed Me Raw

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  1. My neighbors start rumors if they see the postman stop for a few extra minutes. I can’t imagine if they saw guys in/out all day. They’d report me thinking I’l selling drugs or something. But a guy can surely fantasize while jerking off to these pics.

    • My understanding about these kinds of “private” glory holes is that the owners basically set up “appointments” for the visitors. I mean, you’ve gone to bed for the night then, suddenly, at 3 am, your doorbell (or whatever “signal” you’ve set up) goes off or you’re getting ready to go to work and while you’re getting dressed, the doorbell sounds, announcing a horny guy wanting a “long, slow blow job” has arrived. Not to mention, you don’t know the guys who’d be stopping by–some might not have a problem being serviced when, suddenly, he’s got an audience waiting for their turn while another guy might walk in and, upon seeing just one guy getting service, turn around and go home because he’d rather have some privacy.

      On the other hand, what’s the problem if the cops do stop by investigating? You tell them, “Oh, I’ve got a private glory hole and I suck off random guys all day.” You might suddenly get a whole new set of customers (I actually hooked up with a cop who was on duty–through a chat room; it was pretty good until he had to respond to a call). Unless you live in a place where gay sex is illegal or, by setting up a private glory hole and having random people in YOUR home at all hours of the day, you’d be in violation of a lease agreement or a homeowner’s association agreement, the only problem is how embarrassed you’d be over the situation. (If your neighbors know you’re gay and don’t really have an issue with it if you happen to have parties with a number of guys over, then there shouldn’t be any problem about a glory hole set up.)

    • You can “thank” the evangelicals-spurred sex police and local District Attorneys who must bow to them to prosecute ‘violators’ … OR ELSE⁉️⁉️⁉️ … for the mass disappearance of glory holes in ABSs, truck stops, rest areas, and elsewhere!

      Evidently, there’s no REAL CRIMES or anything else truly illegal or dastardly going on in their jurisdictions❕❕❕ ??

  2. I have wanted to do this for quite sometime, and have the perfect place for it, my basement. It even has it’s on outside entrance. I’m just worried about my neighbors & the traffic in & out of the house.

    • Well, the old axiom would apply here, ‘joe cool’ ~~~ “If you want to make an omelette, you GOTTA break some eggs??”

      Nosy neighbors are always a concern,’tis true. But,again,if you **WANT IT BAD ENOUGH** applies here (Personally I say, F**k the neighbors! They are NOT dictating my Sex Life … f’n EVER!!!)

      Perhaps establish certain DAYS☀️/NIGHTS? … and TIMES? guidelines that might be best for your situation up front⁉️⁉️⁉️

      Good Luck☘ with it❗

    • thx for your reply of “basement”; duh! I’ve been an idiot! the basement is private/has a private entrance/large enough for comfort on both sides/and, best of all, can be made to be erotic as fuck, since, after all, it IS a basement!!mmmmmmm can’t wait!!

  3. Alharlee – Thanks for the tip. That guy is one amazing cock sucker! Another star (not glory hole related) is crotchonfire. This guy feeds an unusually beautiful cock to a number of guys who know what to do with a cock!

  4. Yes. I have a sturdy wood wall gloryhole in my apt. in Tucson. It has travelled with me from Austin TX, where I had a large slew of regulars at the GH. I am developing a good group here, too. I have some photos and videos of it on my page here, so check them out! I have never had any problems with neighbors, cops, or people thinking I am selling drugs, lol. If anyone ever asks, I have a few excuses I can give them. And yes, I do use a schedule, and guys know when they can come, not just when they want to. Occasionally a guy has come late and another guy showed up, but it didn’t matter to either of them, just took turns. I now make guys tell me when they are parked in the lot, before they come in. My GH is right inside my front door, so no one goes inside my apt. further, so no lease agreement broken. Now if you wanna try making one, I just got plywood from Home Depot, and brass hinges, so I can fold the leaves up and put it behind my bedroom door when not being used. BTW, There’s another hot cocksucker on XTube besides Hoovermouth. His name is Gloryholeluyah, very clever name! I personally don’t like that Hoovermouth hardly ever shows the cum he swallows; the other guy does.

    • And THANK YOU? for that Xtube alert, galvan❗ ?
      Yes!, that is a FANTASTIC username ID❗❗❗????

      And, I agree 100% ~~~ I like to see the white-hot “reward????????” too lotta times ???

      《 Making another mental note here to check him out @ Xtube 》

  5. I love glory holes and glory hole guys! I would love to build one can’t right now but soon. Looking at all that yummmmy nice hard-ons makes me cummmmmmmmm- All of our glory holes got pulled out now it’s 250 miles to get to some. Wow I miss them so much.

  6. I have a glory hole just inside my back door porch. When I first started I had a small number come over.
    (Videos on xtube with the same name)
    Lately I haven’t done much because I work all day till dark and don’t have time. Also,I live in the country on a small town and like to be discreet even though most people know about me but am well respected. If you come to the North Florida area look me up.

  7. The BEST Part bout bein a Sea Bitch Aboardship was EVERYONE LOVED A NSA DL BlowJob & TRUST There are 1000 Outta the Way Spots where Ya Can SNEAK Away fer 15 Minutes & ALL They DO is UNZIP or UNBUTTON their Fly , Whip Out Their Cock & Thrust It Ballsdeep Down My Hot,Wet, VERY TALENTED MOUTH N THROAT til they BUST Their Pent Up FULL NUTS Deep Down , Makin Me SWALLOW ! Then Zip or Button Back Up n Send The Next One On Fer Some MUCH NEEDED RELIEF ! My Personal BEST is 37 Hung Horny Hotties in 4 Hours ( The ENTIRE Helo Crew INCLUDED The Commander n Lieutenant) !

  8. I wish they would have more open gloryoles in a public spaces like in toilets etc, all the clubs & bars & sauna’s are closed so that would be a great option, but it means we all have to get creative & make a gloryhole wherever we can.

  9. I built one a couple of years ago, and it turned out better than I expected. Wood is the way to go. A sheet or a canvas just never worked for me.

    Pick an internal doorway close to the outside door that you will allow guests to enter your home. The closer, the better. Measure the internal door opening and buy a cheap, wood internal door that fits the measured size of your doorway. I bought mine at Home Depot (search for hollow slab door) and Lowes has them too. Get a door with no hole for a doorknob. I suggest a hollow door as they are much lighter and easier to move around. I hauled mine home in my car with the backseat down and the door hanging a few inches out the trunk. No big deal. Have it delivered ($$$) if that’s a big deal to you. While at Home Depot, I also bought a can of flat black paint, a small paintbrush, and the largest cat (not dog) door I could find.

    When you get the door home, stand it up on end and figure out how high to install the cat door. Measure carefully using your crotch height as a guide. The large cat door is nice because taller and shorter guys won’t have to struggle with a hole that is too high or too low. Using the included cat door template, cut the hole for the cat door. Yes, you will need an electric drill, a 3/8 inch drill bit, and an electric jigsaw. I borrowed these power tools from a friend. Don’t let the door installation worry you. I am NOT handy at all and it was very easy following the directions in the cat door package.

    After the hole is created in the door, paint one side of the door with the flat black paint. Two coats is was better than one. After the paint dries, attach the plastic cat door to the painted door and you are done. It’s easy to simply put the door inside the doorway while leaving the original door in place. Getting the glory hole door to stay in place in the doorway takes a bit of finagling, but you will figure it out. (I use wood shims.)

    My glory hole looks great and works very well. I’ve had a few guys tell me that it’s the best glory hole that they have ever seen. (Aw shucks.) You might have to get a bit creative when deciding how to store (HIDE) the glory hole door. I slide mine under the basement staircase.

    The door was $35. The paint was $12. The paintbrush was $3. The cat door was $25. I feel I got my money’s worth the first time I set it up and advertised it. LOL. I just joined Squirt, so I cannot wait to give it a try on here when the pandemic isn’t as bad as it is.

  10. On another network, I moderate a group of gh providers/seekers from around the world with active postings each day. 44k users at the moment. “Private” self hosted GH are very much in right now.

  11. I wish more places had semi public gloryholes especially outdoors like at restrooms, toilets & shopping malls, i know what works is we all need to make this happen for it to work & we all need some basic tools like a drill that is rechargable & a rucksack to carry all your tools, a circular drill bit to drill out the generous gloryhole, some sand paper to make sure no sharp edgges are left behind & some duct tape & scissors to go around the hole after making it so it stays smooth, a small dustpan & brush to clean up the floor after your work is done. After all these things are done & the gloryhole is ready, it’s time to advertise it’s location. good luck guys, i am going to do the same too.

  12. Have had a gloryhole in my backyard garden shed for over 15 years. Married/Gay/STraight/Bi/Military…everyone likes to get their dick sucked or suck mine. Actually, I’ve fucked and rimmed as many asses through my gloryhole as I’ve sucked. I installed some handles above so you can just hang there as long as you like. Many backyard pool parties have ended up in the shed 😉 Best thing in the world!

  13. thx for your reply of “basement”; duh! I’ve been an idiot! the basement is private/has a private entrance/large enough for comfort on both sides/and, best of all, can be made to be erotic as fuck, since, after all, it IS a basement!!mmmmmmm can’t wait!!

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