Squirt.org Readers Ask: Why Are Gay Men in Suits So Hot?


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Does a man in a suit get your attention? Do your sexual fantasies involve being called into the boss’s office, bent over the desk and being absolutely railed while he quizzes you about your career prospects?

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A bit of workplace role-play is exactly the kind of sexed-up fun that we can get into. Straighten your tie, and let’s get down to business.

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What is a businessman suit fetish?

Is it a fetish, or is it a kink? The categorisation probably doesn’t matter too much – but you don’t need to have completed a masters to understand what someone is talking about when they mention that they’re into dudes wearing suits.

These are men who look comfortable in the world of business. They might have corporate jobs, they probably work in offices, and they are highly likely to have an expense account that they’d be prepared to use in some, ahem, hard negotiations to seal the deal.

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Hot, right?

Helpfully, there’s a whole genre of gay suit porn from studios such as Men At Play, fuelling your fantasies as you punch up your CV and contemplate a career move.

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Is there a Science of Attraction for Gay Sex in Suits Porn?

At face value, there’s nothing complicated about being turned on by a man wearing a suit. A well-dressed man draws attention as they walk into a room – they look confident and in control.

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Nothing says Masc4Masc like a crisp white shirt, statement cufflinks, and an expensive tie, so if you’re into the power dynamics of BDSM and being controlled, the fantasies of being fucked by your hot CEO or sucking cock as punishment because your data report was due and you need to be punished, makes sense in the context of gay suit porn, as well as our fantasies.

But if you want to unpack the attraction a bit further, suits represent power and money. You assume that a man wearing a suit is successful, wealthy, and has good credit. A suit represents authority, control and power, and a hot man wearing a suit embodies all the levels of success; successful people demand power, and power is something that some hotties want to submit to in a sexual sphere. The math is mathing.

While the aesthetics of a man in a suit may seem a long way removed from hardcore gay BDSM scenes, the power dynamics are exactly the same. It’s easy to project the dom/sub characteristics of BDSM onto a man who holds your financial stability in his hands. A man in a suit may not be silencing you with a gay ball gag harness, but authority, control, and dominance come in many different forms.

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How can I initiate a gay sex-in-suits scenario for my next gay sex roleplay?

With less tolerance of inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment in workplaces these days, the chances are slim of actually getting dicked-down over the photocopier by a man in a suit. And yes, having sex at work is possible in shared corporate building bathrooms, cruising for corporate cock has left most modern work settings.

But what you can do is put your imagination to work and use a bit of gay roleplay to explore your kink for men in suits.

As with any role-play, communication is important to ensure that you’re both into it and that you’re clear about what you want to explore and what the boundaries might be. Unlike some of the more taboo fantasies and role-plays out there, a kink for suits and the association we mentioned above that make it easy to find it attractive means this type of role-play request isn’t unusual enough to stop your male hookup willing to try it.

What should I do once my hookup is ready to suit up?

You’re going to want to make the role-play as real and authentic as possible. For example, not only will you both want to be wearing suits, but you will also try to arrange the encounter in an actual office setting. Be aware of security cameras and that kind of thing if you are really ready to make the experience as authentic as possible.

Some kind of room that features a desk or a boardroom table is going to really help elevate this encounter into something really memorable.

If this might be difficult, you can always insist that the experience happens at home, with “your boss” coming by to drop off a brief or urgent client folder.

You just came back from the office as well: both wearing suits, you invite them in and let the formal niceties of offering a drink or asking questions about the fake work product brought over descend into casual arm touching, clumsily brushing your arm against his half flaccid cock “by accident.”

Soon, you might notice they seem hard between those dress pants, surprising and delighting you. You let your hand give a gentle squeeze, rubbing the now engorged member through the fabric, and the rest writes itself!

Suppose you need some inspiration for your role-play. In that case, the erotic gay fiction that you’ll find in the Squirt.org Cocktales explores lots of scenarios, such as a job interview, a disciplinary meeting, or a video call. You can also think beyond the workplace setting to other ways in which you might encounter suits.

For example, a groom at a wedding, nervous to see his blushing bride on his wedding night, a class reunion, or a quarterback at prom who, with the spiked punch, now wants to make a move before classes end on his teammate who’s he’s noticed has stared at him in the showers after practice…

Like any role-play, really committing to your characters is essential for giving your encounter the authentic edge that will make it super-horny. Unleash your acting skills and lean into the fantasy of the scenario that you’re exploring.

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How do I Find Gay Men to Fuck in Suits?

If seducing your boss for some gay sex at work isn’t an option, and you don’t have a security pass to get you into the cruising bathroom of your nearest office complex, your easiest way to hook up with men in suits is to put the technology to work and fire up a dating app.

Squirt.org is a platform for gay and bisexual males to connect and explore their sexual desires. Users can chat with others, share their fantasies, and find like-minded individuals to fulfil their kinks, sexuality and find partners for various sexual experiences – including fucking men in suits.

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Written by Gareth Johnson

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  1. While I may be attracted to clean-cut, freshly bathed, and fresh breath, the suit doesn’t do a thing for me. It’s the body underneath that I’m after. Frankly, most guys in suits are pasty-skinned and look like they haven’t seen the light of day in years, or a gym.

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