How to Take a Gay Ass Pic in 2024


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While you may know how to take a dick pic to send to a potential hookup, more and more guys are looking to sample all of the goods – this includes finding your best lighting and snapping some gay ass pics to send a quick private message to a potential hookup.

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Taking gay ass pics is a fun, creative, and expressive activity that can be done alone or with a partner. This blog will provide tips, tricks, and advice to any gay male interested in capturing some of their most beautiful, intimate, or just fucking sexy ass shots to share with another, or maybe even the world, if you’re feeling frisky.

We’ve also included some hot example ass shots to inspire you and help you learn the process.

Adrian Hart posing towards the camera grabbing his gay naked ass on leopard bed spread
Adrian Hart

Why Take a Gay Ass Pic?

Show Yourself Some Love

Expressing your sexuality and practicing self-love can be achieved by taking naked selfies that make you feel confident and proud of your body. Whether you choose to share them or keep them for yourself, these photos can boost your self-esteem and help you appreciate the skin you’re in.

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At Squirt, we believe that taking naked selfies can boost self-esteem and make one feel confident about their body, whether shared with others or kept for personal enjoyment.

Go the Distance

Staying connected with a long-distance partner can be difficult, especially when it comes to maintaining intimacy. Some ways to keep things spicy include phone sex, gay video sex chat, or sending provocative photos.

An ass all puckered and shaved or hairy and horny is a perfect treat for anyone in the middle of their workday or at night before they go to bed and need a little helpful wanking material.

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Hook That Hookup

Gay hookup culture often revolves around physical appearance and exchanging explicit photos. The concept of gay dating sites may seem focused on looks, and even though connections can be made without pictures, the “game” still revolves around visual attraction. For NSA sex, sharing pictures may be necessary.

A complete profile with a great ass pic on will attract attention from users who share your interests and preferences, increasing your chances of receiving messages and chat invites for play.

Best Ass Competition on

Another year, another chance to see some hairy, shaved, thick and delicious bubble butts that don’t miss leg day; take the crown for Best Ass!

Enter the Best Ass Competition by logging in or creating a free account, uploading a high-quality photo of your sexy ass, and impressing members with your best ass-ests. Stay tuned for the competition going live in a few days for September 2023.

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Adrian Hart touching his toes and showing off his shaved and tight hungry asshole
via X/Twitter, Adrian Hart

How do I take a gay nude selfie?

If you want to share a nude selfie with your partner or the world, there are a few extra things to remember.

First, make sure you have good lighting. Bright, natural light is always best, but if indoors, you can also use a lamp to create a softer light.

Second, find a comfortable position. You want to be able to hold the camera still and not have to worry about dropping it, so prop it up on a stack of books or a tripod. Ass pics is pretty much what the selfie stick was invented for – this is a tricky angle to get right.

Finally, make sure you’re in a place where you feel comfortable and confident. If you’re feeling self-conscious, it will show in the photo. Find a stance, angle, and lighting that makes you feel hot, then let the camera do the rest.

How do I take an ass pic alone?

Like a single woman taking photos by the pool on vacation, the timer feature on your smartphone camera will be your best friend.

Depending on your phone type, such as Android, Google Pixel or iPhone, this will vary for each device.

For Android, you need to launch the camera app, go to the settings menu, enable the camera timer, choose the duration time, and then tap the shutter button.

On iPhone, to set a timer on your iPhone camera, open the Camera app, tap the Camera Controls button (you may need to swipe up near the shutter button on the screen), select the Timer button (it will look like a stopwatch icon), choose a time duration (3s or 10s), and tap the Shutter button to start the timer.

The recommendation is to always go for the ten-second timer; unless you’re a professional model, getting to your desired ass position or location in your room or bathroom in three seconds or less is daunting.

Give yourself some time with a 10-second warning by backing up, getting in your position and turning back to ensure all the ass-ets are in frame.

Jordan Starr posing naked in a pool with his ass facing the camera for Lucas Entetainment
Jordan Starr

Do I need an excellent camera to take gay guy selfies?

If you don’t have access to a nice camera, most smartphones are equipped with everything that you need to take a high-quality image. If you’re eager to share your pics with a hot male on, snapping the picture on your smartphone makes it easy to post or send the photo immediately.

However, if you want to get fancy with the pixels, a DSLR with a portrait lens will do wonders for your gay ass pics. But don’t run out and buy one unless you’re committing to body professional career goals.

Nico Coopa posing towards the camera naked on a green fabric sofa with his shaved gay ass facing the camera
Nico Coopa

Get in a good light.

You want to avoid taking a picture with a flash, as this will often create a harsh light that washes out your subject. Try to find a well-lit room near a window if you’re indoors.

If you’re outdoors, maybe for a spot of public park cruising, multi-task, and try and make the most of the natural light for some hot ass pics.

DeAngelo Jackson posing in a black tank top and a grey jock strap on the bed with his oily ass in the air
DeAngelo Jackson

Pick the right angle.

For the best gay ass pic, you want to get a shot that is both flattering and sexy. It doesn’t matter what shape your butt is; getting the right angle on your photo is essential and not as easy as you’d imagine.

An excellent way to find the right angle is to put the camera on a tripod or stack of books at about waist height, then position yourself in front of it and play around with different poses until you find one you like.

For a sexier shot style, try leaning forward and sticking your ass out – arch your back and tilt your hips to make your butt pop and find the most flattering angle.

What happens if my gay sext partner doesn’t like the photo?

There is always the possibility that your sext partner may not like the photo you send them. If this happens, don’t get too discouraged. It’s always good to have perspective and confidence in who you are.

Sending a photo is not that different from putting yourself out there sexually in person – if someone leaves you on read, blocks you, or even says something hurtful, then that’s more a reflection of them, not you.

If you’re not going to be compatible for some reason, sending photos in advance helps to identify any potential issues before you’ve travelled across town for the hook-up.

Also, different guys are into things. Just because one guy isn’t turned on by your butt doesn’t mean anything wrong with you – you just need to find different guys.

What Are Some Types of Gay Ass Photos I Can Take?

Show your personality with your ass pic (or ass video)

Your ass pic is an opportunity to show the world – or at least your social media followers or anonymous hook-up – what you’re all about. So, have fun with it! Pose in a way that shows off your personality, whether playful, sexy, or artistic. Remember, there are no rules for taking gay ass pictures, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Don’t feel limited to a still photo – put the technology to work and film some video footage of your awesome ass. Why not show off your talents with a massive dildo? If you’re douched and ready to go, give them a good show with a video that leaves them wanting more.

Luke Truong taking a mirror selfie in a circular bath tub for his gay onlyfans content
Luke Truong

Keep It Sensual and Classy, Artistic and Simple

A sensual gay selfie can be a fun and empowering way to express yourself. Find the right lighting and set the scene to create a sensual mood, such as the right studio lighting, a clear or empty background and your ass on full display. Show confidence and experiment with different poses and angles. Pay attention to composition and be playful and natural. Remember to have fun and embrace your individuality.

Gay male with half sleeve tattoos taking sensual gay ass selfie with his face away from the camera
via X/Twitter

Show That Hole!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re looking to win friends and influence some horny hotties, don’t be coy. From evident sex toys in the frame, an ass in mid-action or all “pumped up” from recent ass play, show the sweat, the entire hole; just make sure it shows how ready it is to take your receiver’s cock (or cocks depending on the group sex happening near you).

gay hairy male ass engorged and sweaty with the rectum fully ready for cock on a white bedspread
via X/Twitter

Down and Dirty

An ass pic that shows you want to get down on all fours at the local gay glory hole, your knees dirty and your ass eager can come across in an ass selfie in a few ways; undies that look ripe for sniffing, a classic jockstrap ready for the wash, for example. Like any art form, it’s hard to describe and more the feeling that can send your boner northbound. See below for a clear example.

Gay male with a hairy asshole and balls peeking through soiled white undies
via X/Twitter

Fun Underwear

Be it a jockstrap, g-string or thong, don’t be afraid to show your personality, and show the receiver of your photo what they could tear off of you if they can host in time; taking the photo on all fours also paints the prettiest of pictures.

gay male in a red thong taking a gay ass selfie on grey bedspread for gay hookup app
via X/Twitter

Written by Gareth Johnson

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