The City of Fucks, Kinks and Lube. Welcome to Paris!


- Advertisement - member phil9325, our certified travelling slut, is constantly visiting new gay and kinky events around the world. So far this year, he has taken us to Darklands in Belgium and gay Puerto Vallarta. Now, he is taking it to the well-known city of love (and kink), Paris! 

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Bonjour, my fellow travellers and voyeurs of the world of sex, cum and cocks. I have been travelling to a few places to have all of the sexy details for your next sexcape, and this time; I had the chance to visit the wonderful city of love (and lots of sex), Paris! 

Practice your French, re-listen to Lady Marmalade, and get your hole ready to explore all that Paris has to offer for all you eager bottoms and tops. 

Where should I stay when visiting Paris? 

As always, the first thing you need when arriving in Paris is to decide where you will stay. 

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If you are not familiar with Paris, it is divided into different districts (numbered from 1 to 20ish). I recommend you stay within the range of 1 to 12. For me, this was the optimal area to really have a gay old time.

Now, if you want to be your best gay self and enjoy lots of cum, sweat and fucking, then you must find a place to stay around “Le Marais” or the gay district (located between districts 3 and 11); this neighborhood offers you everything you need. Proximity to all attractions, dozens of gay restaurants and cafes, and, of course, very sexy and kinky bars to let your freak flag fly! 

gay traveling slut takes photo of eiffel tower from harbor view showing afternoon sun and paris river water

When is the best time to visit Paris for gay events?

Keep in mind when you want to visit, as Paris hosts many gay events, the pricing and availability of places may differ. 

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One of the best events is Pride Paris, which occurs on the last weekend of June, and Paris Fetish Weekend, which takes place in May and September. 

Regardless of when you decide to book your visit, Paris always has something gay and kinky going on, so you can get your hole real sloppy.

What is there to do in Paris? 

Before we get into the juicy stuff, Paris is a fantastic city to get lost and enjoy the food, culture and beauty. Leave one or two days to explore and walk around so you can see Paris before you bend over in a dark room, taking random loads. 

If you stay in Le Marais, I recommend starting from Notre Dame and going to the Louvre, then the Arc de Triumph, following Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower. Then, you can walk around different neighborhoods and get a nice pastry.

What about gay bars and dark rooms?

If there is something to know about Paris, it is that there is no shortage of gay bars. The city is packed with different types of gay bars, from cruising to dance and dark electronic beats where things and dicks pulse in the dark to (my fave) gay fisting bars. Paris has everything you need to explore your freaky side. So, let’s get into all of my wrongdoings.

I arrived on a Tuesday afternoon and decided to stay close to Bastille, a few blocks from Le Marais. 

As I checked in, I checked my account and had a message from the profile right next to me. The odds of this happening are very low, but yet, the odds seem to be in my favour when I am away being a travelling slut! 

This person noted they were a professional fister from the UK on business in Paris and staying in my hotel. To make it even better, the guy was in the same room as mine, just one floor down. 

gay travel slut and gay xxx porn creator Phil takes naked hookup photo in mirror of paris hotel room
The photo I took in the hotel to send to the guy from downstairs.

Listen, I know I said you should first visit Paris before you get down and dirty, but I can’t say no to such an accessible encounter with a man. Also, this was not my first time in the city, so the Eiffel Tower can wait while I am getting my guts rearranged. 

As I checked in, I got my hole ready and headed down the stairs to meet this big-handed Daddy. This man left my hole gaping for the rest of the day, making my touristy walk after a fantastic yet sore experience. 

After I got back, I prepared myself again to hit the city and made sure my ass and cock were ready for the night ahead. I decided to start the night at Secteur X since they have daily happy hour from 3:00-9:00 PM, and there is no cover. If you go to this bar (and all other bars), you Google their page, as most of them have no signage or you need special instructions to find them on the street.

As I arrived, the vibe in the bar was quite chill. Although you were allowed to coat check as much as you wanted, people seemed a bit shy. 

I grabbed a drink, talked to some strangers, and headed to the basement to check their dark room. Again, since it was early in the night, some guys were getting their dick sucked, but not much action.

After leaving Secteur, I decided to head further from the gay area but still close to everything and go to L’Impact Bar. This bar is a mixture of a gay bathhouse and a pub. 

Like many gay saunas with an entrance fee, you do have to pay 20 euros to get in, but you receive a free coat check and one drink. 

Something to note is that you have to be fully naked once you come in (hence the bathhouse component). This place receives the word Impact in the name because everyone there was getting it in hard. Cages, hot gay gloryholes and dark areas allow you to take as many loads as you want. 

gay xxx content creator and influencer phil flashes a peace sign shirtless in L’impact’s dungeon gay cruising bar in paris
Sneaky picture I took inside L’impact’s dungeon. Shhhh

I was lucky that day because it was packed, and there were a few porn stars just putting on a show for everyone. I decided to stroke my cock and just watch everything that was going on around me. I also made eye contact with a daddy who later took me to the dark room and bred me like there was no tomorrow! Let’s just say I returned to my hotel with a very happy bottom. 

As I arrived back at my hotel, the UK fister from the floor below told me he was having a fisting party and asked if I wanted to join. It didn’t take me more than two seconds to be outside his door to be on all fours taking everyone’s arm up my ass all night, making me a sore but very content little fisting piggy!

Are there any kink-specific bars in Paris?

The next day, I decided to venture into the kink scene in Paris by exploring two other bars. I started my night by visiting Krash, a very dark and dirty cruising bar that has a sex party every night and no cover. However, something to note about no-cover gay cruising bars in Europe is it is customary that when you walk in, you pay for coat check and get a drink. Even if they don’t have it written anywhere, ensure you do this, as it’s considered good manners. They don’t like patrons who want to play but not pay! 

As I checked some of my clothes, I noticed this bar had a similar vibe to Secteur X, where people were a bit shy to get their cocks out. Well, it took no time for me to go to their basement dark room and start taking those guys’ loads! More for me!

I used this bar as my “pre” for the night, getting myself revved up before heading to Le Mensch, a very kinky bar with different theme nights. 

On Wednesdays, this bar is just for fisting (other nights include leather, piss play, and gay rubber gear). 

As you walk in, the bartender will greet you, fully explain the theme and what to expect, and offer you a coat check and what you want to drink. On the main floor, there is a shower and gay sex sling, where people were already getting fisted on when I arrived. In the basement, you can expect a vast dungeon full of different nooks to get dirty. 

gay fetish poster artwork of shirtless leather daddy with leather kink hat plastered in gay cruising par Le Mensch in paris

I didn’t come the best prepared for this event, but don’t you worry—Le Mensch sells everything you need, from gloves to lube, VCR cleaner, and even their own merch. 

I ordered myself a drink and some lube, and I took a few dudes to the basement to start our hole-punching session. Honestly, this was such a hot experience, surrounded by random hot daddies taking turns on different holes of mine; I was in pig heaven!

Once I was done in the basement, I went back upstairs to grab a drink. As I was standing against the bar, the bartender saw my big ass and asked if he could fist me while others were ordering drinks, and it didn’t take me long to have his arm in me! What a hot experience to stand and have a beer while the bartender is behind you, taking care of your hole. Talk about a full-service establishment!

After this fantastic experience, I returned to my hotel and ended a successful night of play.

Sadly, I could not check all the other places or the big bathhouse on my list. However,  here are two more places I recommend you check out. 

The first one is for all my fisters out there, Le Keller. This bar is ONLY for fisting, and it is open Thursday to Sunday. Once a month, they host a 4-day event called Extreme Fisting, so if this is your kind of jam, make sure to prep your hole with some stretching and gay Kegels, and check it out.

Now, if you’d rather go dancing and partying to start and then just hit the sauna, I recommend you check out Sun City (right across the street from L’Impact). This bathhouse is HUGE, and the best time to check it out is during the week between 4:00 and 6:00 PM, right after everyone is done with work, or on Sundays. 

gay xxx porn creator Phil naked holding a towel over his flaccid cock in paris hotel room taking an iphone mirror selfie
After a successful night of taking loads.

Should I make a Paris stop on my next trip?

The answer will always be YES! Whether you want to experience different cruising bars or explore new kinks, Paris is a unique multicultural city that will captivate you with its beauty. The cruising bars are a bonus, and with everything non-sex touristy out there in Paris, the cocks and hard-ass fucking were just the cherry on top of a fantastic trip.

I will continue my journey through more gay cruising cities to bring you every horny and cummy detail.

Until next time and from a dark room near you,

Phil XO

X/Twitter: @philcuchampxxx1

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