Six Ways You Can Celebrate Masturbation Month


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The month of May is what? All about masturbation! Yes, that’s right – Masturbation Month is a thing and it’s hard to imagine a more magical time of year.

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Designating May as Masturbation Month isn’t a new thing – the illustrious history of these celebrations can be traced back for at least 20 years.

How do you get involved? Well, a bit of gay solo play is pretty much all you need but this is also a great opportunity to get a little creative with your jack-off joy.

Why is May designated as Masturbation Month?

Alliteration is fun! Men masturbate most in May, maybe?

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Why Is Masturbation Month Important?

There is actually more to Masturbation Month than just an opportunity to make jokes about jacking off. Most of us get lumbered with a lot of shame surrounding masturbation – leading to patterns of behaviour that can really limit the pleasure of jacking off.

Talking about masturbation and celebrating it is a great way to destigmatise something that is an essential and normal part of our sexual expression.

What Happens When You Don’t Masturbate For a Month?

Celebrating the month of May as Masturbation Month is a direct challenge to the nonsense that is No Nut November.

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And while there hasn’t been any conclusive benefit to show that abstinence helps with your overall health, wanking certainly does, even if it’s just to potentially reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

Anyone that suggests that there’s some kind of benefit from not masturbating is talking out of their ass. Anyone who suggests that masturbating is somehow bad for you is actively promoting shame and is compromising the mental health of young men.

How Can I Celebrate Masturbation Month Solo?

While many activities require more than one person, jacking off by yourself is one of life’s greatest and simplest pleasures – all it requires is you and your hand.

While you’ve probably got your favourite methods of getting yourself off, here’s some suggestions that might be worth exploring during Masturbation Month.

Use Gay Sex Toys and Butt Plugs for Extra Fun

Sex toys are a useful way to change the dynamic of your bate session. If you’re new to using gay sex toys, start with something simple like a butt plug. Butt plugs are designed to go in your anus and provide extra stimulation are particularly good for a bit of prostate stimulation.

Butt plugs come in various sizes – it’s a good idea to start small and build up to the longer and girthier models. If you want something that vibrates, there are also vibrating butt plugs that can add an extra element of fun.

Treat yourself to some quality lube

Lube is an essential part of solo play – it can help reduce friction and make your experience more pleasurable.

There are a variety of lube formulas on the market – experiment with different options until you find your favourite.

One key difference is water-based lube versus silicone-based lube. Water-based is easier when it comes to clean-up, but silicone-based lube will last longer and deliver a smoother ride.

Try Gay Erotic Hypnosis to Enhance Your Jerk Off Game

Erotic hypnosis is a form of mental conditioning that can help improve your sexual performance. If you want to take your solo play to the next level, gay erotic hypnosis can help.

Erotic hypnosis can help you relax and get into the mood for sex, and it can also help you let go of performance anxiety and increase your sexual pleasure. Advocates of erotic hypnosis report that it helps them get into the perfect head-space for gooning out – becoming one with your cock and your body and immersing yourself in the pleasure that delivers.

Watch Gay Porn for Some Visual Stimulation

Another way to celebrate Masturbation Month is to fuel your fap fantasies with some visual stimulation.

There’s a huge range of gay porn out there – whatever you’re into, there’ll be a studio or a fan-subscription channel creating content that will boost your bate. is full of user-generated videos – you can watch gay males near you get off on being watched by you and other Squirt members.

What Are Some Fun Ways to Celebrate Masturbation Month with a Partner or a Group of Gay Men?

While a solo jack-off is pleasure in its purest form, getting a helping hand from a bate-buddy is always fun.

Let’s look at some ways to make that happen.

Arrange a Circle Jerk

A gay circle jerk is when a group of guys masturbate together.

You don’t need much more than just some eager participants to arrange a circle jerk. There’s something really primal about jacking off with a group of guys – you can feel the sexual energy in the room.

Get competitive

Get your friends and hookups involved in Masturbation Month. Set everyone a challenge – something like a masturbation marathon where you keep score of how many times you’ve jacked off during the month of May or in a 24-hour period. The guy who jacks off the most, wins!

Or maybe it’s an edging challenge – who can goon and bate the longest without pushing themselves over the edge and blowing their load?

Log on to Gay Video Chat Rooms on

For some hot solo play, log on to your favourite gay video chat room with your account and find men who want to jack off with you from home.

Video chat rooms are a great way to get some visual stimulation and can be a lot of fun letting loose with nothing on but your webcam.

Head to a Gay Bathhouse and Find a Jack-off Buddy

Bathhouses are great places to find other gay men to jerk off with. Gay saunas are usually dimly lit and have a variety of spaces or private rooms where you can go to jerk off.

Most cities will have a bathhouse or a sex-on-premises venue – if you need help to find a gay bathhouse or sauna, log onto and use the “Cruise Now” feature to find the best bathhouses near you for gay and bisexual males who want a few extra hands to help them cum harder, faster, and stronger.

How to take your masturbation next-level

We asked some of our favourite bate buddies to share their insights on how to boost our jack-off joy.

Joel Benjamin

“One of the slang terms for ‘cock’ is ‘tool’ – this is more true than most guys realise…” explains Joel Benjamin of Powers of Man. “Our cock is a generator of sexual energy.”

“Sexual energy on a universal level is creative energy – the most powerful energy to engage with as human beings. Nothing would be here without creative energy. We wouldn’t be here without creative energy.”

“This presents us with two choices – we can use our cock to simply get off, or we can use our cock as a tool to generate creative energy. When we approach masturbation from the perspective of building life force, we discover the true power of our cock.”

NYC Bator

“What I’ve learned is that there’s a lot more to explore within the world of masturbation than it may seem at first…” advises NYC Bator. “Don’t be scared to try something new and see what it brings out in you.”

“Also, don’t be afraid of opening up and bonding with your brothers in bate. The community is beautiful and strong and the friends I’ve made have helped me push my boundaries.”

“Being open to exploring all aspects of your masturbation really opens up some immensely powerful orgasms.”

Bull Bates

“Try and find an audience!” urges Bull Bates. “I personally love to use online vid-chat sites. There’s something that makes masturbating that much more enjoyable knowing I’m fuelling someone else’s bate sesh!”

“Hearing and watching guys getting off to me masturbating gets me going in ways that masturbating alone just can’t compare to.”

The Cocky Prince

“To take your masturbation sessions to a deeper level, you’ve got to take the time to become more acquainted with your own penis and to be open to try new things in order to learn what feels good and what not, and to recognize your own sensitive spots…” explains The Cocky Prince.

“Every single penis is different – what works for some is not necessarily going to work for others, so try different positions, different rhythms, different spaces, in order to understand and determine what makes you hard and what keeps you hard.”

“All penises crave different things. I believe It’s important to listen to what your very own cock is telling you and embrace it as you go. Embrace what feels good and what makes your cock happy. The more you get to know your own turn-ons and the more you practice them, the more you’ll be able to take yourself to higher levels of pleasure.”

“To make a long story short, masturbate more. Slow down and take your time. Allow yourself to feel every sensation and – last but not least – be adventurous.”

Beastly Bator

Get some Bator balm, smoke a joint, huff poppers, and masturbate – thinking about the most perverted sex act that you want to do…” suggests Beastly Bator. “No shame. Just goon!”

Artie – The Taoist Masseur

“There’s still some stigma about it, but in reality, one of the best things you can do for yourself while stroking your cock is to play with your anus at the same time…” advises Artie – the Taoist Masseur. “That soft feeling of your fingertips activating and stimulating those pleasure nerves at the entrance of your hole maximises any self-love experience. And moan. Always moan.”

The money shot?

Are you ready to grease up and get to grips with Masturbation Month? There’s never a bad time to bate, but let’s celebrate hard this May and smash the shame. Men are massive masturbators, and that’s marvellous!

Written by Gareth Johnson

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