12 Ways Daily Squirt Readers Kept Jerking Off in 2023


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With the end of the year cummin’ fast and hard and X(XX)-Mas just around the corner, we thought we’d get out our sluttiest Advent calendar and show all the ways you’ve all been naughty in 2023!

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To ring in the holidays and make sure you’re all revved up to fuck, suck and rub one out into the new year, let’s take a look at some of the Daily Squirt articles that got you squirtin’ throughout the year.

31 Masturbation Techniques Kept You Jerking Off Throughout 2023

gay muscle daddy jerking off his cock and getting jizz in his eye
via 101hotguys.com

If you’ve been pulling the padge, pounding your meat and rubbing one out for a while, your usual techniques might get a little stale.

If you feel this, you’re not the only one: our article “Explore Yourself with 31 Masturbation Challenges” was the article that kept users coming back (and then cummin’ again), but in 31 unique and moan-inducing ways.

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The Best Part: Daily Squirt users like you enjoy a little variety in life, and when you can’t be on your phone to find a hookup on Squirt.org, it’s good to know that classic masturbation can be fun again when given 31 different ways to rejuvenate your personal cock worshipping time.

4 European Gay Bathhouses and Saunas If You Didn’t Visit in 2023, You Should Visit in 2024

two gay naked males hanging out in towels on a black leather sofa in gay Sauna Nieuwezijds in Amsterdam Netherlands
via Sauna Nieuwezijds

From SunCity in Paris, France, and Sauna Nieuwezijds in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to SweatBox in the UK, when abroad and on the prowl for fresh meat, it’s never a bad idea to get on Squirt.org and find the best, hottest gay sauna to take cock from AM to PM.

The Best Part: The saunas in this article are all ready for you when you take the European backpacking trip in 2024, so pack your lube and get ready to meet a foreign man in the sauna, dark room or gay sex sling of an international bathhouse by this time next year, at the latest.

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7 Tips to Make Your 2024 Gay OnlyFans Content Shine

gay onlyfans content creator Rex poses naked with feet in the air and his tight ready asshole ready for bareback fucking
via X/Twitter

When we shared our tips to make your JustFor.Fans and OnlyFans content that much better (or why you should start an account if you haven’t yet!), we got some comments from readers who couldn’t wait to begin their cameras and get rolling.

The Best Part: In all the pieces we wrote about this year related to gay porn and the industry, we saw more and more comments interested in breaking into the movie scene. Everyone needs a resume, so whip out that smartphone and start recording your jerkoff moments so those studios can see you have the proper credentials.

Users Like You Learned 10 Ways to Make Gay Webcam Chat More Sexy

three gay naked males sitting on the bed for a gay sex webcam show while one naked male rims a hot black male twink

From getting yourself a solid 1080p camera to using your camera smartphone on mobile gay hookup apps, there are plenty of ways to enhance and make your time on screen that much hornier.

The Best Part: The more you show off, the more confident you’ll feel to keep experimenting, be it recording epic cum shots to share with followers or just to your next hookup on Squirt.org. Be adventurous and hit record whenever you’re feeling horny.

Five Golden, Gay Cock Rings

gay hairy male hunk sitting in a computer gaming chair naked wearing a silicon cock ring and ball stretcher
via PrideStudios.com

We asked you what you look for in a cock ring, and while there are options like silicon, metal and leather, and all types of ways to wear it, the fact remained: when it comes to the perks and benefits of owning a cock ring, Daily Squirt readers couldn’t help but share that they love it!

The Best Part: Being completely naked but feeling a little less naked when strutting around in the perfect cock ring that makes your flaccid cock just a smidge harder in that gentle orgy breeze!

Four Gay Clothing Optional Resorts in Fort Lauderdale and Six Sex Spots to Find Once You Get There

gay male in yellow swim speedo emerging from the pool in a Fort Lauderdale  gay clothing optional resort

From Ed Lugo Resort, The Worthington Guest House and the Inn Leather Guest House, readers on Daily Squirt were packing their bags and eager to see the best time to experience gay Fort Lauderdale.

The Best Part: Once you arrive, there are plenty of gay bars and clubs to experience, such as 321 Slammer and Ramrod, so the cruising doesn’t have to begin and end at your local resort (not that you need to leave the cozy confines of your gay erotic mecca if you don’t want to).

Three Techniques to Give Better, More Relaxed Gay Blowjobs and Six Tips for the Ultimate Gay Handjob

Onlyfans gay xxx content creator maxi Tassi sits on the floor and give an epic gay deepthroat blowjob to his nsa gay sex partner
via X/Twitter

Whether it’s just you and your hand tonight, or you’ve logged online and found yourself a lucky stud to service with your mouth, you might need a little help going from pants off to deepthroating.

The Best Part: From brushing your tongue to mental visualization and breathing exercises, users stroked and choked down our tips to ensure their next gay sex hookup was an unforgettable one, even if it excluded any butt stuff.

Four Reasons to Take a Hot Gay Ass Pic and Ten Tips to Make The Photo Count!

OnlyFans Content creator ReeceHunk pending down with his cock between his legs to reveal his hard muscled hairy ass and legs
via X/Twitter

When you’re filling out your Squirt.org profile, no one enjoys that nagging feeling that their ass photo may not be catching them from their best side. Users agreed and found our article “The Art of Gay Ass Pics” incredibly helpful.

The Best Part: The article was filled with juicy examples from top gay OnlyFans creators who lead by example by bending over and shooting that tight hole for all to see!

Five Types of Fellas You’ll Meet at Your Local Gay Bathhouse Near You

gay male onlyfans content creator valentin mehinagic naked and showing off his half erect cock covered by a white towel in the local bathhouse near you
via X/Twitter

From the Cockblocker, the Dark Room Gay to “The Sponge,” there are plenty of personalities that you may meet at your local gay bathhouse that is more about the drama than the fucking: and readers on Daily Squirt loved knowing about it.

The Best Part: In the article, commenters came into the chat to share their local bathhouse sauna that they love to go to, adding some local fuck spots we can’t wait to get to when we’re in certain US states.

Twelve Squirt Studios’ Stars Hardcore Fucking and Sucking on JustFor.Fans

dakota wonders taking two massive cocks in ultimate blowjob scene for squirt studios
Fucking My Boyfriend’s Hookup via Squirt Studios on JustFor.Fans

By the time you read this, this number might be even more; and if you know this, you’re one of many hot males not sleeping on the quality gay XXX content Squirt Studios is serving over at JustFor.Fans.

The Best Part: Our roster of performers, such as Brogan, Jkab Ethan Dale, Danny Starr, Greg Dixxon, Matthew Figata, Dakota Wonders, Bruce Jones, Sumner Blayne and Tony Genius, are only some of the performers we got cummin’ over on our JustFor.Fans page, and you can expect many more sexy males as we head into 2024!

Six Fetish and Kink Articles for Cum, Role Play, Choking Sex, Humiliation, Feet and Pit Licking!

gay male twink close up covered in jizz and cum on his face smiling up at his gay sex partner for xxx porn scene on timsuck.com

At Daily.Squirt.org, we’re always looking to talk about all the ways users like to get off besides classic missionary or the well-known head-in-pillow fuckery of hardcore doggy style. From sexual choking, erotic humiliation, consensual non-consent sex or fetishes like cum-eating and armpit licking, when we broached a specific subject, folks came out to read it and engage with their inner kinky side.

The Best Part: Users were informed, turned on and maybe even baffled about some of these kinks and fetishes existing (and perhaps surprised we brought them up in the first place), but knowledge is power and also sexy, so very on brand, right?

Finally, Hundreds of Thousands of Daily.Squirt.org Readers in 2023: Thanks for the Cum-Guzzling, Hard-Fucking Good Times!

gay male six person orgy where gay male twink in the middle is sucking and fucking various cocks and choking on dick
via X/Twitter

Thanks to the readers who shared their turn-ons, turn-offs, and fantasies and even those who shared their fave Ummmmm Wow models (and even their Yikkkes, No Thanks) in the comments with their fellow Daily Squirt readers.

Your engagement made the community rock hard, and we can’t wait to bring you more content into 2024 that makes you jerk off, horned up and helps bring you closer to your local hot community of males who just wanna fuck!

gay male twink jerking off hard nsa hookup partner and getting jizz all over his face and chest
via 101hotguys.com
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